10 Ways to Save More Money on Walmart

As one of the world's largest retail stores, Walmart has earned its reputation for offering competitive prices on diverse products. For savvy shoppers, Walmart presents a treasure trove of money-saving opportunities. This article will delve into ten practical ways to cut costs while shopping at Walmart to make the most of your hard-earned dollars.

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Sign Up for Walmart's Savings Programs

Walmart's savings programs, featuring the Walmart Rewards and Walmart+, offer many benefits for smart shoppers. The membership cost for Walmart’s premium program is $12.95 per month. The Walmart Rewards Card lets you redeem rewards with every purchase and enjoy the convenience of contactless payments. It also provides financing options to manage expenses. 

Walmart Plus provides free unlimited delivery on thousands of items, allowing you to shop for groceries, household essentials, and more without worrying about delivery fees. Additionally, members can enjoy fuel discounts at Walmart, Sam's Club, Murphy, Exxon and Mobil gas stations, saving money on gas purchases. 

Walmart Plus landing page
Walmart+ currently offers a 30-day trial for their membership.

The Mobile Scan & Go feature enables a great in-store experience, allowing you to scan items with your phone as you shop and check out quickly, avoiding long lines. 

You need to be a Walmart+ member to access Walmart's Mobile Scan & Go. After becoming a member, download the Walmart shopping app and locate the Scan & Go feature in the app's Services menu. Activate Scan & Go by being near or inside a store, allowing you to scan items, make payments through the app, and use the QR code at self-checkout to get your exit pass.

Utilize Walmart's Price Match Policy

With Walmart's Price Match Policy, you get the best value for your in-store by matching lower prices from their website. You just need to bring proof of the lower price when purchasing. However, Walmart does not price match competitors' in-store prices. Items later decreased in price, prices available through Marketplace, or items offered in Walmart stores.

Walmart's price match policy is a great money-saving option. But, it can be time-consuming and requires thorough research to check all items on their website for competitive prices. Also, another thing to consider is that not all items may be eligible for price matching.

Man looking at his card in front of a laptop.
Price matching online between Walmart and its participating shopping websites can be a tedious process, but it may save you a few bucks.

Explore Walmart's Clearance Sections

Clearance sections are typically strategically placed within the store, and you can find them in various departments. Look for bright “Clearance” signs or stickers on the shelves to identify discounted items easily.

If you prefer to shop online, visit Walmart's website and look for the “Clearance” tab or filter to access discounted products. You can explore different categories, from electronics and toys to household essentials and clothing.

Suggested clearance items at the search bar of the website
You can also choose to search for “clearance + item” on the search tab of Walmart.

However, it's essential to keep in mind that clearance items may have limited stock, and popular items may sell out quickly. Additionally, since clearance sections offer discounted products, they might not always feature the latest or most sought-after items. While you can find incredible deals, availability may vary, and specific products may not be part of the clearance selection.

Take Advantage of Walmart's Coupons and Promo Codes

Walmart gladly accepts various types of coupons, allowing shoppers to save money. They welcome valid paper manufacturer coupons issued by manufacturers of products sold at Walmart. This includes Dollars/Cents Off coupons, Buy One Get One Free (BOGO) coupons, and internet manufacturer coupons with GS1 barcodes that scan at the register.

To make the most of these coupons, follow these essential guidelines:

  • Use one paper manufacturer coupon per item with no transaction limit.
  • Ensure coupons have “Manufacturer Coupon,” a scannable GS1 barcode, a valid remit billing address, and an unexpired date.
  • Match the coupon description with the purchased item.
  • Walmart doesn't accept competitor/retailer coupons, digital coupons from mobile phones, expired or counterfeit coupons, vouchers, gift certificates, or bottle caps for redemption.
  • Double/triple coupons are not honored.

You can search for promo codes online from websites like CNN and WSJ, where there are promos for goods, essentials, and more. 

Walmart coupon with details
You can view the coupon details when you click “Show Coupon” on the WSJ website.

The drawback of utilizing Walmart's coupons and promo codes is that not all of them may apply to the specific items you want to purchase. It's possible that some coupons may only apply to certain product categories or have specific purchase requirements, making them incompatible with the items on your shopping list.

