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Amazon Lets Customers Receive Real-Time Feedback on Products

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Reviews continue to be one of the biggest factors that influence a customer’s decision to purchase products online. Shoppers will either check reviews from customers or seek advice from friends and family. Oftentimes, the opinions of people they trust will have the upper hand over anonymous reviews that may not even be real.

To help customers make quicker and confident purchase decisions, Amazon recently introduced Consult-a-Friend. This new feature allows shoppers to get real-time feedback on a product and have all the answers compiled in one place. 

In the grand scheme of things, this is another step forward from Amazon to make shopping more collaborative after they introduced Inspire (exclusive to U.S. customers) early in the year. 

Consult-a-friend is still in its early stages and only available in countries like the U.S., Australia, Canada, Belgium, Canada, France, Germany, India, Italy, Japan, Mexico, Netherlands, Poland, Spain, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Sweden, Turkey, UAE, and the UK.

This Is What You’ve Been Waiting For

We know Halloween’s over, but that doesn’t mean the tricks and treats (mostly treats) are! As part of our yearly efforts to provide more value to our EcomCrew Premium members, we’ve decided to make a complete overhaul of our biggest offering while still making sure we keep the parts our premium members love most.  

As much as we’d like to give you an inside scoop of what to expect, we’re currently updating our Premium page to give it a fresher look.

If you’re interested to know more of what’s to come, we do have a waitlist to keep you in the loop when Premium launches. We’ll even give you an exclusive discount on top of our Black Friday offer for signing up early.

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Amazon Is Getting Sued… Again

photo of one of Amazon's buildings

Amazon’s legal troubles continue as Nokia recently filed a lawsuit accusing the ecommerce giants and HP for unauthorized use of several of Nokia’s patents related to video streaming, including video compression, content delivery, and content recommendation.

In a blogpost by Nokia’s Chief Licensing Officer Arvin Patel, Nokia is seeking compensation from Amazon and HP for not playing by the rules. Patel added that the funds acquired will be reinvested along with substantial amounts of additional investment to surcharge their development of next-gen multimedia technology.

Amazon has refused to comment on the situation, but they should act fast before Nokia changes their mind about keeping their door open for good faith negotiations.

One for the Books!

Apologies if we were hard to reach last month. Outside of visiting Hong Kong with the Crew, we were busy attending the India Sourcing Trip in Delhi. 

The two-week event was a great experience meeting new people, exploring a new culture, and discovering the best products to source from India. If you missed the chance to join the trip this year though, we just got word that another India sourcing trip is already in the works for 2024 and it promises to get even better.  

No dates have been mentioned, but keep an eye out for it in our upcoming newsletters once everything has been finalized.

Amazon Top Terms

Let's delve into the last two weeks and discover which Amazon's top 10 search terms have skyrocketed in popularity from October 15th to October 28th.

In this week's Amazon top 10, “soup cubes” has secured the #7 spot, witnessing a significant sales surge from 100 units per day to an impressive 596 units per day over the past two weeks. 

This uptick in popularity may be linked to the buzz generated by Souper Cubes, a notable culinary product featured on Shark Tank in 2020, making it one of the most memorable in the show's history.

Take a look at the Top 5 Shark Tank E-commerce Brands that already had established online stores before their appearance on the show.

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