We all know about Jungle Scout and Helium 10, but there are new tools popping up every day to do everything from monitoring your listings for malicious changes to product launch tools. In this article, we’ll cover some of the Amazon tools available that you might not have even known exist.

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Marketing, Promotion and Product Launches

Getting initial sales velocity for your products is critical. Maintaining it is equally as important. Use these tools to help get product sales through product promotions.

Rebate Key

Marketing and Product Launches | $2.95 per rebate redeemed | RebateKey.com

Rebate Key allows you to offer significant discounts (normally 50%+) to customers via rebates. Customers purchase your product at full price on Amazon (so you get credit for full-price sales) and Rebate Key sends cheques to the customer for the rebate amount. A valuable tool for product launches to get your first sales that still appears to be TOS compliant.

rebate key for amazon product launches

Free for retail customers.


Marketing and Product Launches | $3.99-$49.99 | Pixelfy.me

Pixelfy.me, from the creating of Zonpages, allows you to create a variety of Amazon links for both SEO optimization and tracking. Features include the ability to create Super URLs, time-stamped URLs, etc.

pixel.fy screenshot amazon link builder

30 Day $1 trial

Jump Send

Marketing and Product Launches | $29-199/month | JumpSend.com

JumpSend is another way to generate sales by giving away products at significant discounts (normally at 50%+ discounts). With JumpSend you are only credited with discounted sales, which often result in non-verified reviews and can also have weakened SEO impact. But, it is still an effective way to generate initial sales velocity.

jump send amazon launches

Free for retail customers.

River Cleaner

Marketing and Optimization | Paid, $24-$197/month | rivercleaner.com

A suite of tools (like most) that helps to automatically optimize product listings. Features include finding profitable long tail keywords with exact search volume directly from Amazon, getting keyword relevancy, checking if keywords are indexed, keyword tracking, etc.

river cleaner keyword tracker

Free trial for 7 days.


Marketing and Optimization | Paid, $19-$299/month | datahawk.co

Datahawk is a cloud-based Amazon analytics tool that tracks keyword rankings, product metrics, and Best Sellers Rank. It also calculates monthly sales estimates, provides keywords search volume, runs product research and does market analysis based on keywords.

DataHawk keyword data

Offers a free plan with 10 keywords + 10 ASINs

Listing Monitoring & Surveillance

Listing sabotage from competitors is an unfortunate fact of life on Amazon now. Monitoring your listings for malicious changes is critical. Use these tools below to get updated when changes to your listings occur.


Listing Monitoring | Free for 6 months | Sellerise.com

Sellerise is a no-b.s. listing monitoring service that is free for the first 6 months. Monitoring title changes, image changes, bullet point changes, etc. The tool also allows you to track keyword positions as well as reviews.

sellerise listing management

Free for the first 6 months.


Listing Monitoring | $19/month for 20 ASINS, $10 for each additional 20 ASINs | SentryKit.com

SentryKit was one of the first listing monitoring services on the block. Includes usual listing monitoring features and some extras like ASIN suspension monitoring and sales reporting, and promo code redemption monitoring.

SentryKit homepage

14 day trial for $1.

Keyword and Product Research

The ability to conduct product and keyword research at whatever stage in your ecommerce journey is crucial. You may be a new Amazon seller looking at how your product will fare during launch or a seasoned seller who is interested to know how a new product will stack up against the competition. Having product data and a reliable set of keywords is key to ensuring the longevity and saleability of your goods on Amazon marketplaces.

AMZ Scout

Keyword and Product Research | Paid, $29.99-$39.99/month for the Web App, $49.99/month or $99/year, $199 lifetime subscription for the Chrome extension | amzscout.com

We love AMZ Scout for the quick FBA Fee calculator (which is free) but it also has very dependable sales estimate tools as well. AMZScout is available either as a SaaS web application or as a Chrome browser extension. The AMZScout Pro extension is particularly useful as you can get all the data you need right at your fingertips. Check product potential score, BSR, monthly sales, profit, current inventory levels, plus multiple levels of competitor analysis – all without going to the product page.

AMZ Scout product database

Their ultra-handy FBA Fee Calculator is free.  Amazon Inventory Spy is also free. Has a one-week free trial for its full suite of products.

Get the AMZScout Pro extension when you sign up using our affiliate link. Discounted prices are $29 USD for the monthly, $89 USD for the Extension Pro annual and $169 USD for the Extension Pro lifetime.


