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Is Legit? Reviews and How to Save Money is the only website I use when booking a trip to China. However, it has increasingly also become a popular travel site for booking trips to the United States, Canada, and abroad.

In this article, I'll review, let you know whether it's good for travel in the United States, and give you some helpful hints for using it to save money.

Is Legit?

trip dot com home page is a Chinese-based booking website that is becoming increasingly popular in the Western market.

Let's start with the first question: Is legit? Yes, is legitimate and completely safe to use (at least as safe as any other travel website like Expedia or Travelocity). I've used and (its parent company) for over 10 years. is now owned by CTrip, one of the largest travel companies in China (it was acquired by CTrip in 2017). If you've used CTrip to book your flights, you'll notice most English speakers are now automatically directed to while Chinese speakers are directed to

Is a Chinese Company?

Yes, is owned and operated in China.

Politics aside, this means that you'll often be dealing with Chinese customer support staff. In my experience, there are definitely some cultural and language issues you'll encounter if you need to get in touch with customer support.

Pros and Cons of

Just like any other travel site, there are good and bad things about using Here are some based on my personal experience:

Pros of

  • Earn “Trip Coins” (reward points) every time you book
  • Often very cheap prices (especially for airline tickets)
  • Easy to contact customer service via chat
  • Excellent for trips to China

Cons of

  • Overseas customer support means there can be language and cultural issues
  • Still better to book hotels and flights directly through hotel/airline websites when possible
  • Polarizing User Interface (UI) – You'll either love it or hate it
  • Foreign (China) based company 

Let me give a quick overview of the pros and cons:

(Pro) Trip Coins – When you book with, you get Trip Coins, which are basically reward points you can use for booking future trips. It works out to around 5% of your purchase price, so it's not bad.

(Pro) Cheap Prices – offer prices that are often much cheaper compared to competitors like Travelocity and Expedia, especially for airline tickets. You're typically not going to be surprised by any hidden fees either.

(Pro) Easy to Contact Customer Support via Chat – Opening up a customer chat is extremely easy (and not buried in a million sub-menus as is often the case with other websites).

The customer support team is normally based overseas but also very responsive and easy to reach.

(Pro) Great for Chinese Travel – This won't be applicable to a lot of people reading this, but if you're traveling within China, is basically the site to use, especially for booking Train tickets.

(Con) Overseas Customer Support – Trip is getting better in regard to its customer support but it's still not uncommon to get overseas customer support which can lead to communication problems.

(Con) Better to Book Direct – There's one flaw with all travel booking websites (whether it's or any others) and that's that it is better to book direct through airline and hotel websites when you can. Often you'll get better prices, more flexible cancellation/change policies, and easier customer service when you do.

(Con) Polarizing User Navigation – You're either going to love the UI for or hate it. There's not a lot of bells and whistles which means you're not going to get inundated with a million upsells but you also won't be able to find detailed information on hotels. 

(Con) Foreign Based Company – is Chinese owned. For better or worse, I recognize in the current political climate this can be an issue for some. Reviews vs. Other Travel Websites ranks far better than other travel booking websites such as Travelocity, Expedia, and on review aggregator websites such as Trust Pilot and the Better Business Bureau. To be blunt, most other travel booking websites rank terribly while ranks fairly well. To be fair though, there is likely a bit of “gamesmanship” involved with how is managing its reviews, i.e., the score is likely over-inflated.

Website Trust Pilot Score BBB 3.9 Stars (36,000+ Reviews) 1.2 Stars 1.3 Stars (40,000+ Reviews) 1.0 Stars 
Expedia 1.1 Stars (7,000+ reviews) 1.1 Stars
Priceline 3.7 Stars (90,000+ Reviews) 1.0 Stars
Travelocity 1.2 Stars (8,000+ Reviews) 1.0 Stars


Is Good for US Airline Tickets? is the website for booking travel to China, but it is also good for booking trips to and within the United States. In many cases, is the cheapest booking option, especially for airline tickets.

In my experience, the price of airline tickets on is lower than on other travel booking websites. You might be suspicious of these prices that are “too good to be true” but, as someone who has booked countless flights through, I can tell you there's nothing to fear.

Is Good for Booking Hotels in the US?

When it comes to booking hotels,, in my experience, is very comparable to other websites such as Expedia or Travelocity. However, I rarely book Western hotels through simply because it's usually not the cheapest option. coins
For many hotel bookings, you can earn “Trip Coins” which are equal to about 5% of the hotel cost.

With that being said, it's worth noting that most hotel stays will earn you approximately 5% back in Trip Coins, which most other websites don't offer. So if and another website offer the same price for the same hotel, keep this 5% bonus in mind.

