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Started in 2015, EcomCrew is an ecommerce blog written by actual store owners, Mike and Grant. They write about the daily operations, technologies, tools and challenges of running an online store. Our audience is composed of like minded store owners, advisers, marketers and others in the ecommerce industry.

Business Opportunities

If you are an advertiser, SaaS operator or other industry representative, we welcome any inquiries on how EcomCrew can assist with your outreach and marketing goals. Requests for guest posting, investments, link schemes, SEO or paid reviews will all be ignored, because you’re in wrong pond to be fishing.

Advice and Consultation

If you would like to hire us, please read over our services page to learn about our paid consulting services. We normally allocate a certain amount of hours each week for outside projects such as consulting.

For those seeking general advice, we assume that you are in business for yourself. As a business person, you know that time equals money. With four online stores alone (let along other side projects like Grant’s multi-unit franchise) and our personal lives, we put a high price tag on our time. As a result, we simply don’t have time to offer advice or consulting outside of a paid arrangement. That said, we highly suggest you follow the blog and make a comment on a relevant post, as we usually respond there when we can.

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To contact us, please email [support at ecomcrew dot com]. This will go to both Grant and Mike and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Thank you for your interest in EcomCrew.

Advertising Disclosure

EcomCrew is at times compensated for products or services that we mention. Our policy is to always disclose when we are compensated so that there is transparency with our visitors. Links and advertisements on our site are included in the ways that we receive compensation.