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Top 100 Amazon Third-Party Sellers [June 2023]

Competition in the ecommerce space is intense, especially when you sell in a big marketplace like Amazon. While the competition keeps increasing on Amazon, the demand for online shopping also increases. Who are the top 100 third-party sellers taking the lion's share of the pie?

We’ll break down a complete list of the top 100 third-party sellers on Amazon. Also, we'll look at their nationalities (including the percentage of Chinese and American sellers).

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Top 100 Amazon Third-Party Sellers By 30-Day Feedback

Data period: February 2023

Below is a list of the top 100 third-party sellers for the marketplace according to the number of positive reviews received during the last 30 days of the previous month. You can also sort the table by 90-day feedback, 12-month feedback and lifetime feedback.

April RankLast Month RankSellerCountry30-Days Feedback90-Days Feedback1 Year FeedbackLifetime Feedback
1 ⇔1Pattern.US5,40216,73059,340335,971
2 ⇔2Utopia DealsUS4,94114,84143,426472,665
3 ⇔3CarlyleUS3,93511,87241,272128,323
4 ⇔4AnkerDirectUS2,9279,11534,4801,055,110
5 ⬆️10VerSureUS2,5537,45322,397122,362
6 ⬇️5EPFamily DirectUS2,4057,60728,583270,967
7 ⬇️6GORILLA COMMERCEUS2,4027,92226,451162,427
8 ⬆️9Galactic ShopUS2,3987,21030,080229,011
9 ⬆️14Orva StoresUS2,3777,23631,321247,726
10 ⬆️13eSupplementsUS2,2126,71022,818130,491
11 ⇔11AilunUSCN2,2027,30024,676199,567
12 ⇔12Mr. PenUS2,1926,85121,62466,469
13 ⬇️7Book Depository USGB2,0986,73427,071950,958
14 ⬆️22BedsureUS1,8575,18315,19795,884
15 ⬇️8FintieUS1,8456,80224,139703,676
16 ⇔16MYBATTERYSUPPLIERUS1,7776,11921,960447,225
17 ⬆️17LiCBCN1,7215,87519,54474,752
18 ⬆️18HLmedicalUS1,7115,16917,76763,718
19 ⬆️21Spigen IncUS1,7035,10819,633567,690
20 ⇔20SupershieldzUS1,6925,39420,430337,781
21 ⬇️15PetcoUS1,6796,35516,457130,179
22 ⬆️30SpreetailUS1,5144,52526,528376,353
23 ⬆️25JE Products USUS1,4664,37712,885332,590
24 ⬇️23Wiki DealsUS1,4654,63316,289163,204
25 ⬇️19Hour LoopUS1,4595,22519,08099,364
26 ⬆️27TCP Global CorpUS1,4474,31215,125359,052
27 ⬆️31YaheetechUS1,4134,16514,60870,251
28 ⬆️296pmUS1,4054,13817,382417,606
29 ⬆️36WootUS1,4034,06914,581131,946
30 ⬇️24Tech VendorUS1,3724,41616,002199,932
31 ⬆️34LY Berditchev Co.US1,3354,00816,65468,070
32 ⬆️38Vive Health DirectUS1,3223,82113,772137,867
33 ⬆️35recommerceUS1,3074,20617,650117,503
34 ⬇️28Lume Deodorant LLCUS1,2794,29312,73521,584
35 ⬆️43Bronson LaboratoriesUS1,2783,68911,63856,252
36 ⬆️40Common Cents DistributorsUS1,2763,84715,911175,049
37 ⬆️47ShippedFastUS1,2593,86116,184248,800
38 ⬇️33River Colony TradingUS1,2244,16216,8781,122,169
39 ⬆️49MetroDecorUS1,2113,57213,808228,300
40 ⬆️62CGK UnlimitedUS1,1783,33011,96159,643
41 ⬆️44SportingDocUS1,1733,51012,164273,919
42 ⬆️52Monster PetsUS1,1723,39611,961190,529
43 ⬆️45JF DistributionsUS1,1663,48510,124103,353
44 ⬇️42JoyinDirectUS1,1653,78119,875106,340
45 ⬇️39Zulay DealsUS1,1613,86412,56654,740
46 ⬇️26OxKomUS1,1514,02714,794515,537
47 ⬇️46Decluttr StoreUS1,1123,52416,049700,470
48 ⬇️41Healthy PantryUS1,1013,47711,51044,005
49 ⬆️50Royal MedsUS1,0893,55814,180105,925
50 ⬇️48Swanson Health ProductsUS1,0693,56514,489282,433
51 ⬇️37VirVenturesUS1,0663,63313,987161,707
52 ⬆️57NetRushUS1,0633,29911,753340,374
53 ⬆️71PremiumpartsWhosaleHK1,0602,8798,86226,630
54 ⬆️67WaterdropDirectCN1,0553,0119,47798,039
55 ⬆️56COMFY PACKAGEUS1,0203,13311,56341,782
56 ⬇️55JS Digital USCN1,0143,15411,66282,720
57 ⬇️53Songmics DirectUS1,0033,34412,426155,843
58 ⬆️82BestChoiceproductsUS9792,92414,320195,120
59 ⬆️75My Great GoodsUS9772,95610,456135,375
60 ⬆️66UGREEN GROUP LIMITEDUS9703,00411,279146,061
61 ⬆️88Peltz ShoesUS9632,77011,312173,728
62 ⬆️N/AK O LUS9592,3016,91124,365
63 ⬇️58AstroAI CorporationUS9533,22210,41149,501
64 ⬆️86Cavalier StoreUS9422,5899,060124,296
65 ⬆️77HearthshireUS9392,83312,174306,452
66 ⬇️60OTCRx4uUS9302,86811,137133,154
67 ⬆️69BestSource OfficeSuppliesUS9292,8309,598215,494
68 ⇔68SilverOnyxUS9242,89510,27460,670
69 ⬇️54Preferred Pharmacy PlusUS9242,9439,61143,967
70 ⬇️64Vital ProteinsUS9162,89211,45446,085
71 ⬇️51Juvo+US9113,29013,867309,265
72 ⬇️63HiwareDirectCN9042,89310,31884,379
73 ⬇️72GreatStar ToolsUS8882,80510,97860,632
74 ⬆️78i-Deals StoreUS8832,65313,265725,643
75 ⬆️90Kaizen8US8802,5428,57857,987
76 ⬇️74essence cosmeticsUS8772,6949,54535,738
77 ⬆️N/AAUVON Inc.CN8772,4197,84335,894
78 ⬆️89CPGIOUS8752,54311,26581,558
79 ⬆️98Libros JudiosUS8722,4069,55453,022
80 ⇔80H.VERSAILTEXCN8662,71410,55462,950
81 ⬆️92Micro IngredientsUS8592,4918,09143,463
82 ⬇️81ZQUAREDUS8562,6969,78985,220
83 ⬇️59YETI AuthorizedUS8532,92312,00292,226
84 ⬆️N/A
85 ⬇️32YH-GoodsUS8485,20013,499119,999
86 ⬇️73Impresa ProductsUS8482,66011,28970,628
87 ⇔87BEYOND YOUR HOMEUS8402,4839,561207,671
88 ⬇️65TheNewMallUS8342,81111,452299,178
89 ⬇️70Rite Aid, Inc.US8272,74910,06925,968
90 ⬆️N/AWater Purity ExpertCN8262,5288,87636,424
91 ⬇️76Sports ResearchUS8142,73812,709168,418
92 ⬇️91Weiman BrandsUS8132,5379,37050,200
93 ⬆️100Healthway ShopUS8112,4179,36331,614
94 ⬆️95My RMS StoreUS7992,4929,16261,967
95 ⬆️N/A
Detroit AxleUS7951,9527,07858,276
96 ⬆️N/A
Rigle IncUS7842,3256,69315,051
97 ⬆️97Amazer OfficialCN7782,3868,22057,335
98 ⬆️N/A
99 ⬆️N/A
The Market SpaceUS7652,2568,54217,401
100 ⬇️99thePruneDanishUS7612,4519,685152,033