Keyword and Product Research | Free | https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/kiwi/

This is another awesome keyword research tool from our friend Traian Turcu. It allows you to download a spreadsheet of your ASIN’s rankings for important keywords (unfortunately, exact keyword volume is now gone). Available only as a Chrome Plugin.

kiwi keyword research tool


Unicorn Smasher

Keyword and Product Research | Free | www.unicornsmasher.com

Unicorn Smasher is great for one big reason – it’s free. It organizes sales estimates on search results pages much like Jungle Scout does. Sales estimates are a little suspect but it’s good for quickly seeing reviews, ratings, and sales ranks.

unicorn smasher keyword tool

Free to download from the Chrome Store. Mined data can be saved in a handy dashboard or exported to CSV.


Keyword and Product Research | Paid, $57-$297/month | seller.tools

Free.Tools has a full suite of features that leverage Amazon data to take your business to new heights. Its product research tool called PRIZM allows users to dial in on over 20 parameters for a completely customized product search.

14-day free trial.

Helium 10

Keyword and Product Research | Free & Paid, from $97/month to $397/month for paid plans | www.helium10.com

Helium 10 is one of the few tools in this category that has a variety of features that help Amazon sellers with a variety of tasks. Black Box, its native product research tool, allows for more insightful results. This feature includes data points that sellers will find useful when deciding which product to add to an existing brand.

Free plan.

Jungle Scout

Keyword and Product Research | Paid, $49-$69/month for the Jungle Scout software, $39/month for the Extension | www.junglescout.com
Greg Mercer’s Jungle Scout also comes with a cool product research feature. Not only does it allow users to check out how a product is doing on the Amazon platform but it provides data to determine just how profitable a product could be. All this happens on the Product Database.
None but offers a 14-day money-back guarantee.


Keyword and Product Research | Free | www.yasiv.com

This is a fun tool for seeing a visualization of products related to a particular ASIN. It doesn’t use any fancy algorithms: it just scapes Amazon’s “Customers also shopped for” listings and puts them together in a handy mind-map-like diagram. Useful for finding product accessories to develop.

yasiv related products


Landing Page Generators

Driving external traffic to your Amazon listings is becoming a more important step to launching successful products, often in combination with promotions and other deals. Amazon landing page generators help you do this quickly and effectively.

Zipify Pages

Landing Page Generator | Paid, $67-$97/month | www.zipify.com

If you’re using Shopify then Zipify is one of the best landing page generators available. However, it also has a couple of nice Amazon integrations. Zipify’s features include a drag and drop builder, mobile-only pages, opt-in lightboxes, and a full reporting suite.

Zipify has other tools that you can use in conjunction with Zipify Pages. OneClickUpsell is a Shopify app that allows Amazon sellers to make one-click, post-purchase offers to customers.

Zon Pages

Landing Page Generator | Paid, $19.95-$99.95/month | zonpages.com

Zon Pages provides an easy way to create landing pages that can effectively drive external traffic to an Amazon listing. Customization features include adding images, uploading videos, adding a logo, and cross-marketing your other offers.

coupon page made on zon pages

30-day free trial.


Landing Page Generator | Paid, $15-$60/month | landingcube.com

LandingCube is an efficient landing page generator with a goal of helping sellers build a brand and grow sales via external traffic channels. A notable feature of LandingCube is that it provides promo codes in exchange for the buyer’s email address.

coupon page created on LandingCube


30-day free trial. Unlimited landing page creation plus priority support from their team.


Repricing in order to win the Buy Box is an important feature for sellers not doing private label. For private label sellers, who often have no other sellers competing for their buy box, repricing isn’t as important but A/B testing is. These tools make this easy.

BQool Repricing Central

Pricing | Paid, $25-$100/month | www.bqool.com

BQool Repricing Central is a tool that updates prices multiple times per hour and fields competitor prices changes in real-time. Reprices downwards to help win the Buy Box and reprices upwards to close price gaps and boost margin.

bqool repricer

14-day free trial

Comes with a 15-day free trial


Pricing | Free  | camelcamelcamel.com

Similar to Keepa, CamelCamelCamel – the app with a curious name – features a handy list of popular products that can be filtered using the advanced search feature. It also has a price watch and price drop option, allowing users to better keep an eye on interesting products.

camelcamelcamel repricer

Free to download as an app or a Chrome extension.


Pricing | Paid, $47-$497/month  | splitly.com

Splitly has a host of A/B testing features but it’s most useful for its Profit Peak feature which figures out the optimal price point to sell at for-profit (not just sales). A little bit pricey.

splitly a/b tester

You can find interesting tools like Split Testing Generator and Significance Calculator.

Review Monitoring

Reviews are an important part of any Amazon product. A sound product review monitoring strategy can make the difference between having a good Amazon business and a great one. Knowing how to get great reviews and manage bad ones can be made easier by having the right tools in place.

