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Do Amazon Sellers Have to Pay U.S. Sales Tax? And Other Sales Tax Questions

Before reading this, I need the obligatory “I’m not an accountant, lawyer, or anyone else resembling a professional” preamble.

Sales tax is becoming a huge question for Amazon sellers so more and more sellers are asking whether they need to collect sales tax or not. Most of the sales discussion seems to be dominated by many of the large accounting and sales tax collection software packages out there which have completely biased opinions of sales tax collection requirements.

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Amazon Social Media Codes – What Are They and How Do You Use Them?

Amazon has just released Social Media Promo Codes for most sellers (they had rolled this out with a smaller number of sellers earlier in the year).

So what exactly are Amazon Social Media Promo Codes and how do you use them? We’ll address everything you need to know about using Amazon Social Promo Codes here.

What Are Social Media Promo Codes?

Social Media Promo Codes allow you to create coupons and pages that you can direct traffic to from outside sources,

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How to Ship Full Containers (FCL) from China Direct to Amazon FBA

Once your shipments get large enough and you’re shipping full containers you may start to consider shipping full containers into Amazon FBA. If you’re shipping LCL you may want to ship to Amazon FBA as well.

One of the things I strive for as much as possible with my new company is having as lean and quick shipping and logistics as possible, and shipping direct solves a lot of that. In this article,

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How to Rank Items & Keywords Well on Amazon: Statistics & Analysis

We all have our opinion of what works well for ranking when selling on Amazon and what doesn’t. Rarely though has anyone tried to take an objective statistical approach to it.

In this article, I reviewed over 1000 listings on Amazon to try to determine some common characteristics that high ranking and low ranking items have. What are the factors you can address to have your product keywords rank well?

I looked at the easiest to measure (and control) variables of pricing,

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What is Amazon Vendor Central and is it Right for You?

If you’re an Amazon seller you’re probably familiar with Amazon Seller Central. Seller Central is the platform most sellers use if they want to sell on Amazon. But aside from Seller Central there is one main other portal for sellers to sell through: Vendor Central. If you’re reading this article, you may have even just received an invite to join Vendor Central. So what exactly is Vendor Central, what are the pros and cons to it,

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How to Launch a New Brand and Product on Amazon to a New Best Seller

In this post I am going to detail exactly how I launch products. I’ve been using this strategy throughout 2017 to huge success and I’ll be using it in the future as well. It’s a completely white-hat approach I’ve used to launch multiple New Best Sellers on Amazon. With incentivized reviews now being banned, it’s more work to launch new products but it’s arguably easier to do with a higher probability of success as this additional work weeds out a lot of the competition.

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Amazon News and Happenings – September 2017

Starting this month, we are planning on doing a monthly round up of all the latest Amazon news and happenings. This will be largely Amazon Sellers focused but we’ll include any interesting news and topics for anything to do with Amazon.

Video Is Live for Enhanced Brand Content

Earlier in the summer Amazon promised to make Video available for all Enhanced Brand Content (it used to be primarily available only to Vendor Central customers).

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Part 2 – Rebuilding a $1m Ecommerce Business – Finding Products and Suppliers

In the first part of this series I discussed my strategy for building a $1m ecommerce and importing company within a year.

In Part 2 I am going to discuss what most of you are probably most interested in – how to pick products and negotiating with Suppliers. I can’t stress enough though that finding products before selecting a niche is a huge error. Once you’ve selected a niche though hopefully this post gives you some good direction for finding products.

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Amazon Changes on The Horizon & The Boost Conference

From July 27-28 Amazon hosted their Amazon FBA Boost conference in New York for select sellers. Here are some quick take-aways from the event. The conference didn’t reveal any ‘secret’ information per se but it did emphasize recurring topics which many of us know are of increasing importance on Amazon – Enhanced Brand Content and selling globally.

Enhanced Brand Content – Videos Coming, Trademark Requirements Possibly Going

The Amazon Brand Registry and Enhanced Brand Content has been one of the biggest changes for Amazon Sellers recently.

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Why and How China Post and USPS are Killing Your Private Labeling Business

If you’ve been following this blog, you know that the Chinese are coming to eat your dinner. Chinese Suppliers are increasingly selling on Amazon and other channels like eBay and their own websites.  Amazon has been actively recruiting Chinese suppliers to use the FBA platform to ship and fulfill their orders from within the United States (a bare minimum requirement for most Prime customers).

But here’s a hard reality –

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