Notes From Amazon’s Biggest Seller Conference in 2022

Amazon Accelerate is a conference that the e-commerce retailer uses to announce new programs and tools dedicated to helping Amazon sellers succeed on the platform. 

The Opening Keynote session of Day 1 of Amazon Accelerate 2022 was focused on launching a business and building your brand, and the announcement of new seller tools and features.

The Opening Keynote session of Day 2 of Amazon Accelerate 2022 was focused on improving and growing your brand, and the announcement of new seller tools and features.

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Amazon Accelerate 2022 Highlights:

  • Amazon announced the expansion of free email marketing capabilities for sellers. The program is called Amazon Customer Engagement’s Tailored Audiences.
  • Alexa will play a big role when driving customers to seller’s listings.
  • Sellers will be able to promote and send customers to their direct-to-consumer products and sites from within their brand’s store on
  • Sellers can now work backward from the customer by using customer feedback.
  • Amazon introduced new Analytics and Data Dashboards.
  • Amazon Express Payouts to Settle Seller Funds Faster. 
  • Brand owners can increase the quality of product detail pages and drive higher conversion.
  • Amazon sellers will have access to a new FBA dashboard to improve business performance.
  • Account Health Assurance will be available as a benefit in the US and Canada.

amazon accelerate

Amazon Accelerate Day 1

Amazon is Expanding a Free Email Marketing Tool for Sellers

Many Amazon sellers have complained about the lack of tools that Amazon has to connect, engage and interact with their customers. 

Until now, sellers have only been able to send emails through Amazon’s system to customers who were brand followers. Early this year, Amazon announced that you can send email campaigns to followers of your Amazon brand, but there were a lot of catches as to what exactly you can do in your email campaigns.

Image: Amazon Accelerate 2022 Conference

Amazon promises to grow sales to your existing customers through a new tool called Tailored Audiences.

Additionally to the existing brand followers, sellers will be able to engage with your three additional audiences: your repeat customers from the last 12 months, your high expending customers and your most recent customers

Sellers will be able to reach out to your customers with: 

  • Email marketing campaigns
  • Reach them directly and give them news or reminders of deals (i.e.: hot deals) 
  • Inform them of new product launches. 

Besides, Amazon sellers will have access to plugin templates to help them create campaigns. 

This new tool will be available later this month. 

Amazon Launches Small Business Badge

Amazon's new feature has to do with its recently launched Small Business Badge, which helps customers more easily discover products they love from small business brands.

Image: Amazon Accelerate 2022 Conference

Here’s how Amazon plans to improve it:

  • Reach purpose-driven customers
  • Accelerate business growth
  • Feature on search and page details

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Alexa Will Connect Amazon Customers with Sellers

Alexa will give responses that lead to sellers by providing information about your products in Seller Central. 

Sellers‘ answers can be part of Alexa's knowledge including some answers. 

Image: Amazon Seller Central 

This new feature will be available for a small scale of sellers this month and plan to be expanded to more sellers in early 2023.

Note: You can do that by accessing your Seller Central account and then clicking on Customers ask Alexa.

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Amazon is Extending Premium A+ Content

The success of A+ Content in assuming an income in sales of up to 8% for many sellers has led Amazon to expand the program, now called, Premium A+ Content.

This new adaption enables enrichment of brand content like engaging, interactive hotspots and image carousels that let shoppers see images in different options and settings.

Creating better and more engaging EBC can help increase conversions and ultimately, sales. Amazon calculates that sellers can reach up to 20% more on sales.

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Amazon Unveils Marketing Features to Help Sellers Using Buy with Prime Attract Amazon Customers and Increase Sales

Despite all allegations of monopolistic practices against Amazon, the ecommerce giant is not slowing down when it comes to building its online empire. It recently rolled out Buy with Prime, a feature that allows customers to avail of the benefits of Prime delivery even outside Amazon.

Now, Amazon sellers participating in the Buy with Prime program will be able to promote and send customers to their direct-to-consumer products and sites from within their brand’s store on Amazon.

Image: Amazon Seller Central

Amazon also says it will fund and manage co-branded Buy with Prime ads on Facebook and Instagram to drive customers to direct-to-consumer sites involved in the program.

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Amazon Accelerate Day 2

Sellers Can Now Work Backward From the Customer by Using Customer Feedback 

Amazon announced the launch of new tools on Opportunity Explorer for sellers in the US store with a further expansion planned in 2023. 

