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In the final part of this series of rebuilding a million dollar ecommerce business I am going to discuss my results after 60 days of selling. I am going to give a breakdown of the full revenue numbers including the all important profit numbers.

First Month Results – The Revenue

I received my first shipment of products on June 2 to my third party logistics company (3PL). It was around June 15 by the time Amazon finally received stock at their FBA warehouse.

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Part 2 – Rebuilding a $1m Ecommerce Business – Finding Products and Suppliers

In the first part of this series I discussed my strategy for building a $1m ecommerce and importing company within a year.

In Part 2 I am going to discuss what most of you are probably most interested in – how to pick products and negotiating with Suppliers. I can’t stress enough though that finding products before selecting a niche is a huge error. Once you’ve selected a niche though hopefully this post gives you some good direction for finding products.

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Five Things I Wish I Knew Before Selling My Company

As some of you may know, I sold my company last October. While I think I was as prepared as I could be for life after selling my business, there were still several things I wasn’t prepared for.

Here’s a list of the top five things I learned after selling my company. Hopefully this will help those considering selling their business and also give some comfort to anyone who has sold a business and has feelings like those listed below.

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Ni Hao Donald Trump – The Impact of Trump’s Election on Importers from China

My apologies for not updating the site in over a month – I have some big news that has been occupying most of my time over the last several weeks which I’ll be sharing in a multi-part post in the coming weeks.

It has been nearly two weeks since the huuugeee news that has been occupying every news station, radio talk show, and blog across the world – Donald Trump’s election. It seems everyone believes Trump’s election will affect them in some way.

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Why Shark Tank is a Terrible Show for Entrepreneurs to Watch

If you’re like me, every Friday night you tune into the Dragons Den for your weekly entrepreneurial pep talk and pick-me-up. You may even find old episodes of the British equivalent of Dragon’s Den and when you’re done watching those, you turn to the Canadian version of Dragon’s Den.

Shark Tank, in my opinion, is one of the most entertaining reality TV Shows on television. BUT it’s about as instructive for entrepreneurs looking to start and grow their businesses as watching an episode of Million Dollar Listing is for getting advice on how to sell your home.

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Top 5 Importing News Stories, Changes, & Developments From the Last 12 Months

What have been the biggest changes and developments within the world of Importing in the last 12 months?

It should be no surprise that two of the most polarizing companies and politicians in the world, Amazon and Donald Trump, make this list as it seems they do with nearly any list that has to do with nearly anything. Aside from Amazon and Donald Trump though, plenty else has happened including nose diving ocean freight rates,

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What Exactly is Private Labeling?

What is Private Labeling?

The whole business of private labeling has been exploding in recent years. Things have changed vastly from when I got started in the early 2000s when Private Labeling was simply called Importing, hence the name and not!

Private Labeling, is essentially buying inexpensive products from China

Importing, ahem, Private Labeling, is essentially buying inexpensive products from China and selling them for a huge markup.

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Why Contracts Don’t Matter when Importing from China

We love contracts in the West. We’ve all had a grandparent or other older person remind us “I remember when a handshake meant something”.  And whenever I’m told this, I remind them that in their days they also never had Legal Zoom!

China isn’t necessarily a country frozen in time where handshakes still mean something. However, for smaller importers, contracts with your Supplier are rarely a necessity, at least how we know them in the West.

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