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E140: Traction Part 2 – Company Core Focus and 10 Year Goal

This is the second episode of a podcast series I’m doing on Traction, a business book written by Gino Wickman geared towards helping business owners run their companies with more growth and enjoyment. My company is currently in the process of applying the system outlined in the book and the impact is so great that I’m documenting the entire process here in the podcast.

In episode 1 of the series I talked about the importance of setting aside time to think about your company’s core values and actually putting those core values into writing.

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E139: Nightmare with AT&T – A Customer Service Horror Story

Today’s episode is a little different from what we usually publish.

I recently had to undergo a torturous customer service experience with AT&T. Those of you who are or have been AT&T customers and called their customer service hotline at any time know what I’m talking about. I have been an AT&T customer since 2007 when the first iPhone came out–not by choice, but because no other carrier offered the iPhone at the time–and I can definitely say that it has not been a happy ride.

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E138: Traction Part 1 – Company Core Values

We’re starting a new series on the EcomCrew Podcast today. This series is called Traction, inspired by a book I read recently which had a tremendous impact on me and my business, so much so that I’m applying the principles laid out in the book to my own company. I’m documenting the process in this podcast series so that you and your business could benefit from my experience.

I’ve mostly been an entrepreneur for as far as I can remember.

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E137: An Inside Look Into EcommerceFuel Live 2018

Hey everyone!

If you went to the EcommerceFuel Live event in January and got shoved a microphone in the face by me, then this is the episode you’ve been waiting for :)

You might have forgotten what transpired during the event (especially if you got drunk during the party) but this episode, with all the snippets I recorded both sober and drunk, will surely remind you what an awesome event ECF Live is.

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E136: Online Merchants Guild

As ecommerce entrepreneurs we are used to doing things on our own, with many of us even starting out as solopreneurs. This isolation, and the ability to control our time as a result, has been very attractive for us for a long time. But more recently this very same disconnectedness can lead to our own ruin.

One of the issues that rattle us to the bones is online sales tax. States have been salivating on the billions of dollars they could get from online sales as ecommerce steadily grew.

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E135: Under the Hood with Kevin Sanderson Part 2 – Hiring, Training, and Delegating Tasks to VAs

We recorded the intros in our Philippines office during our Asia trip. Our office is not optimized for recording; apologies for the bad audio quality.

Last Monday, Kevin and I talked about one of the biggest problems most small ecommerce entrepreneurs encounter: becoming a bottleneck to the growth of their own company. This is something that usually happens when we try to do the unthinkable, which is to do every single task on our own.

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E134: 2018 Goals Quarterly Review

At the beginning of January, I laid out 18 goals I wanted to accomplish this year. My list consisted of both business and personal goals, with some items certainly harder and loftier than the others. While I made sure that my goals are reasonably achievable, I can’t deny that a part of me–any maybe you, too–is wondering if I can achieve them all.

That’s why I decided that I will do a quarterly check on my progress to clearly see how far along I am on the road to achieving my goals.

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E133: Under the Hood with Kevin Sanderson – How to Stop Being the Bottleneck in Your Own Business

When running an ecommerce company as a side hustle, it’s fine–and most of the time necessary–to wear many hats. But if you want your business to grow to more than just a side hustle, it’s a different story altogether.

This week’s Under the Hood call is about how to stop being the bottleneck to the growth of your own company. My guest is Kevin Sanderson, who started his ecommerce company 3 years ago selling online “just to try it”,

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E132: Dropshipping vs. Private Labeling – A Friendly Debate

“Is drop shipping dead?” – so many blog posts in 2018

We’ve recently encountered a paradox of sorts.

If you type “is drop shipping dead” in a Google search bar and hit enter, you’ll notice that the first page is chockfull of blog posts with that exact same title. This could only mean that people are catching on the thought that the drop shipping business model is pretty much in a bubble,

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