What Is Amazon Launchpad and Is It Worth It?

Amazon Launchpad is a specialized program that caters to startups and emerging brands. As the name suggests, it serves as a launchpad for innovative products, giving them a unique platform to reach a vast audience of Amazon customers. This program aims to empower smaller businesses and provide them with the tools they need to succeed in the highly competitive e-commerce landscape.

Instead of relying solely on product listings, Launchpad provides a dedicated storefront for showcasing and marketing new products, making it an attractive option for businesses looking to stand out in a crowded marketplace.

Amazon Launchpad gives startups a competitive edge, allowing them to promote innovative products effectively.

In traditional Amazon selling, sellers compete in a vast marketplace alongside established brands, relying mainly on their product listings to attract customers. In contrast, Amazon Launchpad provides startups with a specialized platform that includes curated marketing, a unique landing page, and access to Amazon's extensive customer base. This makes it an effective way to gain attention and recognition for new and inventive products.

Eligibility and Application Process

To qualify for Amazon Launchpad, sellers must have a Professional account and must have listed their products on Amazon's US online store for less than four years, or they should have enrolled in Amazon Brand Registry within the last four years. Additionally, applicants should have annual gross merchandise sales of less than $10 million on Amazon's online store. The application process typically takes 7-10 business days for evaluation and a response.

In order to participate in Launchpad marketing events, Amazon Launchpad brands must meet certain criteria to maintain a high level of customer experience. These criteria include maintaining a product rating of at least 3.5 stars, having a minimum of 5 product reviews, and being enrolled in the Fulfilled by Amazon (FBA) program with Prime 

Badging. These requirements are put in place to ensure that customers browsing Amazon Launchpad products have access to quality items that meet the expectations of a diverse and discerning customer base.

For Amazon Launchpad events, brands need 3.5+ stars, 5 reviews, and Fulfilled by Amazon with Prime Badging for quality.

Benefits of Amazon Launchpad

1. Increased visibility and exposure:

Amazon Launchpad significantly enhances the visibility and exposure of products. New items are featured prominently in a dedicated section of the Amazon website, making it easier for customers to discover them. For startups trying to establish a presence in a competitive marketplace, this extra visibility can be a game-changer.

Amazon Launchpad greatly improves product visibility, giving startups a game-changing edge in a competitive market.

2. Access to Amazon's marketing resources:

Joining Amazon Launchpad grants startups access to Amazon's marketing expertise and resources. These resources include sponsored advertising, enhanced brand content, and participation in Amazon's promotions and deals.

3. Assistance with product launch and marketing:

Amazon Launchpad goes beyond just providing a platform; it offers guidance and support for product launch and marketing strategies. This includes promotional events, product demonstrations, and media exposure. For businesses without extensive marketing experience, this assistance can be invaluable in making a strong entry into the market.

Challenges and Considerations

One of the primary challenges when considering Amazon Launchpad is the fees and costs associated with the program. While Amazon Launchpad offers various benefits, including increased visibility and marketing support, businesses need to be aware of the financial implications. Amazon typically charges referral fees, fulfillment fees, and other costs. In the case of referral fees, it's important to note that selling partners on Amazon Launchpad pay an incremental 5% referral fee on top of the standard category referral fee on each item sold. 

The additional fee applies to all sales made through the account and is calculated based on the total amount paid by the customer for the item, including all applicable taxes and customs duties. It's essential to assess whether these fees align with your budget and profit margins. Startups should create a financial plan that considers these fees to determine the program's economic feasibility. Unless otherwise stated, there are no setup prices or service fees for the Amazon growth programme.

Another significant consideration is the level of competition within the Amazon Launchpad program. Since Launchpad is a platform designed for showcasing innovative products, it naturally attracts a variety of businesses. As a result, startups may find themselves competing with similar products and businesses. To succeed in this competitive environment, it's crucial to differentiate your offerings, invest in marketing, and continuously strive for product excellence.

Is Amazon Launchpad Worth It?

In assessing whether Amazon Launchpad is worth it for your business, it's crucial to weigh the pros and cons. On the positive side, the program offers increased visibility, access to Amazon's marketing resources, and valuable assistance with product launches. However, on the negative side, there are associated fees, costs, and intense competition within the program. By summarizing these pros and cons, you can make a more informed decision.

When determining whether Amazon Launchpad is the right fit for your business, several critical factors should be considered:

  • Product uniqueness and innovation: The more unique and innovative your product is, the better it may perform within Launchpad.
When assessing Amazon Launchpad, product uniqueness and innovation are key to success.
  • Budget and cost considerations: Ensure that the fees and costs are manageable within your business's financial plan and won't adversely affect profitability.
  • Marketing and branding capabilities: Having a robust marketing strategy is essential for success in the program, as it can help you stand out in a competitive environment.
  • Competition analysis: Evaluate the competitive landscape within Launchpad, identify your unique selling points, and understand how you can differentiate your products.
  • Long-term growth strategy: Consider how Launchpad aligns with your broader business goals and whether it helps you achieve long-term growth and success.


The value of Amazon Launchpad varies from business to business. It can be a valuable opportunity for some, especially those with innovative products and strong marketing capabilities. However, for others, the program's fees and competition may pose significant challenges. Ultimately, the decision should be based on a thorough analysis of your business's specific circumstances and its readiness to leverage the program. Careful consideration is essential for making an informed choice about whether Amazon Launchpad is worth it for your business.

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