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Your Guide to Amazon Liquidation Stores

Amazon has introduced a new program that for now is in beta version: the Amazon Bulk Liquidation Store. This program will transform the liquidation market by offering lots of unopened and new overstocked items to resellers.

This program is a new opportunity for sellers looking to score deals on overstocked or returned goods. In this post, we’ll look into what the Amazon Liquidation Store is, how it works, and what to expect. 

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What Is an Amazon Bulk Liquidation Store?

Amazon is exploring ways to engage more directly in this sector. Due to its advanced capabilities, Amazon could provide better offerings than existing liquidation companies. 

The Amazon Liquidation beta test is mainly about selling new and unopened items. This is different from other liquidation sites that sell used or damaged stuff. This strategic difference could give Amazon a competitive edge in providing higher-quality liquidation options.

Amazon has recognized the significant impact of the reselling model on the online marketplace, particularly those involving Amazon pallet liquidation

This model, in which liquidation companies profit from selling products returned to Amazon, either from third-party sellers or Amazon's inventory, has become popular.

amazon liquidation
Amazon Liquidation Store Homepage

Essentially, Amazon sees an opportunity to convert what is currently others' profit into its own. That’s why they are launching a new store, Amazon Bulk Liquidations Store.

As mentioned above, this initiative is in the beta testing phase and is currently available only to customers in the United States. It involves a limited selection of pallets.

How Amazon Liquidation Works

The Bulk Liquidations Store enables the purchase of items in bulk. These lots consist of brand-new and unopened overstock items.

This program integrates seamlessly with Amazon's existing inventory system and includes products from third-party sellers as well.

amazon liquidation
Amazon Liquidation Pallet Containing 90 Mixed Units with Complete Lot Manifest Detailing Each Item's Description

Purchasing from Amazon's liquidation platform is simple. 

The store offers Amazon liquidation pallets for a limited time, with set quantities and prices. Each lot's details, including item types, quantities, and price, are listed in the Lot Manifest

Also, orders are limited to one lot per order to ensure a wide reach.

Shipping for these bulk orders is handled differently than standard Amazon purchases. The orders are palletized and shipped approximately 14 days after purchase. 

While Amazon does not guarantee a specific delivery timeframe, they provide tracking information.

What to Expect from the Amazon Liquidation Program 

A key aspect of Amazon’s liquidation process is the finality of sales. All purchases are made “as is,” and no returns, refunds, or replacements are allowed. This policy underscores the liquidation nature of these sales.

Amazon provides dedicated customer service for the Bulk Liquidations Store, so customers can address their queries and concerns via email when needed.

The program's terms and conditions align with Amazon's general policies but with specific clauses related to the liquidation process. 

One of the most important policies they have to consider before purchasing Amazon liquidation pallets is that items purchased through the Amazon liquidation program cannot be resold on Amazon or other Amazon marketplaces.

If you're purchasing bulk items from the Amazon Liquidation Program, keep in mind that reselling them on Amazon isn't allowed. However, you've got a great alternative: eBay arbitrage. This is a smart way to resell your Amazon Liquidation finds. To get started and make the most of it, check out Seller’s Guide to eBay Arbitrage: Strategies for Successful Reselling.

Utilizing Tools for Profit Analysis: Helium 10

You can easily hop onto Amazon to check out the prices items are selling for, but the real question is – do these items actually sell on Amazon? 

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Now, we know this program doesn't let you resell on Amazon, but it's still handy for figuring out if these products are hot sellers or not. And with this info, you can probably list them on other platforms, like eBay or locally, in Facebook Marketplace. So, you end up getting a pretty good idea of whether these products really sell or not.

amazon liquidation
Tools like Helium 10’s X-ray show how much money a product is making on Amazon.

Tools like Helium 10’s Profitability Calculator and Xray become invaluable to succeed in this arena. They help you analyze the sales viability of each item. They help crunch those numbers and give you the lowdown on whether that pallet of goods is a treasure trove or a money sink.

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Final Thoughts on Amazon Liquidation

The Amazon Bulk Liquidations Store offers an intriguing opportunity for a range of buyers, from small business owners to individual resellers.

With its approach to liquidation, Amazon continues to redefine the boundaries of e-commerce, presenting new possibilities in the realm of bulk purchasing and inventory management.

Have you already purchased pallet at Amazon Liquidation Store? How was your experience? Tell us in the comments section below!

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