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October 2017 Events in China – Canton Fair, Networking, Conferences, & More

If you follow the podcast, you know that my family recently decided to move to China for a few months, both for business, travel, and in the hopes of our daughter (and me!) picking up better Mandarin. Our timing though also coincides with many people making their way over to China for the Canton Fair, Global Sources shows/conference, and other events in October. This post is a summary of events happening in China in October and also some brief itinerary guidance.

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How to Attend Trade Shows in China Like a Pro

April is Trade Show time in China! Both throughout mainland China and Hong Kong there are several big trade shows going on. April is a prime trade show time for buyers and importers as it gives buyers an opportunity to buy products and launch them before the Christmas holiday season.

I’m a HUGE fan of Trade Shows for two reasons. First, they’re great for meeting Suppliers not advertising on Alibaba. Second, they’re great for building relationships with Suppliers.

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Four Chinese Business Strategies Westerners Should Use

Do you want to get better pricing with vendors, better payment terms, and receive opportunities given to you that others don’t? Then the Chinese can help!

Recently I was in a fairly substantial negotiation with a Western company (more on this in another post). The deal took months and nearly fell through in the 11th hour. Looking back, had I simply applied some good old fashioned Chinese business strategies, the deal would never have been so difficult.

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November 2016 China Trip – Why Was the Army in My Hotel Room?

This month me and my wife Chrissy finally made our long awaited trip back to Beijing with our daughter Kayla to see Chrissy’s family and also for me to take care of some business.  We had originally planned to go in April of this year, but due to pollution concerns in Beijing and Kayla only being 7 months at the time, we decided to delay the trip.

Plane tickets to China are dirt cheap and I HIGHLY encourage every reader to visit China at some point.

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A Basic Overview of the Chinese Language and How to Avoid Miscommunication

One of the great things about importing from China is getting to deal with a rich and fascinating culture like Chinese culture. Unfortunately, the existence of the infamous Chinglish is not one of these things! The Chinese have apparently developed a system in which anyone studying English has the permission to rewrite the English dictionary. One of my favorite pieces of Chinglish I see as an importer regularly is the word manufactory –

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The Chinese are Coming: More and More Suppliers are Selling Directly to Consumers

When I first started importing roughly 10 years or so go, the Supply Chain at the time looked much different than it did now. It consisted of manufacturers, importers, distributors/wholesalers, and brick-and-mortar retailers.

Thanks to the internet, we had managed to eliminate two middle men from the equation, the distributor and the brick and mortar store. The result was a more efficient supply chain and cheaper prices for the consumer.

At the time,

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YiWu Guide: The Largest Wholesale Market in the World

Many importers, even those new to the business, have heard of the twice-yearly Canton Fair in Guangzhou. But less well known is Yiwu, a city home to the largest wholesale market in the world. This market contains nearly 40,000 shops wholesaling nearly every commodity you can think of. One of the best things about it is that they can accommodate very low order sizes – just one or two cartons is completely normal (try requesting that at the Canton Fair!).

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Visiting China for Business: My Goals and Itinerary

This week I am visiting China for 10 days. Originally, me, my wife Chrissy, and our daughter Kayla were scheduled to go for about a month together to see Chrissy’s grandparents, but the pollution in Beijing was far too bad to travel with an 8-month old so the trip has been delayed until later this year. Long story short, I’m traveling alone on this trip.

My itinerary is a bit whirlwind on this trip and includes traveling to Shanghai ->

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