Feedback Genius

Review Monitoring | Paid, $20-$250/month  | www.sellerlabs.com

Feedback Genius is a customer communication tool which assists Amazon sellers with feedback management, product reviews, and reputation management.

Feedback Genius data

30-day free trial

Feedback Express

Review Monitoring | Paid,  $20.00-$99.00/month | www.feedbackexpress.com

Feedback Express is a cloud-based software solution that helps Amazon sellers manage their feedback communication with buyers. Messages can be triggered when an order is placed, dispatched or delivered or up to 10 weeks after the event.

Feedback Express stats


30-day free trial

Email Autoresponders

Amazon has cut down on how many email messages you can send to customers and what types. Regardless, an auto-responder is still a fundamental marketing component for most sellers. 

Feedback Genius

Review Monitoring & Email Autoresponder | Paid, $20-$250/month  | www.sellerlabs.com

Feedback Genius – a returnee on our list, Feedback Genius shows its versatility as a reliable email autoresponder. It allows users to do negative feedback monitoring and send out messages to customers when a product is shipped and when it arrives.

30-day free trial

Stock Management

Maintaining accurate stock at Amazon is important to avoid out-of-stockages. At the same time, you want to avoid over-stocking products and being killed on storage fees, especially long-term storage fees. The software can help make this job easier although, invariably, spreadsheets always seem to become part of the equation.


Stock Management | Paid, $80-$240/month  | www.forecast.ly

Forecastly helps predict demand and necessary replenishments. It also has some handy end of month reporting tools to determine where cash is tied up. Expensive though.

Forecastly stock management tool

14-day free trial.

Restock Pro

Stock Management | Paid, $99-$599/month  | www.restockpro.com

Restock Pro has been around for a while and helps forecast inventory demand. Can also help issue purchase orders if you’re not using another tool already. Expensive.


14-day free trial.

PPC Management

Amazon is increasingly a pay-to-play marketplace. Managing PPC effectively (and keeping ACOS’ low) can be challenging when managing dozens or more ASINs. Software helps make this more manageable. Check out our free PPC guide for managing PPC effectively without software.

PPC Scope

PPC Management | Paid, $19.99-$84.99/month | PPCScope.com/

A cheaper alternative to Sellics but without all the bells and whistles. Has all the core PPC components you need though including easy blocking of low performing keywords, negative matching keywords/phrases from other campaigns, etc. A bit of an ugly interface.

PPC scope Amazon PPC

Free 21-day free trial.


PPC Management | Paid, $47/month (<$60,000/year sales) to $247/month | sellics.com

Another suite of tools but their PPC management is the best. See our podcast episode on how we use it. Gets expensive for 7-figure sellers not grandfathered into one of their cheaper plans.

sellics ppc tool

Free 14-day free trial.

AMZ Data Studio

PPC Management | Paid, $500/report | AMZDataStudio.net

AMZ Data Studio allows you to access leaked Amazon reports for other sellers including seeing a full break down of their Sponsored Products accounts for the last 60 days. Extremely valuable but ethically questionable and much more expensive than Chinese companies who offer identical services. sample ppc report

Free Chrome Extension for keyword tracking and analysis.

Accounting & Finance

Seller Locker

Accounting & Finance | 25% of Reimbursements | SellerLocker.net

Seller Locker is the best tool available for getting reimbursements for lost inventory. With their Chrome plugin, it’s the easiest tool to use to submit reimbursement requests.

seller locker

Free to try.


Accounting & Finance | $19-149/month | A2X Accounting

One of the better accounting integrations for getting your Amazon data into Quickbooks or Xero. Relatively integration can be time intensive (like all of the accounting suites)


Chinese Tools

The Chinese have some of the most advanced tools available if you’re willing to deal with non-existent English UI or poor-English UI. Use it at your own risk.


Chinese Tools | $20 per ASIN Report | ASINspy.net

Has some of the cheapest ASIN reports available (around $20 per ASIN report at last check). Chinese only interface and helps to have WeChat Pay (or know someone who does).




Chinese Tools | Paid, $50-$200month | deepbrief.net

A Chinese company with a suite of tools but also with a decent English interface. Owner John Zhu is well known in Chinese and Western circles. Has access to a lot of tools popular with Chinese Sellers.

deep brief



When I first started selling on Amazon there were literally only a handful of Amazon tools available. However, with the boom in popularity of selling on Amazon, and an amazing array of different tools have become available, seemingly with half a dozen new ones popping up each day.

Are there any Amazon tools you’re using in your business that didn’t make this list? Let us know below.