It’s getting down to tax season. Naturally, this is one the most frustrating times for me, because I hate paperwork and I dread getting all of my accounting properly done.

If there’s one area that Mike and I are both still trying to get a good grip on, it’s ecommerce accounting. It’s still a relatively new niche and there’s a fair amount of applications out there, but there’s no “magic” platform that does it all and most owners we know that are multi-channel sellers still have to cobble various tools together.

In fact, I decided to draw up an infomercial (a great use of my time, I know) to illustrate the challenges in trying to find the perfect inventory management platform that can do it all.

Ecommerce Inventory Management Infographic

This is as professional as my graphic design skills get, so I apologize if it looks like it was drawn by a five year old.

Just so everyone knows, this infographic is meant to be satire, as there’s no inventory management software that is that bad. The problem is that every operator has their own unique set of needs, so trying to find that one special platform to fit the business needs is just about impossible.

For those that aren’t aware or are evaluating different systems now, I published an ecommerce inventory management comparison, that compares many of the mainstream inventory software options. Amazingly, in the short amount of time that I published the list, I’ve found even more platforms, though SkuVault and EcomDash both stand out from among the crowd.

At some point, once we figure out the perfect app stack (combination of software packages) to use, we’ll publish it so that others can get the benefit as well. Otherwise, if you have experience of your own, we would love to hear what software you are using to manage your inventory and accounting.!