Mike And Dave Show You Step-By-Step How They Built A $10,000,000 Importing Business in Less Than 3 Years
Build A $1,000,000 Private Label Business Importing Kickass Products From China
Learn from two 7-figure eCommerce pros who will help you develop the best products, avoid costly mistakes, and guide you step-by-step on how to build a $1,000,000 importing business selling physical products on Amazon.com.
Where You've Seen Us...
This Isn't Some Thin Content "We Just Want To Take Your Money Course".  Check Out The Curriculum!
Module 1
How To Find Niches
  •  How to identify and pick a great niche
  •  What makes a good product to import from China?
  •  How to find products that will be home runs and make you a lot of money
  •  How to ensure your products are profitable
Module 2
Developing Products
  •  How to differentiate your products from all the other products on Amazon
  •  How to create a brand and not just a product
  •  How to protect and take advantage of intellectual property
  •  How to develop killer packaging
Module 3
Finding Suppliers
  •  Will your supplier scam you?
  •  Types of suppliers
  •  Five hidden places to find suppliers
  •  How to ensure you get only high-quality products
Module 4
Shipping and Logistics
  •  What you need to do on your first shipment from China
  •  How to choose the best shipping method
  •  Everything you need to know about labeling
  •  How to create an Amazon shipment workflow
Dave And Mike Picture
Access To Dave And Mike
We live, breath, and dream importing and eCommerce.  Have a question about something in the course, want to run a product idea by us, or feel like we left something out?  No problem, as a student we provide awesome email support.  Just shoot us an email and we'll get back to you ASAP!
How to Find Products to Import and Build a Business Around When You Have No Idea Where to Start
Do you have absolutely no idea what products to import? Does it seem like EVERY product has been done a thousand times over on Amazon? We'll give you a plan for how to find products that you can build a business around. Read that carefully- build a business. We don't want you to find a product to import. We want you to build a business that lets you stop working for the man and start working for yourself.

EASILY Differentiate Your Products from All Of The Other Products on Amazon
We’ll give you a SYSTEM for easily differentiating your products from the vast majority of the other products being sold on Amazon and other channels. We’ll walk you through easy steps you can take which will give your products a competitive advantage over other the competition.

Selling on Amazon is EASY When You Have Kick Ass Products - We’ll Give You Step by Step Instructions How to Develop These Products
Selling on Amazon is EASY when you have kick ass products. You don’t need a course on how to sell on Amazon (in fact, we have a free tutorial on this). You need a course on how to develop kick ass products that will become best sellers on Amazon and other sales channels. We’ll give you step by step instructions how to develop these products no matter if your budget is $1,000 or $100,000. 

5 Negotiation Hacks with Chinese Suppliers to get you the LOWEST PRICES
If you're negotiating with your Supplier and asking them to lower the price then you're doing it wrong. Don't worry, most importers make this mistake. In this course we'll show you 5 negotiation hacks to get you the lowest prices with your Suppliers. When you get prices lower than your competitors, you can sell products for less and make more money.
Why you should NOT use Alibaba to look for products and where you SHOULD
Are you still looking on Alibaba for Suppliers? Then you're creating a critical fallacy in your importing business before it's even started. In this course we'll show you THREE HIDDEN sources to find Suppliers that 99.99999% of your competitors don't use.
How to Get Your Supplier to Accept SMALL ORDERS
Have you ever tried looking for products from China and Suppliers want you to order a kazillion of the products? That's fine if you're Walmart of Home Depot but you're probably not and you probably have a small budget. We'll give you my PROVEN method for getting Suppliers to accept small orders that you can use with almost any Supplier.
How Non-Americans can sell on Amazon.com FBA (it’s easy if you know how)
Are you NOT American but want to sell on Amazon FBA in the U.S.? I'll walk you through exactly how non-Americans can sell on Amazon.com. Even the Americans in the audience will find some good tips for running their business in this section.
When to Choose Between Air Freight and Sea Freight AND Get the Lowest Shipping Rates
International shipping is HARD and EXPENSIVE. But I'll make it easy and cheap for you. I'll help you decide between when to choose between air freight and sea freight, how to get the lowest rates, and how to make the entire process easy. I'll give you links to all of the resources I use and give you insider tips and links.
Exactly What You Get...
  •  Over 30 Video Lessons divided between 4 Modules including: Finding Products and Niches, Developing and Branding Kick Ass Products, Finding Suppliers, Getting Your Products & Shipping
  •  Email access directly to Mike and Dave - we’ll walk you through any questions you have and ensure you succeed 
  •  Real website URLs, Amazon Accounts, eBay accounts of our businesses (we hate it when importing "experts" don't reveal their business)- a perfect use case to mimic and grow your company off of
  •  Links to company resources including customs brokers, freight forwarder, inspection companies, third party logistics, software, and more
  •  Templates including Quality Inspection Checklists and Purchase Orders you can use in your business
  •  Other files and calculators including Minimum Product Costs Calculator, Estimated Shipping Costs Calculator, Product Brainstorming Guide, and more
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