Shopee vs. Lazada: Which Is Better?

In the world of online shopping, two major players have dominated the Southeast Asian market: Shopee and Lazada. Both platforms offer a wide array of products, competitive prices, and convenient shopping experiences. 

You must be wondering, is Shopee better than Lazada? In this article, we will compare and contrast Shopee and Lazada across various factors to determine which platform reigns supreme.

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Shopee vs. Lazada Overview

shopee vs lazada
Lazada is one of the pioneering e-commerce platforms in the industry, launched three years earlier than Shopee.

Shopee and Lazada are two biggest e-commerce platforms in Southeast Asia. Both platforms employ the business-to-business-to-consumer (B2B2C) model, a combination of business-to-consumer and business-to-business models. It means they allow third-party merchants to sell their products through their platform. 

Both platforms offer immense product diversity. Shopee is known for its extensive product selection across various categories, including electronics, fashion, and more. It has also expanded its operations to multiple countries in Southeast Asia and other regions, giving customers access to a broader range of international products.




Launch Year 2015 2012
Headquarters Singapore Singapore
Number of Active Users 90 million  160 million
Number of Monthly Website Traffic 71.94 million 36.55 million
Countries They Operate In Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam, Philippines, Taiwan, Brazil, Mexico Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam, Philippines, China, Hong Kong, Taiwan
Logistic Partners Shopee Express, J&T Express, Ninja Van, DHL eCommerce, Pos Laju Lazada Express (LEX), Ninja Van, J&T Express, Pos Laju, DHL eCommerce

Shopee vs. Lazada: User Interface Comparison

Shopee adopts a more vibrant and visually appealing design, focusing on product images and a slightly more cluttered and visually dynamic layout. The freedom and flexibility Shopee provides their sellers in adding product images, videos, and descriptions might have something to do with their platform's product listing diversity.

Shopee's User Interface and Sign-Up Process

Shopee Interface
Shopee’s interface can be overwhelming and confusing to navigate.

Another unique selling point of Shopee's user interface is its stronger emphasis on social interactions and engagement. Their app and website have features such as live chat, in-app games, a dedicated section for live streaming, and interactive promotions to encourage user interaction.

Much like Shopee, Lazada's platforms have many deals and features. However, their creative branding differs and tends to be more traditional and organized. There are sections for each product category, a navigation bar at the top, and products are displayed in a standardized grid format with their description structured cleverly.

Lazada interface
Lazada has a clean, user-friendly, and organized overall design.

In general, Lazada has a more conventional e-commerce experience and customer-centric interface. While they offer seller tools, they've put more emphasis on the buyer experience through a user-friendly interface for shoppers.

Shopee vs. Lazada: Sign-Up Process Comparison

Shopee mobile
This is how Shopee’s signup page looks on a mobile device.

Here's how you create a buyer account on Shopee.

  1. Visit the Shopee website or download the Shopee mobile app.
  2. Click the “Sign Up” button.
  3. Choose a buyer account.
  4. Enter your mobile number and verify ownership through a verification code.
  5. Set your account password.
  6. Fill in your personal information and complete the registration.

There's also an optional method to verify your account by going through additional verification steps such as email verification or social media account linking.

Lazada Mobile
This is how the Lazada signup page looks on a mobile device.

A Lazada account is also a prerequisite before you can make any purchase. Below are the steps on how to sign up:

  1. Visit the Lazada website or download the Lazada mobile app.
  2. Click the “Sign Up” button for website registration or “Register” for the mobile app.
  3. Choose a buyer account..
  4. Fill in your personal information and set an account password.
  5. Read and accept Lazada's terms and conditions to complete the registration.

You may link your Lazada profile to your social media accounts or verify your account by following the additional verification steps.

Who Has Better Deals? 

Lazada and Shopee deals
Lazada and Shopee have many exciting deals, ranging from vouchers to cashbacks.

When it comes to prices and deals, the two online shopping platforms have a fair fight. They both have frequent promotional campaigns, flash sales, and discount codes, providing their buyers significantly discounted prices.

Prices and deals can vary, depending on several factors, including the specific products, sellers, and ongoing promotions in a particular region.

Which Has a Better Order and Delivery Process?

Lazada and Shopee have similar procedures for order fulfillment, but there may be some variations in specific details. Moreover, since both providers have different logistics partners in each location, the buyer's region or country might also impact the fluidity of the order fulfillment and delivery process.

Delivery package
Delivery men from both platforms may take your image holding the parcel upon delivery as proof of successful order fulfillment.

Shopee operates on a peer-to-peer marketplace model. It means, the owner of the store you ordered from processes your purchase. Meanwhile, Lazada employs a hybrid model, combining both third-party sellers and direct partnerships with brands. When you place an order on Lazada, the platform coordinates with the respective brand to process and fulfill the order. 

Lazada also has an in-house logistics system, so you might have fewer shipping options. Meanwhile, Shopee lets their sellers choose their preferred logistic partners, providing you with cheaper delivery options—but with a slightly longer delivery duration.

If you want speedy delivery, Lazada is a better choice. However, if you like more affordable shipping options and don't mind longer shipping duration, then Shopee has got your back.

Which Has a Better Return Process and Policy?

Shopee and Lazada return pages
A side-by-side comparison of Shopee and Lazada’s return page.

When it comes to returning policy, is Shopee better than Lazada? While it's true that both platforms have return processes that are somewhat similar, their refund policies vary.

Lazada & Shopee’s Return Process

  1. On your Lazada or Shopee account, initiate a return request.
  2. Wait for the seller's response.
  3. Arrange for the return shipment.
  4. Send the item back.
  5. Get the item replacement or refund.

Return Policy

In comparison, Lazada has a longer return duration and more buyer-friendly refund terms. Their Easy Refund Policy offers a seven days return period for items from local and overseas marketplaces and 30-day return coverage for Lazmall orders. Lazada also processes all return/refund requests.

Shopee Return/Refund policy has only a five days return period for local marketplace purchases and seven days for Shopee Mall and international marketplace orders.

Shopee vs Lazada: Customer Service Comparison

Both platforms strive to provide outstanding customer support. However, its quality may still differ based on factors like country of operation, specific customer service representatives, and the nature of the issue or inquiry. 

Here's a comparison of each platform's buyer protection and customer services.

Shopee Lazada
Guarantee protects customers from encountering issues with their purchases, such as receiving damaged or counterfeit items, non-delivery, or discrepancies in the product description through dispute resolution and return/refund policy. Lazada Payment Protection Protection ensures secure transactions and protects customers' payments when shopping on their platform by safeguarding and assisting customers who encounter payment-related issues, such as unauthorized transactions and fraudulent activities.
Shopee has an Order Tracking Tool to help you monitor your packages. However, since they partner with many logistic providers, you might be asked to visit third-party courier websites to check the delivery status. Lazada's order tracking tool provides a centralized tracking system that covers orders fulfilled by Lazada and third-party brands. It means you won't be asked to visit any third-party site to check your order status.
In-app and website Live Chat and 24/7 Customer Support In-app and website Live Chat option and 24/7 Customer Support.

Final Thoughts

Both Shopee and Lazada have excellent features; they both have pros and cons, but are doing their best to provide great customer service. In the end, if you're wondering where to shop online, it all boils down to what you're looking for, your budget, and how quickly you need your items delivered.

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