Amazon Brand Tailored Promotions – How to Use It Effectively

If you've been navigating to the Advertising submenu within Seller Central, you probably noticed a new feature called Brand Tailored Promotions. Brand Tailored Promotions allow you to offer discounts to select segments of Amazon customers and potential customers (but not yet email them – more on this later).

In this article, we'll break down what exactly Brand Tailored Promotions are and how to use it most effectively in your business.

How Do I Access Brand Tailored Promotions?

You can access Brand Tailored Promotions by going to or going to  Advertising-> Brand Tailored Promotions.  

how to access brand tailored promotions
To access Brand Tailored Promotions, go to Advertising->Brand Tailored Promotions.

As of this writing, Brand Tailored Promotions hasn't rolled out to everyone so you may see a Coming Soon banner. Also, needless to say, you also need to be Brand Registered to have access. If you are Brand Registered and don't yet have access, expect to get access very soon.

Brand Tailored Promotions Only Allows Discounts – Not Emailing

Earlier in the year Amazon launched the Customer Engagement tool which allows sellers to email customers who have explicitly followed their brand. This move was a sharp change from Amazon as previously they had had a very cold attitude towards sellers having any communication with customers.

Earlier in 2023, Amazon released the Customer Engagement tool that allowed sellers to message followers of their brand.

While this tool was a nice change from Amazon it has serious limitations, the most obvious being that you can only message followers of your brand. If you're reading this and have no idea how someone follows your brand on Amazon you're not alone. 

Unfortunately, Brand Tailored Promotions don't allow messaging of your customers. Rather, it will display promotions to certain segments of your audience (i.e. Cart Abandoners). Specifically, these promotions will display on search, detail page, and promotion shopping pages and sometimes with a green badge that says ‘Follower promo' or ‘Exclusive promo' (check out our guide on Amazon promo codes and coupons here).

Brand Tailored Promotions will get displayed on the Product Detail Page like other promotions.

In my experience, Promo codes offer an incremental improvement in conversion rates not necessarily a transformational improvement.

What Customers Can You Offer Promotions To through Brand Tailored Promotions?

Currently you can selectively offer promo codes to the following segments of customers:

  1. Brand Cart Abandoners – Customers who have added any of your brand products to their cart within 90 days but have not yet purchased
  2. Brand Followers – People who have followed your brand on Amazon
  3. High Spend Customers – The highest spending 5% of your customers in the last 12 months
  4. Potential New Customers – Customers who have clicked on your brand, storefront, and products or added products to their cart within 90 days but have not yet purchased
  5. Recent Customers – The most recent 5% of your customers
  6. Repeat Customers – Customers who have had more than one order with your brand in the last 12 months.

As you can see though, the list of available segments is pretty thorough – if you're an Amazon marketer salivating at the thought of sending cart abandonment emails to Amazon customers you're not alone however, there are some catches that we'll get to shortly.

Will Customers Receive Emails with My Brand Tailored Promotion?

No, customers will not be emailed with your Brand Tailored Promotion. As mentioned, your promo code will show up mostly in search and product detail pages (some times with a green badge).

For folks hoping to get a more robust emailing/messaging tool outside of the Customer Engagement tool they'll be disappointed. 

Brand Tailored Promotions Are Currently Free

The best thing about Brand Tailored Promotions is that it is currently free, just like the Customer Engagement tool released in early 2023. 

amazon brand promotions - pricing
Amazon Brand Tailored Promotions are a paid advertising service (i.e., not free).

However, to use Brand Tailored Promotions you do need to offer a minimum 10% discount. 

Best Practices for Brand Tailored Promotions

Brand Tailored Promotions can potentially be extremely effective for brands. In my opinion, here are some best practices going forward for using Brand Tailored Promotions:

  • Keep your campaigns active beyond 90 days – Like most Amazon promotions, they can only be active for a maximum of 90 days. This means you need to continuously re-create new campaigns.
  • Abandoned Carts and Recent Purchases will likely be most effective for you. For most sellers, abandoned carts and recent purchaser campaigns are likely to be most effective.
  • Make sure you're Brand Registered (duh). Brand Tailored Promotions are only available to sellers that are Brand Registered. It's very difficult to sell without being Brand Registered and this is one more emphasis on this fact. 

These best practices are likely to change in the coming months and years as sellers collect real-world data on the most effective strategies. However, the above list is a good starting point.  

Our Results & Experiences with Brand Tailored Promotions

We've been using Brand Tailored Promotions for several months since it was first introduced. Overall our experience has been very positive. Below are the results for one of our brands.

brand tailored promotions results
Our results with Brand Tailored Promotions has seen about a 0.001% redemption rate.

Our results have seen about a 0.001% redemption rate (so about a tenth of one percent). This might not sound like a lot but considering there's no cost outside of the discount you're required to give. The cynics would question whether those customers would have purchased without the discount though. 


Amazon allowing sellers to offer discounts to cart abandoners, ‘warm customers' and other segments is nice, but not quite the dream that every seller has of being able to send custom emails to these segments (and knowing Amazon, this is unlikely to ever happen). However, if sellers stack Brand Tailored Promotions with some other marketing tactics, it'll likely have a measurable difference on conversion rates.

Have you tried Brand Tailored Promotions? If so, what has your experience been?


Dave Bryant

Dave Bryant has been importing from China for over 10 years and has started numerous product brands. He sold his multi-million dollar ecommerce business in 2016 and create another 7-figure business within 18 months. He's also a former Amazon warehouse employee of one week.

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