[2023] Sellics + Perpetua Review: Pricing and Product Details

Note: This article is a review of Sellics. To find out how we use their services to manage our PPC, check out our  Sellics Amazon PPC Guide.

PPC ads can quickly eat through your profit margin if not handled correctly. There are various Amazon seller tools, but Sellics has one of the most advanced PPC campaign automation, so you can rest easy knowing that reliable software keeps you from spending more than you need to.

In this article, we’ll review the pricing and features of Sellics + Perpetua, who it’s for, and whether it’s worth the price.

An Overview of Sellics and Perpetua

Sellics is an all-in-one Amazon seller tool that helps third-party sellers with

  • PPC campaigns
  • Competitor research
  • Listing optimization
  • Review management
  • Inventory management
  • Product research

However, its most notable feature is PPC management, and it has been many sellers' go-to PPC automation tool.

sellics site

Sellics has been around since 2014, and in April 2022, it was acquired by Perpetua, a company specializing in e-commerce ads optimization using AI automation. Perpetua supports Amazon, Walmart, Target, and Instacart. As of writing, the two are still working on integrating their features.

  Sellics Perpetua
Date founded 2014 2016
Founders Josef Vataman
Thomas Ropel
Franz Jordan
Alexander Good
Joe Rideout
Rosco Hill
Funding ~$10 million ~$10 million
Headquarter Palo Alto, California San Francisco, California

Sellics + Perpetua Pricing

How much you pay for Sellics depends on your annual sales on Amazon. It starts at $57 per month for $0 in sales.

Annual Sales Monthly Plan Annual Plan
$0 $57 N/A
$1k to $60k $67 $47
$60k to $240k $97 $77
$240 to $600k $157 $117
$600k to $1.2 million $217 $157
More than $1.2 million $317 $257

However, after its acquisition, Sellics’ official site shows a new pricing tier based on monthly ad spend. This is the same pricing that Perpetua has on its site.

sellics perpetua pricing

These new prices are higher than the original pricing, but the company assured that Sellics account holders will not have to pay more for the time being while the two tools are still working on integrations.

Sellics Pros and Cons


  • PPC campaign automation, which is expected to be strengthened further after its partnership with Perpetua
  • Alerts sellers of negative reviews to address them accordingly
  • Ability to run Google Shopping
  • Responsive customer service
  • Customizable dashboards
  • Has free trial


  • Data are limited to the past two months, which is disadvantageous for seasonal products
  • Limited to nine marketplaces: United States, Canada, Mexico, Germany, United Kingdom, France, Italy, Spain, and India
  • More expensive compared to competitors

Sellics Features

As of writing, Sellics and Perpetua are still figuring out how to combine their features to best benefit their users. So, for now, users of either software still cannot access the features of the other.

Here are the most notable features of Sellics for Amazon third-party sellers:

Sellics Profit Management

At a glance, Sellics shows you how much your total sales, costs, and profits are. It even breaks down the sales into organic and PPC sales. It also considers your COGS, FBA fees, ad spend, etc., to calculate profits accurately.

sellics profit manager

Keyword Research

Sellics’ Keyword Research tool makes it easier to optimize or create listings. You can search by keyword or by ASIN, and there’s also an option to choose which marketplace the database will be taken.

Sellics keyword

Sellics also offers a free version called Sonar. It includes only those keywords for which the ASIN is ranking on the first page of Amazon during the most recent database update. However, it displays the search volume only as bars, i.e., relative to other keywords.

sellics sonar

Review Management

Nine out of ten Amazon customers check reviews, so it’s important to address negative reviews immediately. The Sellics’ review management tool gives an overview of how many reviews were posted and the star ratings given. It also includes a tab for questions posted on the listing.

sellics review management


The Benchmarker feature creates a report that compares your ad performance and KPIs to those of your competitors. This enables sellers to see the big picture and plan on improving their ads and sales performance.

PPC Management

The best feature Sellics has to offer and what it’s known for the most is its PPC automation. We’ve been using it for our own e-commerce brand for years and it makes the peel, stick, and block method easier to implement.

Related Podcast: E224: Using Sellics for PPC Management and More with Franz Jordan, Sellics Founder

Sellics allows you to set rules, conditions, thresholds, and actions so you can be sure you’re not paying to run inefficient keywords in your campaign. For example, you can set the keyword bid to increase by 20% after 20 clicks if the AcoS is below 18%.

To learn more about how we use Sellics to automate our PPC campaigns, check out our Sellics Amazon PPC Guide.

Sellics Alternatives

If you think Sellics is not for you, here are a few similar tools to consider:

Jungle Scout

Jungle Scout is great for keyword and product research but pales in comparison to Sellics when it comes to PPC management. However, Jungle Scout has a new feature called Advertising Analytics that helps sellers evaluate their PPC campaigns.

Helium 10

Another popular all-in-one Amazon seller tool, Helium 10 offers tools for spying on competitors, refund management, and product trend research. If your focus is on finding your next best seller, this is an easy tool to recommend.


Sellics is known best for its PPC management, which Teikametrics also specializes in. Teikametrics is an AI-powered advertising solution that can also be used on other sites like Walmart.

Final Thoughts

Sellics is a good all-in-one Amazon seller tool. It was already a star performer in PPC campaigns even before it was acquired by Perpetua, and now that these two platforms will soon be integrated, we can expect more from Sellics.

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As EcomCrew's content writer, Christine has developed a love for all things e-commerce and a constant need to imagine Jeff Bezos with hair.
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