The Ultimate Guide on Inventory Management

One of the most important parts of driving an ecommerce business is inventory management.

As your business grows, the difficulty of inventory management increases as well as the amount of inventory you’re handling. Using an inventory management tool can make it easier for you and your ecommerce business. This is why an inventory management tool is invaluable for any ecommerce owner.

In this article, we decided to draw up an infomercial to illustrate the challenges in trying to find the perfect inventory management platform that can do it all.

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What is an Inventory Management Tool and Why is Important

Inventory management is the backbone of any ecommerce business. This process allows e-commerce sellers to manage and control their inventory, from monitoring ordering, storage to fulfillment. Inventory management helps business owners by giving them an accurate overseeing of their stock levels, sales, losses and much more. Can you imagine doing this yourself and manually? This can harm your company, no matter what size it is, small or big.

Inventory management is the key of any ecommerce business. An inventory management tool provides you with insights about your business that are very valuable to continue growing it. 

There are a lot of benefits that you can find when having an inventory management tool. Here are some of them:

Profitability – Improves cash flow
Avoidance of stock-outs
Accuracy and time saver
Inventory tracking
Happy customers

Get Started with Inventory Management Tools

This infographic is meant to be satire, as there’s no inventory management software that is that bad. The problem is that every operator has their own unique set of needs, so trying to find that one special platform to fit the business needs is just about impossible.

If you are evaluating different systems now, we created an ecommerce inventory management comparison (see below), that compares many of the mainstream inventory software options.

The Definitive Inventory Management Tools Comparison

The biggest problem with ecommerce is that each store is completely unique and has its own needs as a result, but what is the best system out there? Let’s take a look at some of the software out there!


There’s a fair amount of applications out there, but there’s no “magic” platform that does it all and most owners we know that are multi-channel sellers still have to cobble various tools together.

Do you use inventory management software for your business? If so, which one and how are your experiences with it? Tell us your experiences with inventory management software in the comments sections below!

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