A Buyer’s Guide to Flipkart

Flipkart is one of India's leading e-commerce platforms, offering a wide range of products across various categories such as electronics, fashion, home appliances, and more. Established in 2007, Flipkart has grown to become a household name in the country, providing customers with a convenient and reliable online shopping experience.

In this article, we will delve into the details of Flipkart, exploring its ownership, strengths, international delivery options, creating an account.

Whether you're a new shopper or a seasoned user, this guide will help you navigate through Flipkart's features and make the most of your online shopping experience.

What Is Flipkart?

Flipkart is an Indian e-commerce company that was founded by Sachin Bansal and Binny Bansal, both of whom were former employees at Amazon India. In 2018, Flipkart was acquired by Walmart Inc., one of the world's largest retail corporations. This acquisition has further strengthened Flipkart's position in the Indian e-commerce market, enabling it to offer a diverse range of products and enhanced services to its customers.

advantages of shopping on flipkart

Flipkart has established itself as a dominant player in the Indian e-commerce industry, primarily due to its extensive product range, competitive pricing, and reliable delivery services. The platform has fostered strong partnerships with various brands, ensuring a vast selection of quality products for Indian consumers. The founders' deep understanding of the Indian market and their experience at Amazon India have played a significant role in shaping Flipkart's success.

Empowering e-commerce efficiency with data insights in the Flipkart dashboard.
Empowering e-commerce efficiency with data insights in the Flipkart dashboard.

Additionally, Flipkart's user-friendly interface and convenient payment options have contributed to its widespread popularity and customer satisfaction. The company's commitment to providing a seamless shopping experience has made it a preferred choice for millions of Indian customers.

Flipkart International Delivery and Availability

Flipkart does not currently offer international shipping to the USA. However, NRI/PIO customers in the USA can use a third-party service like Shoppre to shop from Flipkart and have their orders delivered to their US addresses. Shoppre acts as a bridge for customers to access and purchase products from Flipkart while in the USA.

How to Create an Account on Flipkart

Creating an account on Flipkart is straightforward. 

Just follow these simple steps:

  1. Visit the Flipkart website or download the mobile app.

Visit the Flipkart website

2. Click on the “Sign Up” button. Click on the "Sign Up" button

3. Fill in the required details. Choose a password for your account.

Complete the verification process, which may include entering an OTP (one-time password) sent to your mobile number or email. Once verified, your Flipkart account will be successfully created, and you can start exploring the platform and making purchases.

How to Cancel an Order

If you need to cancel an order on Flipkart, go through the following steps:

  1. Log in to your Flipkart account.
  2. Go to the “My Orders” section, where you can find a list of your recent orders.
  3. Locate the specific order you wish to cancel and click on the “Cancel” button.
  4. Select the reason for cancellation from the provided options.
  5. Confirm the cancellation request.

It's important to note that cancellation policies may vary depending on the specific product, seller, and the stage of order processing. Flipkart's cancellation policy provides guidelines on when and how cancellations can be made, so it's advisable to review the policy for more details.

How to Return an Order

If you need to return a product purchased from Flipkart, you can initiate a return process by following these steps:

  1. Log in to your Flipkart account.
  2. Go to the “My Orders” section and locate the order containing the item you wish to return.
  3. Click on the “Return” or “Replace” button next to the product.
  4. Select the reason for return from the available options.
  5. Choose whether you want a refund or a replacement for the returned item.
  6. Follow the instructions provided to complete the return process, including scheduling a pickup or dropping off the item at a designated location.

Available Modes of Payment on Flipkart

When shopping on Flipkart, customers have a range of payment options to choose from. Flipkart accepts all major credit and debit cards, including Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and Maestro. 

Available Modes of Payment on Flipkart
 Flipkart offers a variety of payment options, including major credit and debit cards.

Customers can opt for net banking, where they can use their online banking credentials to make payments directly from their bank accounts. Flipkart also supports popular digital wallets such as Paytm, PhonePe, and Google Pay, providing users with a convenient and seamless payment experience.

How to Find the Best Deals on Flipkart

In the world of online shopping, Flipkart has emerged as a go-to destination for finding the best deals. With its vast range of products and competitive prices, Flipkart offers shoppers a treasure trove of savings opportunities.

