Important Dates and Events for Amazon Sellers in 2022

As an Amazon seller, it’s important to be informed of pertinent dates and seasons, especially regarding spikes in online shopping or opportunities for product research and networking.

Get your calendars ready and start planning the rest of 2022. Here are important dates and events for Amazon sellers to take note of this year:


Highlights: New Year, CES 2022

Jan. 1: New Year’s Day
Start the year on a high note in sales with a discount code or a free shipping offer. Products believed to be auspicious or bring good luck and positive energy do well during this time.

Jan. 5-7: CES 2022
CES in Las Vegas is hailed as the world’s most influential tech event, which showcases life-changing innovations in artificial intelligence, digital health, and even food and space tech.

Jan. 17: Martin Luther King Jr. Day
As a celebration of King, a champion of the civil rights movement, take this day to honor him and his legacy by posting about him on your social channels.

Jan. 26: National Spouse’s Day
Create a gift guide for the couples, like a his & hers concept. If you have a wide range of products, you can tailor it according to different personalities and lifestyles.


Highlights: Lunar New Year, Black History Month, Valentine’s Day

Feb. 1: Lunar New Year
If you’re an Asian-owned business, usher in the Lunar New Year with a promo. If not, celebrate with your Asian audience with a simple greeting or by sharing your favorite Asian-owned businesses on your socials.

Feb. 1: Start of Black History Month
Show solidarity with the African-American community by spreading important facts and information on social media, and encouraging your customers to support Black-owned businesses.

Feb. 5-13: Online Seller Cruise
Learn and connect with fellow Amazon sellers and industry experts while enjoying a change in pace and scenery at a cruise in the Caribbean. This excursion at sea is a refreshing mix of business and leisure.

Feb. 14: Valentine’s Day
You know the drill: Anything red, hearts, flowers, the works. Ideally, you’d start promoting any V-Day deals at least a week before as couples are most likely to shop in advance.

Shot of a young man surprising his wife with a bunch of roses at home


Highlights: International Women’s Day, The Prosper Show

March 8: International Women’s Day
Celebrate with a Women’s Day sale. Curate a selection of your products catering to different types of women. It’d also be a nice gesture to feature your women employees on social.

March 9: Amazon Business Reshape
Industry experts and Amazon leaders share insights on how to use the latest purchasing innovations at this premier global virtual event for procurement professionals.

March 14-16: Prosper Show
Meet fellow Amazon sellers and expand your network at the Prosper Show. This year, EcomCrew’s very own Mike Jackness took the stage as a speaker and even met some of you after the event!

March 27-30: Ecommerce Fuel Live
The annual members-only event is attended by a vetted group of seven-figure store owners. This year, it takes place in Chesapeake Bay’s The Main Hotel. Ecommerce Fuel Live’s history of brilliant speakers includes a few familiar faces we’ve had on our podcast, too!

March 27-30: Shoptalk
Retail changemakers come together at this event in Las Vegas to talk about the future of retail, including the latest trends and business models, to give attendees insight and perspective into the direction of the industry.


Highlights: Ecommerce Operations Technology Summit, Canton Fair

April 1: April Fools’ Day
Join the fun and get some gags out there, like a fake new product or celebrity ambassador. Once you’ve got their attention and have them engaging, follow up with a promotion (for real this time).

April 11: National Pet Day
As if our pets aren’t spoiled enough already, pet owners will use this holiday as an excuse to get their companions a little something. Pet accessories and lifestyle items will be a sure hit.

Young bearded man and his dog giving high five to one another

April 11-13: Ecommerce Operations Technology Summit
From workforce management to shipping logistics, learn to create a seamless, cost-efficient and customer-centric operation at this conference in Orlando, Florida.

(Exact date TBA): Canton Fair 2022 (Spring Session)
Considered the largest trade fair in China, Canton Fair is attended by thousands of entrepreneurs looking to find the next products for their business. EcomCrew’s very own Mike and Dave frequent this fair in southern China.

Make Use of Offbeat Holidays

Aside from federal and global holidays, it’s also a great idea to jump on some of the offbeat holidays celebrated. The U.S. in particular has a lot. These unique celebrations make for fun engagement online and if relevant to your products, a good day for sales.

