Alien invasion. Hatchet wielding zombies. Donald Trump as president. None of these strike us much fear into most of us as the thought of having our Amazon account suspended. Yet each year many sellers, even exceptional sellers, go through this very thing.

In this article I’ll discuss the types of Amazon Suspensions you may face as a Seller and also how to have your suspension lifted.

Types of Amazon Suspensions

In my experience, there’s basically three  types of Amazon suspensions:

  1. You exceed one of Amazon’s operational metrics (i.e. late shipments, shipment defects, late tracking) for an extended period of time and Amazon has suspended you as a big eye opener to force you to correct the problem.OR
  2. You were playing with fire and you knew it (re: you were doing something clearly illegal and/or against Amazon’s TOS) and you’ve been suspended/banned.OR
  3. There was a misunderstanding on Amazon’s end.

Suspension Scenario #1: You Exceeded One of Amazon’s Operational Metrics

This is the most common type of suspension. You exceeded one of Amazon’s operational metrics. Any time Amazon implements a new operational metric, such as in 2014 when they implemented the ‘valid tracking’ metric, suspensions become more prevalent. Normally people who receive these types of suspensions are overall good sellers but who are below average on a certain metric.

Amazon operational metrics

Amazon looks at a number of operational metrics including return rates, valid tracking rates, and order defect rates.

In my experience, you need to exceed one of their metrics for a fairly long period of time before you actually get suspended. For example, in the case of ‘late shipments’ normally you will receive a warning notice if you’re late shipment rate exceeds their minimum threshold for approximately 15 days or more. These warning notices, despite their dire verbiage, don’t immediately precede a suspension. Normally you get suspended if you don’t severely correct this metric in the next 15 days or so. Sometimes you will even receive TWO warning notices.

How to Appeal an Operation Metric Suspension

Here’s the good news – operational metric suspensions are normally successfully appealed. Sometimes nearly instantly, and sometimes within a couple of weeks.

There’s a secret to appealing these types of suspensions and I can’t believe how many people utterly screw this up.

If you receive an operational metric suspension you MUST identify 2-3 steps regarding how you are going to correct it. You say “But wait – your employee in charge of updating tracking got bitten by a polar bear while vacationing in Florida. The second person in charge of tracking then got heat stroke in Edmonton, Canada over Christmas.  These were both COMPLETE fluke events, right?” Too bad. Amazon wants to know how you are going to ensure your orders get shipped out the next time an employee gets bitten by an employee while sipping margaritas in Miami and the second employee gets heat stroke in Canada during the winter.

Here’s a good template to follow:

  1. Acknowledge the problem and the impact it has for customers.
  2. Identify 3 actions you will take to correct it.
  3. Apologize and mention your dedication to Amazon’s customers.

And here’s a good example:

Dear Amazon,

First I would like to stress how our company fully understands the importance of uploading tracking information promptly. I recognize the anxiety late tracking can cause for customers. Immediately we will be taking actions to further improve our updating of tracking information:

  1. Each of our 5 employees will now do a daily tracking number check on Amazon Seller Central. Each day during our regular morning meeting we will confirm all tracking has been updated.
  2. We will be implementing tracking number automation. We will use Zapier to scrape all of our emails for tracking numbers and upload them automatically via the Amazon API.
  3. In the next 2-4 weeks we will be requiring all of our drop shippers to send us tracking information within 24 hours. For any suppliers unable to do this, we will no longer be offering their products through Amazon.

Again we look forward to improving our systems and processes to provide better service to our customers. 

Amazon is never going to check to see if you’re actually implementing your plan. All they care about is that you never exceed that metric again. So unless you like having your Amazon account suspended, grind your teeth and come up with an action plan of 3 items to correct, even if you know 100% the error will never occur again without any modification from you. For a late shipment/tracking violation, Amazon will often respond and approve within 24 hours. A shipment defect rate seems to be slightly more serious and can take 2-4 weeks.

If you receive an operational metric suspension you MUST identify 2-3 steps regarding how you are going to correct it.

Overall, keep in mind that often a Scenario 1 Amazon Suspension is a legitimate motivation for you to improve a flawed business process, so take advantage of the opportunity.

One thing to keep in mind is that you want to come across as apologetic and remorseful but at the same time you do not want to admit guilt specifically if you’re not guilty of the alleged infraction. Such an admittance could impact your chances of success if you ever needed to seek arbitration (see below). However, whether or not you’re guilty and whether or not you admit to being guilty, neither of these should prevent you from creating an action plan to improve on your service, which is what Amazon is really looking for.

Suspension Scenario #2: Clear Violation of Amazon’s Terms of Service

In this first case, you did something in clear violation of Amazon’s Terms of Service (TOS). The most common one I hear about in this case is someone was selling counterfeit products. Another common one is that someone, for whatever reason, went a certain extended period of time without shipping products.

