EcomCrew is a site dedicated to helping entrepreneurs start and grow their ecommerce businesses. We’re always eager to hear from listeners, readers, and anyone else who wants to get in touch. We strive to respond to each question we get.

Reader/Listener Questions

If you’re a reader or listener of EcomCrew and you have a question you would like to ask anyone at EcomCrew please post your question publicly either via a blog comment, post on our Facebook page, or similar method.

Because of the number of inquiries we get, in order to serve as many people as possible we will only respond to questions posted publicly. We will not respond to questions via emails, Facebook messages, or other private forms of communication. Please keep your question short and concise.

In EcomCrew Premium, we offer unlimited private email consultation with any students.

Business Inquiries & Opportunities

If you are an advertiser, SaaS operator or other industry representative, we welcome any inquiries on how EcomCrew can assist with your outreach and marketing goals. If you would like to have Mike or Dave speak at an industry conference we also welcome you’re inquiries regarding speaking.

Please email [support at ecomcrew dot. com] and someone will get back to you within 48 hours.

Press/Media Inquiries

If you are a member of the media and would like to speak to someone regarding a story you are working on, please email [email protected] with the subject line “Media Inquiry”. We have been quoted in a number of major publications including USA Today, The Verge, etc. and are happy to help when we can.

Advertising Disclosure

EcomCrew is at times compensated for products or services that we mention. Our policy is to always disclose when we are compensated so that there is transparency with our visitors. Links and advertisements on our site are included in the ways that we receive compensation.