Top Amazon Sellers Marketplace List by Country and Location

July 20, 2020 in Blog
Top Amazon Sellers Marketplace List by Country and Location

This month Amazon finally announced they were going to release the official business names and addresses of Amazon sellers to the public. While this information isn’t yet live on Amazon.com, there’s a backdoor to getting this data from Mexico.

Thanks to this policy change from Amazon, we can now see exactly WHERE sellers are located. We’ll break down the locations and nationalities of the sellers of the top 2000 products on Amazon. Spoiler alert, there’s a lot of Chinese sellers.

How We Collected the Data

We downloaded the top 2000 selling products on Amazon according to Amazon’s very own Brand Analytics. We then looked at each one of these product detail pages, found the seller, and then determined those seller addresses thanks to the Amazon Mexico backdoor.

Amazon currently reveals the addresses of all sellers if using the .com.mx version of Amazon

You’ll notice that although we reviewed the sellers for the top 2000 products, only a few hundred results are listed. This is because Amazon sells many of these products (“Ships from and sold by Amazon”) and many sellers have multiple products in the top 2000. Regardless, the sample size is certainly big enough to give a fair representation of the nationality makeup of Amazon sellers.

Top Sellers by Country

top amazon sellers by country

China accounts for over 59% of the top sellers on Amazon (and over 63% if you include Hong Kong). American sellers accounted for less than 35% of sellers. Sellers from countries outside of China and America make up less than 2% of all sellers.

In reality, the number of sellers from outside the United States is actually almost certainly higher than reported as many companies have registered LLCs in the United States although their operations are mostly outside of America.

Using Import Records to Snoop on Competitors

Now that Amazon releases seller name and address information, it makes it incredibly easy to snoop on these companies using import records database tool like Jungle Scout’s Supplier Database tool. Tools like this allow you to type in a company name and see exactly what they’re importing into America and from what factories.

Jungle Scout allows you to see the real export history of nearly any Chinese Supplier.

Top Amazon Sellers by Region within U.S.

top amazon sellers by us state

We also looked at sellers by a breakdown of U.S. state. California accounts for nearly a third of all sellers (30%) while New York has 17.5% of all sellers. This fact makes sense with California and New York being the two most populous states.

top sellers by US state

Top Amazon Sellers by Region within China

top chinese amazon sellers by province

We also looked only at Chinese sellers according to their location within China. Well over half of all Chinese sellers are coming from one particular province in China: Guangdong. In fact, 37.7% of Chinese sellers are coming from one particular city in China: Shenzhen. This will be no secret to many people familiar with sellers in China, as it is quite well known that Shenzhen, also known as the San Francisco of China, is abound with Amazon sellers.

To give you some perspective, this means that when you buy something from a third party seller on Amazon, you have a nearly one in four (22.5% to be exact) chance of purchasing that product from a seller from the city of Shenzhen.


The fact that so many Amazon sellers are from China will be of no surprise to other Amazon sellers who have faced tenacious competition from Chinese sellers for years. The actual percentage of sellers is staggering though as is the fact that over nearly one quarter of all sellers come from one specific city within China.

After seeing the numbers here, did you expect there to be more or less Chinese sellers on Amazon? Or are the numbers about what you expected? Let me know in the comments section below.

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  • azuco
    July 23, 2020 Reply

    US products are expensive so US citizens prefer Chinese products. Chinese are in better position to make good use of their competitive advantage. US wages are 10x higher than most countries, how can they produce things cheap?

    • Dave Bryant
      July 27, 2020 Reply

      Agreed for the most part. The delta in wages between China and the U.S. is growing smaller (it's more like 6x now) but it's still significant. The West used to create things, now they create code :)

  • Jessica
    August 7, 2020 Reply

    Hi Dave, Could you please reccomend a course, book, podcast on cash flow/ inventory management? Thank you!

    • Dave Bryant
      August 18, 2020 Reply

      Good question! I'd love for one too!

  • Mahfuz
    March 25, 2021 Reply

    What can't China make? They can create the highest quality and the lowest quality of any product. So no competition.

  • Tighe
    April 27, 2021 Reply

    Hi, I am wondering if there are data or lists of sellers who come from Israel, specifically? The info here is brilliant! But curious what might be available on Israeli sellers. Any thoughts or ideas? Thanks Dave!

    • Dave Bryant
      May 5, 2021 Reply

      We looked at the top sellers for all countries. It's not that other countries were excluded, it's just there weren't many/any for most countries (including Israel)

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