Is Good for Booking China Trains, Hotels, and Flights? is good for booking US trips, but where it really shines is travels to China. This probably won't concern many of the people reading this, but if you're planning to travel to China, then is going to be your best friend.

Why is so good for booking Chinese travel? First, in terms of train bookings, it's essentially the only English-friendly booking website. Second, when it comes to airline tickets and hotel bookings, most Western websites have limited options for Chinese flights and hotels.

How to Book a China Train Travel with

china train booking on trip
If you don't mind paying a $5 to $10 booking fee, is by far the best place to book train tickets.

Traveling by train in China is wonderful—booking train tickets is a different story. Most Chinese people use WeChat to book train travel, but this isn't an option for foreigners.

Foreigners have three options for booking trains:

  1. Book at the train station. This requires you to get there hours in advance, try to figure out the train schedule, and deal with language barriers. The only advantage is there's no booking fee.
  2. Book through the official Chinese railway website Not an option for foreigners really, as you can't pay with a foreign credit card.
  3. Book through Enjoy an extremely Western-friendly website, view easy-to-understand schedules online, and book easily with your credit card. The downside is you'll have to pay a $5 to $10 booking fee.

Is Good for Booking Hotels and Flights in China? is also a better option for booking hotels and flights in China than other Western travel booking websites because of the number of options. 

Western travel booking websites like and Priceline will have many Chinese hotels and airlines available, but they won't have as many as Now, to be fair, if a Chinese hotel isn't available to be booked on your favorite Western travel website, you probably don't want to stay there if you're a first-time traveler to China (Chinese hotel standards are vastly different than Western Hotel standards). 

For airline tickets, the same is true: will have far more flight options to China than Western travel booking websites do. Western websites will have the major Chinese airlines like China Southern and China Eastern, but they won't have the smaller Chinese airlines. 


In conclusion, is a perfectly safe and legitimate website for booking travel both in Western regions like the United States, Canada, and Europe, as well as in China. Airline ticket prices tend to be priced below average compared to other major travel booking websites, and when it comes to booking trips within China, is the best choice.

Have you tried booking on If so, what has your experience been? Let me know in the comments below.

Dave Bryant

Dave Bryant has been importing from China for over 10 years and has started numerous product brands. He sold his multi-million dollar ecommerce business in 2016 and create another 7-figure business within 18 months. He's also a former Amazon warehouse employee of one week.

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  1. is not legit. It’s a bait and switch. They give low prices, confirm the reservation, and then cancel the next day, and attempt to book you at a shitty resort instead.

  2. Never Trust this app we had terrible Experience eith them we just loss a huge amount of money with them amounting more than USD2000..we did not receive even a single cent from them like literally we wasted our savings with this apps

  3. I have very bad experiences about Never trust them.I have loss huge amount of money. They are absolutely terrible.I have bought two tickets from Bangladesh to Russia. But they have changed the date.So when I asked to refund my money they didn’t gave me any single money. This is the policy they use for achieving money from people.this is their trap.I’m gonna file a case against them.

  4. Don’t buy, I’ve purchased a round trip to Seattle paid almost $100.00 for extra insurance on the flights, didn’t got any info that I must check in on the internet before got to the airport, got there and the airline didn’t allowed me to get in the plane after I waited forever to do the Electronic ticket without any success the attendant was even worse, told me to get on line to check in at gate, only to them tell it was to late for me to get to my flight. I lost my flight all together and the next flight was 2 days from that day “ no good “ I place a claim they denied and no one did nothing to help. Start from this company to the airline. I lost all my money, about $500 dollars.

  5. i lost my booking in I booked my trip at 4am and the checkin suddenly change to day in the past. my booking suddenly become checkin in yesterday and check out by today

    I called to complain but denies its their system issue and try to talk to the hotel but failed. I sincerely advised dont book from them anymore !!

  6. do not trust this website or app!!! i lost over $6k and american express believes them. i’m so disappointed in american express too.

  7. Despite what many of the comments have said here, I’ve had an excellent experience with The communications have been super clear and the refund process super quick with refunds coming back into my account within days as opposed to weeks for many vendors. Whenever I’ve had to speak with customer service through the live chat to amend details or ask questions I’ve been extremely impressed with how efficiently my requests are handled. I’ve only booked hotels through them though as I almost never book flights through a third party vendor due to the added complexities around needing to make changes etc. I wanted to point out an inaccuracy in the article that does take foreign bank card now, as of September 2023 when I last booked a set of train tickets through an Australian bank card with them. I agee that provides the best user experience for booking Chinese train tickets as a foreigner, but the booking fees end up being quite steep if you need to book a lot of travel. doesn’t take any fees and it also tells you how many tickets are left which is very helpful as seats can sell out very quickly. The learning curve is all in booking the first ticket and then after that it’s super easy.

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