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How to Find the Perfect Product to Import from China and Sell Online

Updated in January, 2018 with up to date information for finding products in 2018. 

One of the hardest things for any entrepreneur looking to start an ecommerce business is picking the right product to sell. In today’s ecommerce world the businesses that thrive and survive are those that have their own brands. In this article we’ll discuss how to find products to sell online, how to do research to get estimated sales volume,

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October 2017 Events in China – Canton Fair, Networking, Conferences, & More

If you follow the podcast, you know that my family recently decided to move to China for a few months, both for business, travel, and in the hopes of our daughter (and me!) picking up better Mandarin. Our timing though also coincides with many people making their way over to China for the Canton Fair, Global Sources shows/conference, and other events in October. This post is a summary of events happening in China in October and also some brief itinerary guidance.

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How to Attend Trade Shows in China Like a Pro

April is Trade Show time in China! Both throughout mainland China and Hong Kong there are several big trade shows going on. April is a prime trade show time for buyers and importers as it gives buyers an opportunity to buy products and launch them before the Christmas holiday season.

I’m a HUGE fan of Trade Shows for two reasons. First, they’re great for meeting Suppliers not advertising on Alibaba. Second, they’re great for building relationships with Suppliers.

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Interview with Global Sources: How to Maximize Your Time at Trade Shows

If you’ve been looking for suppliers from China for any amount of time, you’ve probably run across Global Sources. Global Sources is one of  the most frequented supplier directories on the internet. When compared to Alibaba, Global Sources is often thought of as containing higher quality and more vetted suppliers. In addition to their supplier directory, Global Sources also has a number of magazines, trader shows, and conferences.

I’ll be attending the Global Sources Summit from April 17-19,

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Episode 42: Cash is King Listener Questions

On today’s episode we are going to answer some listener questions again. Today’s questions have to do with credit. You guys asked us, “How do I build business credit?” and “Why should I use credit vs. cash?”

We answer these questions today and give you some insight into how interest rates and loans work for businesses.

The points for “How do I build business credit?”

  • Why it’s important to have good personal credit.
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Episode 39: Doing Business with Chinese Manufacturers

This is Mike Jackness with Ecom Crew. On today’s episode I’m going to tell you about my recent trip to China. I want to stress that these types of trips are essential if you are going to do business with Chinese manufacturers.

My trip consisted of 3 places; Shanghai, Pon, and Na-Jing. At all these places I visited some of my suppliers. During this visit I made some notes for future visits. So I’m going to share some of the tips and observations I made during this last visit to China.

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Episode 38: Cash is King

Our show today is titled Cash is King! We discuss the ups and downs of inventory and anticipating your market. When we got started, we relied on affiliate marketing so actually keeping an inventory is new for both of us.

Today, we tell you what guidelines we use for ourselves with inventory. Also, we talk about inventory practices on Amazon, so tune in for some practical tips.

The topics we covered today:

  • An update on our shipping troubles
  • The 90 Day Rule
  • When you can set terms with a manufacturer
  • Past issues we’ve seen with inventory
  • How to be a good buyer
  • How to optimize Amazon’s inventory listings
  • Amazon’s holiday storage fees
  • The benefits of owning your own warehouse
  • Knowing when to liquidate or hang in there
  • Why you should do your homework on a product before you order
  • The mistakes we’ve made in our inventories



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Episode 27: 2016 Canton Fair and Hong Kong Gift Show Wrap-Up

We have recently been overseas to attend the Canton Fair and the Hong Kong Gift Show. So on today’s episode we share our itinerary from the trip and what kind of experience we had over there. We attended both fairs and we both toured factories of companies who were potential business partners.

It was an interesting cultural exchange and we have definitely learned a lot about Asian business practices through our various experiences.

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