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Learn How to Build Your $1 Million Dollar Ecommerce Brand
Doing it alone doesn't work. Join a team of experienced sellers who will show you the step-by-step plan on how to build and grow a multi-million dollar brand online.
" A definitive A to Z blueprint for building a brand importing from China... "
David Couillard - Owner
Join the Course
Join The Course
Get online with a group full of knowledge and experience. You know this is the fast track to success.
Grow Your 1M$ Brand
Build Your Brand
Discover the secrets to differentiate your products and build a stronger brand towards your customers.
Import From China
Import it from China
Learn the ins and outs of importing and building a strong supplier relationship while negotiated lower pricing.
Stop Falling for Get Rich Quick Schemes!
This course was made by two ecommerce experts who will show you the exact way they built their multiple 7 figure product brands from scratch. You can do it.
Get Private Consulting By Real Amazon Sellers
Get behind the scene access to their multi-million dollar brands and see exactly how they do it.
Learn How We Sell $50,000 of Coloring Pens in Our First Month
We'll show you the exact secrets we used to sell over $50,000 of coloring pens in our very first month by making three EASY product changes that you can apply to almost any product
Learn How We Developed a Brand and Sold it for Over $850,000
What products did one of our brands sell that we subsequently sold for nearly $1million? We'll give you a hint: the New Yorker did an article on the dragons in Game of Thrones and consulted our company for product advice.. 
Unlimited Mentorship from Two Multi-Million Dollar Sellers
How often has your great business idea been stopped dead i its tracks because of one question you didn't know the answer to? Mike and Dave will make sure that never happens again by providing unlimited 1 on 1 access to help answer any questions you might have.
Stop Using Amazon Sales Research Tools
Research is great, but action leads to success. Are you doing it wrong?
Are you hunting through the Jungle looking for products to import by using Amazon research tools? Are you still looking for products that sell 500 units per day and have less than 20 reviews? Then you're doing it completely wrong and that's why you're reading this page. We'll show you the real secret to how multi-million dollar sellers look for products that almost no one else is doing.
"If you are looking for people you can trust, these are the guys you want to be talking to..."
Andrew Youderian - Ecommerce Fuel
Already tried launching your first products but failed?
If you've already tried importing products from China with little or no success, you need this course
Many of our students, before buying our course, had already tried to launch products but failed or achieved little success. We'll teach you how to avoid the mistakes that 99% of other sellers make when building their product catalog and what the other 1% of successful sellers are doing.  
The Only Course Like This One Online
Stop searching through scattered and old websites. This one course contains everything you need to succeed in 2017 plus it gets updated as soon as new information is available.
Finding Profitable Niches & Products
  • How to identify and pick a great niche when you have no idea where to start
  •  Three worksheets/software to help you find niches and products
  •  What are the five qualities Mike and Dave look for in products that most new importers overlook?
  •  Seven things that will LOSE you money and seven ways to avoid them 
How to find Profitable Niches & Products
Turning your products into kick ass best selling brands
Turning Products into Kick Ass Best Selling Brand
  • FIVE easy ways to differentiate your products from all the other products on Amazon
  •  Step by step instructions to create a brand and not just a product
  •  How can you use people's intellectual property legally to your advantage?
  •  A complete roadmap to develop killer packaging to get more 5 star reviews 
Negotiation & Relations with Suppliers
  • How to Get Your Supplier to Accept SMALL ORDERS
  •  Five negotiation hacks to get you the absolute lowest prices from China
  •  Why you should NOT use Alibaba to look for products and where you SHOULD
  •  How to ensure you get only high-quality products and avoid defects
Negotiating with your Suppliers
Getting High Quality Products Made Quickly & Cheaply
  • What you need to do on your first shipment from China
  •  How to choose the best shipping method and get the best prices
  •  What are the three fatal mistakes people make on their packaging and labeling?
  •  How to create an Amazon shipment workflow to get your products directly from China to Amazon FBA
Bonus Content
  • Real world links to 3PLs, Freight Forwarders, Inspection Agencies, Accountants, and more that WE USE
  •  Niche Evaluation Worksheet
  •  A list of thousands of potential niches
  •  Sample purchase orders, sample product inserts, sample packaging, and more
  •  Minimum Landed Product Cost Worksheet
  •  1 on 1 access for FREE to Mike and Dave
Negotiating with your Suppliers
"By far the best importing course we've come across..."
Casey Reep - Amazon Seller
Frequent Questions
It might not sound easy, but let the entire EcomCrew help you.
What makes your course different than everyone else?
Our course focuses on building a long term, sustainable business selling on Amazon. This doesn't mean digging through Amazon research tools and looking for short-term "China arbitrage" opportunities. It means building a kick ass, defensible product brand. 
Do I get private access to Mike and Dave?
Yes! One of the most important things we want to offer students is someone to reach out to when you're presented with hurdles. We offer unlimited email support with any questions you have when building your brand. 
I'm not from America, can I still sell on Amazon?
Absolutely. Amazon Seller Central is open to almost every other country in the world  and in fact Dave runs a non-American based business.
How much do I need to start?
We've tailored the course to keep in mind some people are starting with $2500 and some people are starting with $250,000. You can start applying the things you learn with just a few hundred dollars but we believe $2500 is a good minimum starting budget. 
Isn't it too late to start selling on Amazon?
Not even close. Dave and Mike openly share with you each week on EcomCrew how they continue to launch dozens of new best sellers on Amazon each year. This is a deep dive course on the Amazon selling tactics we use for each of our brands.
Who is the EcomCrew?
Dave and Mike are die hard product and Amazon enthusiasts. Each year they sell millions of dollars worth of product and share their journey openly and candidly each week through the EcomCrew podcast and blog.

"This is an awesome course if you want detailed steps and support on how to import your own products. Dave and Mike provides feedback on your ideas which is incredibly valuable not only for their expertise but to help confirm that you are on the right path when you start having doubts." 
- Jason Bradley - Crew Member
"Dave and Mike share everything from picking a profitable product, negotiation with suppliers to all the shipping and logistics details you will need to receive your goods. Get this course if you are serious about building your brand."
- Abthony N. - Crew Member
I purchased this course as I didn't really have any experience of eCommerce or importing. What I found was a very comprehensive 'tell it like it is' guide. I'd definitely recommend this course for anyone considering starting an eCommerce business. 
- Irene M. - Crew Member
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