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Amazon Cancels Extra 2% Fee for Merchants Using SFP

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Amazon was set to impose an additional 2% fee on third-party merchants not using its delivery services to help cover infrastructure costs, but with an antitrust lawsuit on its heels, they've decided to scrap the plan to avoid sparking any more scrutiny.

Will their plan work?


Stress Less and Still Get Sales on Amazon

One of the simplest ways for a product to rank high on Amazon is to either spend money on PPC ads or to list a product at a cheaper price. However, this will cause a huge dent in your budget and doesn't guarantee a boost in conversions. 

What you’ll need to do is include certain keywords and write persuasive copy to optimize your listing to its full potential. 

Here's how.


Amazon Top Terms

Let's take a closer look at the past two weeks and analyze which Amazon's top 10 search terms have witnessed a notable surge in popularity between September 3rd and 16th. Let's uncover the insights behind some of these terms, which are driving significant revenue on Amazon!

In this week's Amazon top 10 terms, “Musk” takes fourth place, followed by “Elon Musk book” at seventh, and “Elon Musk biography” at ninth. 

The trend can be attributed to the ongoing public interest in Elon Musk's activities. Products related to these keywords have been selling briskly, with an average of 809 units per day in the last two weeks.

Amazon Confirms Date For Second Prime Day Sale In October

The long wait is finally over as Amazon finally announced that the second Prime Day sale of the year will take place on October 10 to 11, following a similar timeline to last year’s two-day sale which was held a day later. 

We wrote an article a few months ago about how this year’s second Prime Day sale of the year (dubbed Prime Big Deal Days) will be different from last year. One reason is that more customers have been inclined to start their holiday shopping in October rather than November and December as per Statista.

You can expect Amazon to continue ramping up schemes to entice customers to be Prime members similar to what they did during the first Prime Day sale of the year. 

Amazon announces 2nd Prime Day sale of 2023
Amazon will roll out its second Prime Day sale for 2023 this October.

The end goal for Amazon having a second Prime Day sale can be attributed to three reasons:

    • Clear out inventory
    • Stay ahead of Black Friday and Cyber Monday
    • Secure as many Prime members as possible

You can expect Amazon to continue ramping up schemes to entice customers to be Prime members similar to what they did during the first Prime Day sale of the year.

TikTok Launches AI Tool to Sniff Out AI-Augmented Content

TikTok will now have a new feature that enables users to label their content as AI-generated to prevent viewers from seeing misleading information.

In the change, content that contains realistic images, audio, or video must be labeled AI or TikTok will have to take the post down. Viewers can detect if a certain piece of content is AI-generated since TikTok will display a message below the video's username.

TikTok will continue to experiment with the tool in the coming weeks to find the perfect algorithm to be able to label AI-generated content automatically.


Walmart entering the metaverse. Walmart is finding new ways to connect with its customers by integrating a physical and virtual shopping experience that’s never been done before.

Amazon to hire seasonal employees. After adding 50 new fulfillment centers in the US, the ecommerce giants are planning to hire 250,000 seasonal employees to gear up for the upcoming holiday season.

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