This 7-Figure Brand Is Finally for Sale

This 7-Figure Brand Is Finally for Sale

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For six years now, we’ve been chronicling how we built a 7-figure brand from absolute scratch. We’ve thoroughly enjoyed the process and have finally come to the final point: the exit.

We’ve built this brand with the ultimate goal of selling it eventually. To do this, we had to maintain good margins (which we were able to do). Some of our products are even selling for roughly 5x our FOB cost.

In the right hands, we know this can potentially be worth more than it is today—that is if off-roading/vehicle camping is more of a passion than a business for you.

Here’s how you can own it.


The Kit and Book Approach

Amazon isn’t exactly known for its strong IP protection system (although it has a few programs in place to protect third-party brands).

Aside from registering in Brand Registry, why not design your products in a way that would make it harder for copycats to take advantage of your hard work?

This September 13 at 10 AM (PST), we’re holding a public webinar to show you how.

Sign up here.


Truce? Shopify Allows Buy with Prime on Platform

photo of Amazon truck in an open parking lot
Amazon continues to find new ways to create a positive shopping experience.

It was a 180-degree flip.

Last year, Shopify declared that integrating Amazon’s Buy with Prime is a violation of its terms of service. This is understandable since Shopify has its own services that compete with what Amazon is offering.

In an unexpected turn of events, however, the e-commerce platform has recently announced that it is partnering with Amazon so that Shopify merchants can integrate Buy with Prime in their stores.

Why the change of mind?


Another Reason to Subscribe to Prime?

The Everything Store has decided to increase its free shipping minimum from $25 to $35 in some regions. While the company has not explained how they came up with the figure, the threshold is the same as that of Walmart’s.

The company said they’re currently testing the new threshold in random regions to encourage customers to sign up for Amazon Prime, which increased the membership fee from $119 to $139 last year.

Walmart Marketplace Seller Summit

We can argue that Amazon was just copying Walmart’s $35 threshold because it’s directly competing with the brick-and-mortar king. However, the latter is also taking inspiration from the e-commerce giant.

screenshot of Walmart's old homepage
Walmart's marketplace summit is another way it can compete with Amazon's e-commerce presence.

Since the pandemic, Walmart has been investing in its third-party seller tools to attract more merchants to sell on the platform. Since then, it has strengthened its e-commerce presence and has started to woo more sellers.

Yesterday, it launched its first Walmart Marketplace Seller Summit, a two-day invitation-only event. Here are some of the highlights discussed in the summit:

    • Next year, the marketplace will expand to Chile.
    • Walmart will allow sellers to pay extra to fulfill bulky orders.
    • Sellers will be able to use Walmart’s logistics system to allow curbside pickup and deliver orders to customers.

In 2021, Walmart allowed non-US merchants to sell on its platform. Now, it seems to be doubling down on seller tools and systems to retain and attract more sellers.


Fig. Amazon has acquired a startup that will help its AI developers with grunt work.

Walmart’s new AI. The United State’s biggest private employer will give about 50,000 of its non-store workers access to a generative AI app to help with their tasks.

Temu in the Philippines. Lazada and Shopee have a new competition in the Philippines as PDD-owned Temu expands its Southeast Asian reach.

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