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How to Ship Full Containers (FCL) from China Direct to Amazon FBA

Once your shipments get large enough and you’re shipping full containers you may start to consider shipping full containers into Amazon FBA. If you’re shipping LCL you may want to ship to Amazon FBA as well.

One of the things I strive for as much as possible with my new company is having as lean and quick shipping and logistics as possible, and shipping direct solves a lot of that. In this article,

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How to Find the Perfect Product to Import from China and Sell Online

Updated in January, 2018 with up to date information for finding products in 2018. 

One of the hardest things for any entrepreneur looking to start an ecommerce business is picking the right product to sell. In today’s ecommerce world the businesses that thrive and survive are those that have their own brands. In this article we’ll discuss how to find products to sell online, how to do research to get estimated sales volume,

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How to Launch a New Brand and Product on Amazon to a New Best Seller

In this post I am going to detail exactly how I launch products. I’ve been using this strategy throughout 2017 to huge success and I’ll be using it in the future as well. It’s a completely white-hat approach I’ve used to launch multiple New Best Sellers on Amazon. With incentivized reviews now being banned, it’s more work to launch new products but it’s arguably easier to do with a higher probability of success as this additional work weeds out a lot of the competition.

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E102: Amazon Product Launch Strategy for 2018

“Seeing all these things that other people … are doing, especially the black hat sellers, and not being able to beat them by using my white hat tactics–it’s a very brutal position to be in. But the thing is, one day, I want to be left with a chair when the music stops and they won’t.” – Mike Jackness on his long-term Amazon launch strategy

Earlier this year we came upon a chilling situation–

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Episode 92: Analyzing Amazon PPC Campaigns with Brian Johnson of PPC Scope

My guest today is Brian Johnson of the software company PPC Scope and online course Sponsored Products Academy. Brian has been selling online for a number of years now and has really found his stride on Amazon. On today’s episode, Brian talks about his selling background and explains why he dove into PPC advertising. This is a really meaty episode and there is a lot of information crammed into it.

If you are an established Amazon seller or just getting started this episode will offer some golden advice to make your business grow.

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How to Get Amazon Product Reviews in 2018

As we all know, reviews are critical to a product’s success on Amazon. As of October 2016, Amazon removed incentivized reviews (i.e. customers leaving reviews in return for a discount). I firmly believe this was a change for the better as it gives sellers of quality products a more level playing field. However, it certainly made getting your first reviews more difficult. In this post, we’ll discuss the current state of affairs for Amazon reviews and how to get those critical first reviews.

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Episode 85: Avoiding Common Amazon Issues with C.J. Rosenbaum The Amazon Sellers Attorney

My guest today is C.J. Rosenbaum. C.J. is a lawyer who specializes in helping Amazon sellers reinstate their accounts with Amazon. Having an issue with Amazon can be a real headache. Unfortunately, issues will come up for any seller at any time. It doesn’t matter how careful you are, there will be complaints that Amazon will have to address. That is where C.J. comes in to help you know your rights and basically give you someone in your corner.

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Part 1: How to Start Selling on Amazon FBA – Opening an Account and Listing Your Product

Until I sold my company recently, one of the things I’ve taken for granted is the entire process of actually selling on Amazon. I never had to think about opening an Amazon account, setting up and adding a new product, figuring out bar codes, and so on. I had this all set up from years of selling on Amazon. Now that I’m in the process of starting from scratch (the Amazon accounts went with the business I sold) I see how challenging it can be.

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Amazon Suspension: How to Appeal (and Win) an Amazon Account Suspension

Alien invasion. Hatchet wielding zombies. Donald Trump as president. None of these strike us much fear into most of us as the thought of having our Amazon account suspended. Yet each year many sellers, even exceptional sellers, go through this very thing.

In this article I’ll discuss the types of Amazon Suspensions you may face as a Seller and also how to have your suspension lifted.

Types of Amazon Suspensions

In my experience,

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How Non-American Importers Can Sell Their Products in the USA

This blog tends to attract a lot of international readers and one of the most common questions I get is from non-American readers asking how they can sell their imported and private label products in the United States. Readers are eager to get access to the 330 million + consumers in the states and understandably so- the American ecommerce market is huge.

This happens to be a question I am well versed in answering as I live in Vancouver,

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