Customer Reviews Insight is a new feature Amazon is kicking out today on Opportunity Explorer and brings together several valuable insights from customers' reviews. 

Image: Amazon Accelerate 2022 Conference

This new feature will help sellers understand which product features customers like or dislike, the changing trends in customer likes and dislikes, and which aspects of a product gesture description impacts its star rating. So brands can determine what features they should build and prioritize as they launch new products or modify existing ones.

Also, starting on October 31st, certain categories in the US will see a new feature in the listing quality dashboard: Potential Sales. This impact estimator measures downstream sales by analyzing aggregated historical data in instances where such as adding a detail page attribute to your product listing was taken, versus instances where it was not. 

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Amazon Introduced Additional Analytics and Data Dashboards 

Amazon in early 2022 rolled out one of its most useful search term tools ever – Search Analytics. Search Analytics finally gives you some of the data that sellers have been dying for: which organic queries result in sales for your items, which queries your items rank for, and more.

Additionally, sellers will soon find inside Brand Analytics: 

  • New Search Analytics Dashboard, where you can now download expanded dashboard metrics and download expanded data.
  • A new feature in the Search Query dashboard that includes an ASIN-level view that allows sellers to dive deeper into the specific product-level Search Queries.
  • Also, they are launching Search Actionable insights. This new dashboard will provide insights that are harder to infer and will give you a place to start uncovering actions you can take to improve the discovery and conversion of your products.
Image: Amazon Accelerate 2022 Conference

The Search Query and Search Catalog Performance dashboards are now available in the US and will be rolling out worldwide starting this month.

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Amazon Express Payouts to Settle Seller Funds Faster

Express Payouts will help merchants settle their money faster. 

Amazon is now connected to network hundreds of banks and credit unions. If your bank is within this network your settlement proceeds are deposited to your bank within 24 hours.

Image: Amazon Accelerate 2022 Conference

The new feature will be available for free for the first 12 months until September 2023. 

US sellers can find it now on Seller Central> Deposit Methods > Express Payouts.

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Brand Owners Can Now Increase the Quality of Product Detail Pages and Drive Higher Conversion

Manage Your Experiments is a tool that allows eligible sellers to run A/B tests on their A+ content, product titles, and, as of 2021, their product images.

Image: Amazon Accelerate 2022 Conference

Amazon is expanding its Manage Your Experiments program by adding new attributes:

  • Sellers can now run A/B tests on bullet points and product descriptions.
  • Additionally, sellers can auto-publish their wing experiment content.
  • And also they have the ability to end experiments when they reach statistical significance.

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Amazon Sellers Will Have Access to a New FBA Dashboard to Improve Business Performance

Those sellers that are part of the Fulfillment by Amazon, recently suffer a policy change regarding canceled or deleted shipments leaving some of them scratching their heads. In addition to this, they have to add the recent increase in Amazon FBA Fees for 2022.

At Amazon Accelerate 2022 conference, the retailer announced the launch of a new FBA Dashboard that will provide a summary of key performance metrics for FBA businesses and offer real-time tracking and updates. 

Image: Amazon Accelerate 2022 Conference

This dashboard will allow sellers to get new levels of insights to improve their business performance.

Account Health Assurance Will be Available as a Benefit in the US and Canada

Amazon sellers who want to qualify for it need to maintain a high Account Health rating and have a valid emergency contact number on file so they can reach you in the event of an account health issue. If you are eligible you'll be automatically enrolled in the program and Amazon will notify you via email.

Image: Amazon Accelerate 2022 Conference

Additionally, to resolve account health issues quickly, every seller can access “Call me now” in the Account Health Dashboard.

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Some of Amazon’s Innovations Announce on Day 2

  • Expanding Small Academy Business.
  • New resources in Seller University.
  • New features in the Amazon Seller App like the revenue calculator.
  • In the fourth quarter, they’ll be launching new features inside the Amazon CSBA program, like a dashboard.
  • Amazon introduced a new feature called Escalate this case button. When you hit this button your case will route directly to a highly experienced associate. The initial pilot is this year and will be launched next year.
  • They launched a new podcast called This is Small Business, hosted by Andrea Marquez. They’ll release new episodes every two weeks.
  • Amazon's new acquisition is Veeqo. This multichannel shipping software will help sellers cut their shipping costs and boost the speed of fulfilling customer orders.
  • Over the upcoming weeks, all sellers will have access to Account Health Rating.

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