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What Is Jungle Scout?

Jungle Scout is a web-based software equipped with a suite of tools to help Amazon sellers grow their e-commerce business. Created in 2015 by engineer-turned-ecommerce entrepreneur Greg Mercer, it is a multifunctional tool designed to help sellers navigate the Amazon space with real-time research and data.

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How to Claim your Jungle Scout Discount

  1. Click here, you will be directed to a dedicated Jungle Scout pricing page with your discount pre-applied.
  2. Choose the plan that best suits your needs for purchase.
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    4. Create your account by providing the requested information.

Crush Amazon with JUNGLE SCOUT

We teamed up with Jungle Scout to give you simple and easy-to-follow info to help you confidently run and grow your Amazon business. We have created a video series that has tools for finding products and keywords, tips on making a killer product listing, tracking keywords, and making those all-important first sales on Amazon.

Why is Jungle Scout the Best Amazon Seller Software?

You've heard this before – I've used Jungle Scout for years and I personally advocate and vouch for it. However, this page does include affiliate links to pay for my extravagant lifestyle. Jungle Scout is one of the Amazon Seller tools I use most frequently for a bunch of reasons, specifically for a couple of reasons:
      • (Supplier Database) See what factories and suppliers other companies are buying from in China. This is by far my favorite feature in Jungle Scout. The Supplier Database allows you to see the exact name of the factories that your competitors are using. This tool is priceless.
  • (Review Automator) Get reviews more easily. With the Chrome plugin (included with each subscription) you can easily request reviews from your customers. It's a game changer for getting more reviews, which we all know is critical for success on Amazon.

What Features Does Jungle Scout Have?

There’s a good reason why so many e-commerce sellers use Jungle Scout. You can do and accomplish so much within a singular software. Here are some of the key capabilities of the tool:

Keyword Scout

Discover high-ranking keywords within a group of similar ASINs so you can get a leg-up on the competition. To have cost-efficient PPC campaigns, you can check the cost-per-click for keywords, as well as look for low-cost keywords with rank potential.

Product Tracker

Track the performance of your products, including average daily sales and Best Seller Rank and see if there’s an opportunity. If you want to get into the nitty-gritty of it, you can also view the Buy Box price, review count, product weight, and size (all averages, of course).

Product Database

Explore product ideas with this catalog of 475 million products at your disposal. With the FBA Profit Calculator, you can also compute a product’s potential profit with costs and fees factored in to see if it’s worth the investment.

Supplier Database

Find legitimate suppliers (including for niche products!) from around the world through Jungle Scout’s Supplier Database. You can also verify suppliers by viewing their customer volume or confirmed shipments. When you’ve found the supplier for you, you can generate purchase orders within Jungle Scout right away.

Opportunity Finder

By typing in a keyword and a little help from filters, you can find product niches with high demand and low competition, backed by historical data such as search volume, average price, and seasonal trends.

Listing Builder

Are you using the right keywords? How’s your listing’s SEO? The Listing Builder takes an objective look into your listing and measures its optimization score. From there, it generates suggestions on how it can rank better in Amazon’s search results.


If you’re new to the Amazon arena, you’ll find Jungle Scout’s built-in training program designed by the CEO himself very helpful. With over 130 mini tutorials, Academy allows you to learn the ropes at your own pace. You can also participate in live Q&A sessions and livestream trainings.

Inventory Manager

You no longer have to manually keep tabs on inventory. This feature marks each of your products (Reorder Now, Reorder Soon, Overstock, and In Stock), calculates the quantity, and determines the date when you should reorder. You can also monitor inbound inventory en route to an Amazon fulfillment center.

Review Automation

Don’t worry, this is no black hat tactic. Jungle Scout’s Review Automation feature is compliant with Amazon's Terms of Service. It allows users to automatically send out review requests to all eligible orders. You can even customize which products and which customers get these requests.

Other notable features…

  • Chrome and Firefox extension
  • Custom product alerts
  • By-category product research
  • Sales and advertising analytics

Jungle Scout vs Helium 10

Helium 10 and Jungle Scout are (by far) the largest Amazon software tools on the market. Helium 10 is a better choice for new sellers while Jungle Scout gets the slight edge for those already selling thanks to its Seller Database. See our full comparison article here are check out the table below.

Which Jungle Scout Plan Should You Get?

Jungle Scout is a bit unique in their pricing plans in that they essentially offer quarterly (3 months) and annual plans. If you use our discount link below you're basically getting two additional months free when you purchase one month so that's the no-brainer in terms of which plan you should choose.

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