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March 2017


Episode 65: Updates and Listener Questions

Hi, it’s Mike here. Today I’m going to be answering some listener questions. We get tons of great questions from you guys and we love hearing from you! On a side note, Colorit is about to launch a new…


Episode 63: The Global Sources Summit

Our guest today is the coordinator of the Global Sources Summit, Meghla Bhardwaj. We discuss the upcoming tradeshow in Hong Kong and what visitors can expect  from this year’s event. The summit will be held in 3 phases. Along…


Episode 62: Brick and Mortar Meets Ecommerce

Hi, Grant here. I am broadcasting solo today, but I have a great topic. I want to talk about brick and mortar business. I have been franchising for around 3 years now, so I have some experience with physical…