If you KNOW that you were playing with fire, and we’re talking playing with a serious flame (not soliciting some discounted reviews) Amazon is typically unforgiving and implements permanent bans which cannot be repealed. If you’re lucky you will have the option to appeal but you may not even have this option. If you can appeal the suspension you may try some of the techniques outlined in Suspension Scenario #1 but the chances are good that you will not be successful.

If this is the case, there are some very drastic measures I have heard being implemented successfully. I do not condone any of these, but put this out for informational purposes only. First, a permanent ban from Amazon typically seems to be around 3 years. Most people I’ve heard of with ‘permanent’ bans were able to have their accounts reinstated way down the road. But  three years is an eternity.

The very very black hat way to get around the suspension is to open a new account. Simple right? Use a new email and your wife’s name? Wrong. Amazon is very good at connecting dots. If you want to open a new Amazon account without them detecting you will need to do, at a minimum, all of the following:

  1. Different email.
  2. Different company name.
  3. Different personal name.
  4. Different address (including ship to and ship from address)
  5. Different credit card/bank info.
  6. Different IP AND never login to Seller Central from an IP that you’ve used before (almost certainly involves using a proxy).

I know of at least one Chinese seller who has 5+ Amazon accounts (4 of which are not permitted) so it is possible. Your biggest danger is that if Amazon catches you, which there is a VERY good chance of, they will likely not release any funds you’ve accumulated.

Suspension Scenario #3: There Was a Mistake on Amazon’s End

There’s a third type of account suspension scenario: there was a legitimate mistake on Amazon’s end.

Where I’ve seen most of these types of suspensions occur is when Amazon thinks you are selling counterfeit goods. I’ve also seen it happen when someone who was formerly banned from Amazon is allowed access to your Seller Central account (such as in the case of using a third party contractor).

If there is a legitimate mistake by Amazon AND you still have the option to appeal, you’ll likely get your account back after submitting the necessary paperwork (such as commercial invoices, shipping receipts, etc) to prove they are not wrong. Be prepared to give lots of paperwork- Amazon values paperwork ahead of your pleas. The other major downside to these types of suspensions is that they tend to take a long time. Whereas with an Operational Metrics suspension Amazon tries to get you ‘rehabilitated’ quickly, these cases normally involve being reviewed by senior Seller Performance team members at Amazon and can take a long time to rectify (it could take weeks). Try calling Amazon and asking to get put through to their Seattle office (opposed to their India call center which is absolutely useless on most things) for the best results.

The Ultimate Last Resort – File for Arbitration with Amazon

Still no luck with your suspension appeals? Then filing for binding arbitration may be one solution for you.

Still no luck with your suspension appeals? Then filing for binding arbitration may be one solution for you.

Have you tried everything but have had no luck getting your account re-instated? (and you’ve legitimately been unfairly suspended) Well, what most people don’t realize is that when you signed your Amazon Seller agreement (you read it all right?) you and Amazon both elected to resolve disputes by bringing them to binding arbitration.

Each party consents that any dispute or claim relating in any way to this Participation Agreement or your use of the Services or Transaction Processing Services will be resolved by binding arbitration…

Arbitration is no small task and will require a lawyer and about $5,000-10,000 and potentially weeks of time. CJ Rosenbaum of Amazon Seller Lawyer is one such lawyer with experience bringing cases to arbitration. The good news is that almost all cases brought to arbitration are settled in the seller’s favor (although this may be a result of the fact that most lawyers will only bring winnable cases to arbitration). The other good news is that you can also file for damages as well as to have your account re-instated.

Other Methods of Last Resort, Myths and Realities

There are some other methods of last resort, some of which are either myths or outdated, and some of which have some roots in the truth.

First, the ‘secret’ email [email protected] hasn’t worked to get results for anything with Amazon in quite some time. Second, I can confirm that [email protected] is a real email at Amazon which reportedly could be used in an emergency situation, however, it appears now to yield no results.

The infamous

The infamous ‘[email protected]’ email used to work wonders but seems to have been deprecated now.

Cynthia Stein has some notoriety in the world of Amazon Suspensions and is known to help get Amazon accounts reinstated where the seller has failed (often multiple times). Her fee for even looking at your case begins at about $500 and progresses to $2000+ depending on the difficulty of the case. I can report that Cynthia was able to help a friend with a very difficult case get his account reinstated after about 5 weeks and $2000.

Finally, I have an acquaintance on the Ecommerce Fuel forums who has a mysterious contact at Amazon (this contact I believe the acquaintance made through the Amazon’s Exclusives program).  I witnessed as this acquaintance was able to get another’s account reinstated within mere hours of talking to her contact. It was akin to Don Corleone calling in a favor. The takeaway is that there are people who can push magical buttons at Amazon that none of us even know exist.


An Amazon suspension can either be a stern warning to make process improvements or it can be death bells. An Operational Metrics Suspension is terrifying but rarely permanent (in fact, often you will be reinstated within hours if your appeal letter is sufficient). On the other hand, a suspension for a clear Terms of Service violation can be next to impossible to recover from.

Have you ever been suspended from Amazon, either permanently or temporarily? If so, share your experiences in the comments box below.