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Top 50 DTC Canadian Brands To Track In 2024

Direct-to-consumer (DTC) brands have revolutionized the way products reach consumers, inspiring our research into the DTC brands meaning and the top DTC Brands out there.

In this research article, we break down a list of the best DTC Canadian Brands, providing insights into their practices and market impact.

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Top 50 DTC Canadian Brands To Know In 2024

After comprehensive research, we've compiled a list of Canada's most popular DTC brands. We've done the job, and here's the list:

BrandCategoryYear FoundedMonthly Traffic
SSENSELuxury Fashion200317.9M
Linen ChestHome Goods and Bedding19611.2M
InkboxPersonal Care20151.3M
KnixWomen’s Underwear2013596.8K
Davids TeaTea and Tea Accessories2008515.8K
Frank & OakFashion2012444.9K
Herschel Supply Co.Backpack and Travel Accessories2019437.6K
Tru EarthEco-Friendly Laundry Detergent2019269.1K
TenTreeOutdoor Apparel2012261.3K
FableticsWomen’s Activewear2013184.4K
Peace CollectiveApparel2015171.5K
Native ShoesFootwear2009169.2K
Canada PoochPet Accessories2011125.2K
NoizeVegan Outerwear2010110.6K
EncircledWomen’s Apparel201287.3K
Province of CanadaApparel201484.8K
Poppy & PeoniesFashion Accessories201656.1K
BrüushPersonal Care201854.8K
Peace Out SkincareSkincare201753.6K
MuttonheadSustainable Clothing200953K
Ollie QuinnEyewear201347.4K
Taiga WorksOutdoorGear and Apparel201141.7K
Nested NaturalsSupplements201336.1K
Tofino Towel Co.Beach Towels and Accessories201332.2K
Three ShipsSkincare201731.4K
Want Les EssentielsApparel200731.4K
Outway SocksApparel201631.2K
AfterglowHealth & Wellness201522.5K
MaddlePaddle Boards202020.4K
Tuck Shop Trading Co.Apparel201320.3K
Matter CompanySkincare and Baby Products199620.1K
Spatula FoodsFood20219.9K
The Cove SkincareMen’s Skincare20219.8K
VitruviNatural Air Products20129.8K
SoyoungLunch Bags and Accessories20087.9K
Soles4Souls CanadaSustainable Footwear20063.9K
Lucky LadSupplement20232.7K

Methodology & Data Gathering Of The Top DCT Canadian Brands

When framing the list of the top 50 Direct-to-Consumer (DTC) brands in Canada, a detailed and comprehensive process was adopted to ensure accuracy. The methodology contains the following key aspects:

  1. Identification of Canadian DTC Brands: The initial step involved an exhaustive search for DTC brands based in Canada. Each brand was analyzed to confirm its Canadian roots and compliance with the Direct-to-Consumer model.
  2. Data Key Columns: The compiled list includes basic information such as the brand name, category, year of founding, and an important metric—monthly traffic.
  3. Sorting Criteria: To provide a significant ranking, the list was organized based on the website traffic of each DTC brand. Sorting by traffic volume presents valuable insights into the brand's online visibility and audience engagement.
  4. Traffic Measurement Tool: Monthly traffic data was procured utilizing SimilarWeb, a platform renowned for its website traffic analytics and competitive intelligence. This tool ensures a reliable and standardized measurement, allowing for an objective assessment of each brand's digital presence.
  5. Regular Updates: We're committed to offering the latest and most precise information, ensuring the table receives monthly updates.

It’s important to note that the rankings are primarily driven by the measured website traffic, and other qualitative factors may not be explicitly reflected in the list. The intention is to provide a data-driven snapshot of the DTC landscape in Canada.

Final Thoughts

Concluding our list of the top 50 DTC Canadian brands, our goal is to provide an accurate view of the ecommerce landscape.

The direct-to-consumer (DTC) landscape is dynamically evolving, with a variety of innovative brands reshaping the Canadian retail landscape.

As the digital terrain evolves, so does this list. Stay tuned for monthly updates, and feel free to reach out to,  if you have questions about data collection or want to use it for your own research.

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