Plan Shopping Trips Around Walmart's Sales Events

Walmart hosts various sales events throughout the year, like Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and seasonal sales. Walmart launched Deals for Days, an alternative to Amazon’s Prime Day.

Opt for Generic Brands and Bulk Purchases

Save money at Walmart by considering two smart strategies: choosing generic brands and making bulk purchases. Generic or store-branded products like Equate and Great Value often offer comparable quality to name brands at a lower cost, allowing you to stretch your budget without compromising essentials. 

Different Equate lotions found at Walmart's website
Equate lotions are affordable, ranging from $3 to $6.

Additionally, buying items in bulk can lead to long-term cost savings, as you can take advantage of discounts offered on larger quantities. This approach is especially beneficial for non-perishable items that you regularly use.

Join Walmart's Online Community for Shopping Tips

Engage with experienced shoppers and tap into their valuable insights to make purchasing decisions. The community fosters a supportive environment where members freely share their money-saving strategies, helping you optimize your shopping experience.

Facebook groups about Walmart
There are a plethora of online communities dedicated to Walmart shopping.

However, exercise caution when navigating online communities, as anonymous sources may unintentionally spread misinformation. Always verify information from reliable sources and use critical thinking to distinguish between helpful advice and potentially misleading content.

Make Use of Walmart's Free Services

Leverage Walmart's free services to optimize your shopping experience and save money. With the convenient in-store pickup option, you can shop online and collect your items from a nearby Walmart store without paying for delivery. 

Take advantage of Walmart's extended warranties, providing added protection at no extra cost, ensuring your purchases remain in top condition for an extended period. Commonly referred to as Product Care Plans, these plans are available for purchase and start at just $3. They are available for a wide range of products, including electronics, appliances, and more.

Services tab at Walmart's website
You may file a claim through Walmart’s website by clicking on the services tab, then selecting Walmart Protection Plan.

Additionally, enjoy free shipping by meeting the minimum order requirements of $35, allowing your purchases to be delivered to your doorstep without any additional charges. This means you can shop from the comfort of your own home and have your items delivered right to your door, without having to worry about any additional shipping fees.

Walmart truck
Have your items delivered to the comfort of your home through Walmart’s two-day free shipping for selected orders over $35.

However, their free services come with disadvantages. Firstly, not all products or locations may offer in-store pickup. Secondly, free shipping is subject to minimum order requirements, and if your order doesn't meet the threshold, you may incur delivery charges. Lastly, the free extended warranties may not be available for all products, leaving some items without this extra coverage.

Utilize Walmart's Rollback Deals and Special Promotions

Walmart's rollback deals and special promotions can be found across various product categories, including household essentials, electronics, groceries, and more. Look for products with significantly reduced prices. 

Additionally, Walmart Deals offers discounted items. When shopping in-store, consider shelf tags and signage indicating rollback deals to easily identify discounted items.

Discounted items found at Walmart's website
Check out Walmart Deals online for discounted items.

Rollback deals are there for a limited time, so there is no guarantee that they will still be there when you return. To avoid disappointment, act fast when encountering a deal piques your interest.

Buy in Bulk

Buying in bulk can be a smart way to save money, especially when it comes to non-perishable products. Buying items like paper towels, cleaning supplies, and canned goods in bulk can potentially save you more money compared to buying them in smaller quantities. Through this, you can take advantage of lower unit prices and lessen the number of shopping trips, saving time and money in the long run.

To make the most of bulk purchases, planning ahead and considering your household's needs is crucial. Take stock of essential non-perishable items you frequently use and calculate how much you'll need over a specific period. Invest in smart storage solutions like airtight containers or pantry organizers to keep your bulk items fresh and organized.

Boxes of goods
Shop and store smartly to avoid waste. Don’t store perishable items for long.

Key Takeaways

Walmart offers various money-saving opportunities that can impact your shopping experience. From loyalty programs and price match policies to clearance sections and coupons, these methods can help you save on purchases. However, being mindful of potential drawbacks, such as impulse purchases or researching price matches, is crucial. 

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