Best Amazon Seller Tools and SaaS Software of 2020

Congratulations to the winners for 2020:

  • Most Popular Amazon Launch Tool for 2020: Rebate Key
  • Most Popular Amazon Keyword/Product Research Tool for 2020: Helium 10
  • Most Popular Amazon PPC Tool for 2020: Sellics
  • Most Popular Amazon Rebate Tool for 2020: Helium 10

Top Amazon Seller Software

What's the best Amazon Software for your business?

EcomCrew was holding a vote to discover what the most popular Amazon selling software was in 2020 as voted by other Amazon Sellers. We wanted to know what software people use in four categories of the most popular software types for sellers: Product Launches & Giveaways, Keyword and Product Research, PPC Management, & Reimbursement Management.

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Product Launches & Giveaways

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Getting initial sales velocity for your products is critical. Maintaining it is equally as important. Use these tools to help get product sales through product promotions.

Marketing and Product Launches | $2.95 per rebate redeemed |

Rebate Key allows you to offer significant discounts (normally 50%+) to customers via rebates. Customers purchase your product at full price on Amazon (so you get credit for full-price sales) and Rebate Key sends cheques to the customer for the rebate amount. A valuable tool for product launches to get your first sales that still appears to be TOS compliant.

rebate key for amazon product launches

Marketing and Product Launches | $19-69/month |

JumpSend is another way to generate sales by giving away products at significant discounts (normally at 50%+ discounts). With JumpSend you are only credited with discounted sales, which often result in non-verified reviews and can also have weakened SEO impact. But, it is still an effective way to generate initial sales velocity.

jump send amazon launches

Marketing and Optimization | Paid, $47-$397/month + $2.95/rebate |

Zon Blast (now under Six Leaf) is a rebate tool like the others.  Used to be one of the most popular tools for giveaways. It has a similar pricing model per rebate to the others although requires a monthly account fee.

Marketing and Optimization | Paid, $57-497 + $2.95/rebate  or $0.99/coupon |

Last Launch is under the Seller Tools package of tools.

Marketing and Optimization | Paid, $1.50 + 5% |

Snag Shout was one of the first giveaway services. They charge a fairly steep 5% of the rebate price though (i.e. $5 for a $100 product giveaway).

A screenshot of the Snagshout Homepage

Marketing and Optimization | Paid, $200/month |

Viral Launch is one of the few giveaway services that charge a flat monthly fee (although it's steep at $200/month)

Keyword and Product Research

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The ability to conduct product and keyword research at whatever stage in your ecommerce journey is crucial. You may be a new Amazon seller looking at how your product will fare during launch or a seasoned seller who is interested to know how a new product will stack up against the competition. Having product data and a reliable set of keywords is key to ensuring the longevity and saleability of your goods on Amazon marketplaces.

Keyword and Product Research | Paid, $24.9-$49.87/month for the Web App, $44.99/month or $179/year, $299 lifetime subscription for the Chrome extension |

A suite of tools similar to Helium 10 or Jungle Scout including reverse ASIN look ups, keyword estimator, product sales estimators, etc. Includes a Chrome plugin as well.

AMZ Scout product database

Their ultra-handy FBA Fee Calculator is free.  Amazon Inventory Spy is also free. Has a one-week free trial for its full suite of products.

Get the AMZScout Pro extension when you sign up using our affiliate link. Discounted prices are $29 USD for the monthly, $89 USD for the Extension Pro annual and $169 USD for the Extension Pro lifetime.

Keyword and Product Research | Free & Paid, from $97/month to $397/month for paid plans |

Helium 10 is one of the few tools in this category that has a variety of features that help Amazon sellers with a variety of tasks. Black Box, its native product research tool, allows for more insightful results. This feature includes data points that sellers will find useful when deciding which product to add to an existing brand.

Keyword and Product Research | Paid, $39-$129/month or $19-$84/year for the Jungle Scout software |

Greg Mercer's Jungle Scout also comes with a cool product research feature. Not only does it allow users to check out how a product is doing on the Amazon platform but it provides data to determine just how profitable a product could be. All this happens on the Product Database.


Keyword and Product Research | Paid, $57-$197/month |

Seller.Tools is another suite of tools like Helium 10 and Jungle Scout. Its product research tool called PRIZM allows you to dial in on over 20 parameters for a completely customized product search and its keyword tool Keyword Wizard performs similarly to the other keyword tools out there.

Keyword and Product Research | Free |

Unicorn Smasher is great for one big reason – it's free. It organizes sales estimates on search results pages much like Jungle Scout does. Sales estimates are a little suspect but it's good for quickly seeing reviews, ratings, and sales ranks.

unicorn smasher keyword tool

Keyword and Product Research | From $25-$199/month or $21-$166/annual |

Viral Launch makes the list again with its suite of tools. In our testing, Viral Launch actually had the most accurate results.

PPC Management

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Amazon is increasingly a pay-to-play marketplace. Managing PPC effectively (and keeping ACOS' low) can be challenging when managing dozens or more ASINs. Software helps make this more manageable. Check out our free PPC guide for managing PPC effectively without software.

PPC Management | Paid, $50-$160/month |

Kinetic is from Viral Launch. It's one of the more affordable options and is fixed price irrelevant of your revenue level.

PPC Management | Paid, $49.99-$999/month or $39-$799/annual |

Ignite is from Seller Labs. It's one of the more expensive tool listed here and pricing is contingent on your revenue level.

PPC Management | Paid, $19.99-$1495/month |

A cheaper alternative to Sellics but without all the bells and whistles. Has all the core PPC components you need though including easy blocking of low performing keywords, negative matching keywords/phrases from other campaigns, etc. A bit of an ugly interface.

PPC scope Amazon PPC

PPC Management | Paid, $99/month (<$60,000/year sales) to $399/month |

Another suite of tools but their PPC management is the best. See our podcast episode on how we use it. Gets expensive for 7-figure sellers not grandfathered into one of their cheaper plans.

sellics ppc tool

Reimbursement Services

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Reimbursement Services | Charges a 25% Fee Only From Successful FBA Reimbursements |

Analyze your data, and reconcile your inventory and file claims for maximum reimbursements on your behalf.

Reimbursement Services | Free & Paid, from $97/month to $397/month for paid plans |

Helium 10 has a reimbursement tool that auto-checks five different reasons for FBA inventory reimbursements, and also provide you with pre-written messages to send along with your Amazon seller reimbursement requests. The tool is not as automated as some other services but also does not take a percentage of sales.

Reimbursement Services | 25% of Reimbursements |

Review errors, file claims on your behalf and track your cases from the start to finish.

Reimbursement Services | $89/annual or $19/month |

Upload your reports to Refund Pad and they'll provide you reimbursement reports. Then you manually claim the reimbursement with Amazon.

Seller Locker

Reimbursement Services | 25% of Reimbursements |

Seller Locker is a fully automated reimbursement tool for Amazon. In combination with their software and a dedicated account manager, Seller Locker is a full service reimbursement manager but comes at the cost of having to pay a percentage of sales.

seller locker

Dave Bryant

Dave Bryant has been importing from China for over 10 years and has started numerous product brands. He sold his multi-million dollar ecommerce business in 2016 and create another 7-figure business within 18 months. He's also a former Amazon warehouse employee of one week.

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