  1. Explore Flipkart's deals and discounts sections

Flipkart offers dedicated sections for deals and discounts, making it easier for customers to find the best offers. These deal sections feature a wide range of products across various categories, including electronics, fashion, home appliances, and more. By exploring these sections, shoppers can discover exciting deals, limited-time offers, and discounts on popular products.

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  1. Utilize filters and sorting options

To help users find the best deals that suit their preferences, Flipkart provides robust filtering and sorting options. Customers can refine their search results based on price range, customer ratings, brands, and other relevant parameters. By utilizing these filters, shoppers can quickly narrow down their options and find the most suitable deals that match their requirements.

Utilize filters and sorting options
You can refine your search with Flipkart's diverse filters and sorting options.
  1. Flash sales and exclusive offers

Flipkart frequently organizes flash sales and exclusive offers for its customers. These events provide users with an opportunity to purchase products at heavily discounted prices for a limited period. 

Flash sales and exclusive offers
Get ready to zoom through incredible deals and exclusive offers on Flipkart's Flash Sale.

Get ready to zoom through incredible deals and exclusive offers on Flipkart's Flash Sale.

Flash sales often feature popular smartphones, electronics, and other high-demand items. By staying updated with Flipkart's notifications and announcements, shoppers can take advantage of these time-sensitive deals and secure significant savings.

Flipkart: Challenges and Downsides

Flipkart, established more than a decade after Amazon, has brought significant changes to online shopping. However, beneath its success lies a set of challenges and downsides that users should be aware of.

When it comes to product quality, Flipkart's marketplace model allows various sellers to list their products, leading to inconsistencies in quality control. While Flipkart attempts to regulate sellers, customers occasionally encounter subpar or counterfeit items, highlighting the need for caution.

Another area of concern revolves around return requests. While Flipkart has a return policy in place, it can sometimes be cumbersome and time-consuming for customers. Delays in refunds or disputes over the return process have been reported, causing frustration among users.

Moreover, Flipkart's vast marketplace can be overwhelming, with numerous options making it difficult to ascertain the reliability of sellers or products. This lack of transparency occasionally leads to customer dissatisfaction and challenges in finding genuine deals.

Flipkart's success in the e-commerce industry cannot be denied. However, customers must remain mindful of the challenges it faces, such as varying product quality and potential issues with return requests.

Flipkart vs. Competitors

Both Flipkart and Amazon are major players in the Indian e-commerce market, with a significant customer base and a wide range of products. Walmart, through its acquisition of Flipkart, has a strong presence in the Indian market as well. 

  Flipkart Amazon Walmart
Year Founded 2007 1994 1962
Headquarters India USA USA
Market Presence Global Global Global
Delivery Options Multiple Multiple Multiple
Customer Base Large Large Large
Loyalty Programs Yes Yes Yes
Payment Options Diverse Diverse Diverse
Membership / Subscription Flipkart+ Prime Walmart
Physical Stores No No Yes
Mobile App Yes Yes Yes

Flipkart Coins and Loyalty Program

Flipkart SuperCoins is a loyalty program that rewards customers for their purchases on the platform. Whenever a user shops on Flipkart, they earn Flipkart Coins based on the total value of their transaction. These coins can be accumulated and used to avail discounts on future purchases or to unlock exclusive offers and benefits.

For every rupee spent on Flipkart, customers earn a certain number of Flipkart Coins. The number of coins earned varies based on the product category and any ongoing promotions. Users can view their Flipkart Coins balance in their account and track their earnings over time.

Flipkart Coins and Loyalty Program Customers can earn Flipkart Coins by making purchases or by participating in specific promotional campaigns and events. These coins can be redeemed during the checkout process to receive discounts on eligible products. The more coins a customer has, the greater the discount they can avail.


Whether it's exploring exciting deals, earning and redeeming Flipkart Coins, or enjoying the benefits of the loyalty program, Flipkart offers a rewarding and satisfying online shopping experience. 

Do you have additional tips for other Flipkart buyers? Share it in the comments section below.

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