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Episode 33: Updates on Our Businesses and Looking Ahead to the Holidays

Today we just give you an update episode on how our businesses are doing. Mike is dealing with quality issues with his Chinese manufacturers. Grant is working on sourcing for Along with these issues we also share some of the bright spots of the businesses.

We discuss our plans for growing the businesses and what’s in the pipeline for both of us.  There are a few challenges facing each of our businesses today,

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Episode 11: Niching Down Your Audience

Today’s podcast focuses on niching down your audience, but first a listener question. Tyler asks, “If you can share experience with MAP pricing?” If you would like to ask Ecom Crew a question head over to our contact form or hit us up on Twitter or Facebook.

Grant says MAP pricing was used on MAP pricing is the minimum advertised price, and it is an agreement between vendors and sellers stipulating the lowest price the item can be advertised at.

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