Here are some examples:

  • Science Fiction Day – January 2
  • Plan a Solo Vacation Day – March 1
  • Grilled Cheese Day – April 12
  • International Picnic Day – June 18
  • Book Lovers Day – August 9
  • Comic Book Day – September 25
  • International Coffee Day – October 1
  • Ugly Sweater Day – Every third Friday of December


Highlights: Sellers Summit, Mother’s Day

May 2-4: B2B Summit North America
Designed for B2B professionals, this summit tackles strategies and frameworks to help entrepreneurs set goals that drive their businesses forward. It’ll be held at the Austin Convention Center in Texas, but a digital experience is available as well.

May 4-6: Sellers Summit
Dubbed “the ultimate ecommerce learning experience,” the Sellers Summit in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, offers a curriculum-based experience where guests will learn actionable strategies from successful entrepreneurs.

May 4-6: Ecom World
This virtual conference is a gathering of innovative founders and successful Amazon sellers from around the world to share their knowledge and strategies on how to create profitable ecommerce businesses in this age.

May 8: Mother’s Day
These amazing women in our lives deserve only the best. Gift ideas for moms run the gamut, from beauty products to tech accessories, so take your best items and curate them as gift ideas.

May 11-12: Retail Innovation Conference & Expo
Formerly RetailX, the RICE22 Expo is designed to be a vibrant, community-driven space filled with the latest tech, engaging activations and collaboration opportunities.

May 25-26: White Label World Expo
Expect multiple summits, specialized co-located events, and networking and investment opportunities at this expo. Aside from its run in Las Vegas, White Label also has stops in New York, Europe, and the UK later in the year.


Highlights: Pride Month, Father’s Day, CommerceNext

June 1: Start of Pride Month
If you have employees from the community, ask them to share their take on Pride.

June 19: Father’s Day
Come up with a Father’s Day gift guide. To increase your brand’s following, you can also hold a giveaway by asking your audience to share memorable stories of their dads.

June 21-22: CommerceNext
Held in the Big Apple, CommerceNext is a community, event series, and conference for marketers at retail and direct to consumer brands. The aim of the program is to help marketers grow their business with the collective wisdom of the community.


Highlights: Grow NY, Independence Day

July 1: Canada Day
Being a huge holiday in the country, this would be a good opportunity to have promotions exclusively for your customers in Canada, such as free shipping to Canadian addresses.

July 4: Independence Day
Fourth of July is quite the spectacle with all the fireworks, flags, parades. People on this day usually shop for items that show patriotism, such as items that bear a semblance of the flag.

Friends celebrating US Independence Day

July 19-20: Grow NY
From product design and development to store optimization, this two-day conference covers a wide breadth of topics on retail to help brands build scalable businesses. Grow NY 2022 will be held at Knockdown Center in Queens, NY.

(Exact date TBA): Prime Day
Although an exact date has not yet been announced, this much anticipated shopping event by Amazon usually falls in July.


Highlights: eTail East, Back to school

Aug. 8-10: eTail East
Learn from America's most successful retailers at this three-day conference in Boston, MA. Major players in the industry will be in attendance to showcase their innovations as well as share their strategies with attendees.

Aug. 16: Back-to-school for most public schools
With classes back in session, school supplies, bags—anything useful for school, really—will be on top of consumers’ shopping lists. Take an informative approach by incorporating your products in a helpful back-to-school guide or a list of tips.

Students crossing the street wearing masks after getting off the school bus.

Stay Updated on Events

While some parts of the world have slowly eased into a semi-pre-Covid semblance of normalcy, the chances of cases spiking and new variants being discovered are still high.

Should any physical events get canceled, make sure to follow their social media accounts or subscribe to newsletters for real-time updates.


Highlights: World Tourism Day, Traffic & Conversion Summit

Sept. 5: Labor Day
Acknowledge the efforts of all the hardworking members of the workforce (including your own of course!). While you’re at it, why not do a flash sale so your customers can treat themselves?

Sept. 22: First day of fall
Pumpkin spice lattes and Uggs aside, the start of autumn usually means a time for change. The gradual drop in temperature could mean a wardrobe update or a subtle home makeover.

Sept. 11: National Grandparents’ Day
No one spoils us like our grandparents. Today, we spoil them. If you sell any products that you think might appeal to this demographic, say grandpa who loves golf or grandma who loves to bake, get them out there.

