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How to Make Money as a Seller From Free Shipping

Let’s face it, as ecommerce sellers, we hate free shipping.

Okay, hate might be a strong word. Let’s use the phrase: Grudgingly bear with it because it improves conversions even though 80% of buyers would actually save money by not subsidizing a guy on a farm in South Dakota instead.

In a fair world, everyone pays exactly what they should for shipping, but consumers are an interesting bunch.

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The Ecommerce Inventory Management Infographic

It’s getting down to tax season. Naturally, this is one the most frustrating times for me, because I hate paperwork and I dread getting all of my accounting properly done.

If there’s one area that Mike and I are both still trying to get a good grip on, it’s ecommerce accounting. It’s still a relatively new niche and there’s a fair amount of applications out there, but there’s no “magic” platform that does it all and most owners we know that are multi-channel sellers still have to cobble various tools together.

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Seattle’s $15 Minimum Wage is Driving My Restaurant Out of Business

Note: This article has been edited, and re-edited for clarity and to clear up confusions.

As a second generation Chinese American, I’ve always felt like a product of the American dream: immigrant comes to America in the 80s, goes to college, lands a good job and creates a successful life for a family of four.

So when I told my dad that when I wanted to start a restaurant,

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Episode 4: Shipping Insights with James Peacock of inXpress

On our podcast today we play host to James Peacock, president of the Arizona branch of inXpress, the international shipping guru that has saved both Grant and myself tons of money shipping overseas. What makes his website great is the fact that it requires no extra fees. You only pay when you ship, and the discounts you receive from inXpress can be combined with your existing discounts from USPS and UPS.

James offers up some insightful tidbits of business information that can help you conquer the biggest challenge of e-commerce: Shipping!

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Day 9: I Launched a New Shopify Store and it Killed my Conversions

This post is part of How to Run a Chop Shop, a real life blog series on attempting to turn around a struggling ecommerce store purchased in Feb of 2015 into a profitable online business in 365 days. 

Sales to date: $20,815.45

For our regular readers, it might turn into a running joke that the “Day X” designations are not so much literal as they are virtual milestones.

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The Overhyped Myth of Remarketing and Inflated Numbers

I generally write best when I’m pissed off about something. Like most of you, I’ve heard crazy numbers thrown around from remarketers and retargeting platforms with claims of over 50% conversions, 20% click through rates and all sorts of magic numbers that give me an excited tingling in my pants like the red blooded American capitalist that I am.

That said, it’s finally been over 100 days of my first attempt at remarketing.

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Follow Up: BigCommerce Checkout Code

As a result of Mike’s recent post on how he increased his conversions 30% on BigCommerce, I was inspired to see if we would try and squeeze out a little more juice out of the default BigCommerce checkout. After a little bit of wrangling, I believe we’ve made an even better update on a critical part of checkout!

In addition, there have already been a few comments asking about code examples.

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Today, I Bought a $240,000 Domain for $6,876. A Three Year Story.

Today was an interesting day. I had a doctor’s appointment in the afternoon, I was trying to schedule a time to meet with another business partner on an Amazon FBA project and somewhere between the two, a domain auction was ending for a domain that I had been following for awhile. By awhile, I mean since 2012, when I first stumbled across a premium keyword domain with no website to speak of. So yes, for three years I’ve been following this domain trying to figure out how to pick it up.

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Day 8: Soft Launching of our Store on Shopify

Sales to Date: $13,627.25

The day your store goes live is one of the greatest and most terrifying days of a store owner’s life. It’s where dreams can finally start becoming a reality and it’s also when the buck stops here. To me, opening a new business should be approached much like getting married, because it’s not the finish line, but the first step on a long journey that will require discipline, hard work and commitment.

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The Most Effective Way to Interview an SEO Agency? With Another SEO Expert.

Hi, name is Grant. I’m an “SEO Expert”. You should believe me, because I said so. Right?

The ugly truth of the SEO industry is that there are no barriers to entry. It’s the Yelp of the food critic industry- everyone with an opinion is suddenly an expert. Much like Yelp, it’s an industry ripe for abuse by people who have no skills and even worse, want to advance their own interests by selling you hot air. 

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