Third-Party Sellers By Country of Registration (Overall)

Here are the top third-party sellers on the marketplace by country.

Methodology and How We Collected the Data

Data is collected on a monthly basis, typically in the second week of the month. Data is based on a combination of exclusive EcomCrew historical selling data as well as Brand Analytics and other open-source information from Amazon. The feedback shown is reviews received by shoppers who purchased their products.

third-party sellers

Only merchants with 100 thirty-day feedback or greater and those with greater than 100-lifetime feedback or greater are considered. Merchant country of registration information is based on data found within the merchant's Amazon profile.

Items sold by Amazon (“Sold By Amazon”) are not considered in the dataset. To receive more information on our methodology and or use this data for commercial purposes, please get in touch with



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  1. Terrific list. Beginning with the next update, can you include the top category for each company?

    1. Thanks, Dave! We might include the top category for each company in a new column in the future :)

  2. Hi.

    I am the Vice President of Sales at a company in Los Angeles, CA.

    I seek to obtainn contact information for the top 100 Amazon sellers BUT for Cosmetics, Health & Beauty Aids and kitch/bath products.

    Could you provide? Is there a cost for this? If so, what might the cost be?

    Thank you!

    1. Hi Avram! Unfortunately, we don’t have any data related to the Cosmetics category. We only recollect the data of the top 100 Amazon third-party sellers by month.

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