Sept. 27: World Tourism Day
Should things go well, the tourism industry has started to bounce back by this time. With wanderlust in the air, people will look for all things travel, from accessories to books. You can also help out your community by sharing must-visit spots from your locale on social.

Sept. 27-29: Traffic & Conversion Summit
Participants of this three-day summit in San Diego, CA will learn proven and tested strategies to increase traffic, conversion and sales. If you can’t fly in for the conference, there’s a virtual version too where all the sessions are aired via livestream.


Highlights: Canadian Thanksgiving, Halloween

Oct. 10: World Mental Health Day
Help break the stigma around mental health by posting positive affirmations on your social media accounts. It would also be a nice gesture to share helpful resources on mental health.

Oct. 10: Thanksgiving in Canada
Thanksgiving happens a little early in Canada. Say a little thank you to your Canadian customer base with a social media greeting or a personalized email.

Oct. 24: Diwali
One of India’s most popular holidays, the Hindu Festival of Lights is a celebration of the victory of good over evil. Fireworks, colored sand, special candles and lamps are Diwali essentials. Those who celebrate Diwali also buy new clothes, jewelry, and even utensils.

Diwali festival

Oct. 31: Halloween
All the spooky decor, costumes, and candy will be in demand. If you don’t sell any of these products, you can just join in the fun with a Halloween spin on your logo.


Highlights: Singles’ Day, Thanksgiving, Black Friday, Cyber Monday

November 11: Singles’ Day
11.11 is a big event for ecommerce businesses and online shopping. It might even be as big as Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Eleven-dollar-deals are a common trend for Singles’ Day.

November 24: Thanksgiving
It’s always nice to spread a little positivity online. If you have a newsletter, why not send a thank you note to your subscribers? An exclusive promo code would be a sweet cherry on top.

November 25: Black Friday
Black Friday is basically the Super Bowl for online shopping. Consumers line up early, physically and online, to get dibs on the best deals on the best items. It’s going to be a long day, so make sure you have a fully stocked inventory.

November 26: Small Business Saturday
Show camaraderie by collaborating with other small businesses and come up with a co-branded campaign. Encourage your audience to shop local.

November 28: Cyber Monday
Basically an extension of Black Friday, you can continue your Black Friday promos. For a sense of urgency, do a series of flash deals.


Highlights: Christmas, New Year’s Eve

Dec. 12: Green Monday
With Christmas just a couple of weeks away, consumers are spending double time on their shopping list. Make your customers’ shopping easier with some gift ideas. Branded gift tags and wrapping will be nice touches they’ll be sure to appreciate.

Dec. 17: Super Saturday
As the last Saturday before Christmas, target last-minute shoppers. At this point, consumers want to get through their shopping list fast, so consider 2-for-1 deals and bundles.

Dec. 18-26: Hanukkah
The Jewish celebration involves gift giving, so engage your Jewish customers with some suggestions and deals. If you’re a Jewish-owned business, make a greeting and ask your audience how they’ll be celebrating.

Dec. 24-25: Christmas Eve/Christmas
There still might be some very, very last-minute shoppers who are looking for Christmas decor, kitchen items, party essentials, and the like.

Family toasting on Christmas dinner at home

Dec. 26-Jan 1: Kwanzaa
During this time, African families and communities gather to celebrate their heritage and culture with a feast and gift giving. If you’ve made gift guides for the holidays, you can rehash and tweak them for Kwanzaa.

Dec. 31: New Year’s Eve
Everybody’s gearing up to ring in the new year, so party supplies and practically anything with “2023” emblazoned on it will sell like hotcakes.

Looking Ahead

With a resource like this at your disposal, the best way to take advantage of it is to plan. Start drafting those sales strategies, marketing campaigns, and social media content. If you want to attend some of the events on this list, save up and organize the logistics accordingly.

Here’s a few reminders before we leave you to it.

  • This is quite a long list, so to avoid getting overwhelmed, you can take it a month at a time. It might also be a good idea to brainstorm by quarter.
  • You don’t have to participate in everything. Choose only the ones that are relevant to your brand, products, or customer base.
  • Approach religious and cultural celebrations carefully. Otherwise, inappropriate messaging could come off tone-deaf, tacky or worse, offensive.

Do you follow event calendars like this one or do you prefer taking it one day at a time? Perhaps, we missed out on some dates and events worth including. Let us know in the comments!

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