About Us

About Dave

I’m based in Vancouver, Canada but for nearly half of my life I’ve been involved with business in China. I formally ran the website ChineseImporting.com before it merged with EcomCrew in late 2017. In 2008 I started my company importing from China while finishing up my business degree at Simon Fraser University. By 2016 my company was doing approximately $2million in revenue before I sold it for just under $1million. I have another small startup in the oven as of 2017 focused, of course, on importing products from China.  Oh yeah, I’m also a former Amazon employee of 4 days.

About Mike

I’ve been involved in online marketing for over 10 years. During the poker craze of the early 2000s, I ran one of the largest poker affiliate companies in the world with over 60 employees  (I even owned part of the Canadian Poker Tour!). After Black Friday (the day congress basically made it illegal for Americans to gamble online) I ventured into ecommerce with Treadmill.com. I sold that company in 2014 and have since then started multiple other ecommerce brands with total revenues over $7million annually.  Today I’m based in San Diego but I’ve lived throughout the world including Las Vegas, the Cayman Islands, and out of a Class A motorhome while touring North America.

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