Amazon Social Media Codes – What Are They and How Do You Use Them?

Monday, April 9th, 2018 in Amazon, Blog

Amazon has just released Social Media Promo Codes for most sellers (they had rolled this out with a smaller number of sellers earlier in the year).

So what exactly are Amazon Social Media Promo Codes and how do you use them? We’ll address everything you need to know about using Amazon Social Promo Codes here.

What Are Social Media Promo Codes?

Social Media Promo Codes allow you to create coupons and pages that you can direct traffic to from outside sources, specifically email and Facebook. Here’s an example of the page that users will be directed to. This example page only contains one product but it could contain multiple products.


There’s a few advantages from what I can see:

  • Eliminate risk of hurting your conversion rate by sending cold/warm traffic to product page
  • Direct users to a page with all of your offers
  • Promo code is automatically applied
  • Promo code is only visible to those who have it shared (unlike coupons)

One of the biggest advantages is that you are sending traffic to a separate page and not your product detail page. One of the dangers of sending outside traffic from Facebook, Google, email, etc. to a product detail page is that may hurt your conversion rate for that product page. As many of us know, conversion rate appears to be a significant ranking factor for Amazon. With Social Media Promo Codes your product listing conversion rate should not be affected. This opens a big question though – Amazon sellers in the past have been rewarded for sending outside traffic to their listings. Will the loss of these sales directly from a product detail page affect the conversion rate negatively? Or will Amazon now be able to better track the number of outside sales a seller is bringing in and reward them more heavily for it? (my suspicion is the latter)

The downside is that you have no control over the look and feel of the Amazon Social Media Promo page. One can dream of an ability to brand the page (and a real dreamer would dream of adding third party tracking to the page!) but we’re unlikely to see any such feature any time soon.

The other thing you will notice is that Amazon has the Promo Code automatically applied to all the eligible offers. These offers are only available to people who either have your coupon code or link to your Social Promo Code page. In the past, coupon codes could be potentially be visible to all customers (and there have been many horror stories of sellers inadvertently sharing a 99% off coupon code with the entire Amazon world). It’s worth noting as well that the maximum duration of a Promo Code is 30 days.

Who Can Use Social Media Promo Codes?

  • Any professional seller with 4 stars or above for feedback can use it
  • Brand registry is not required
  • There’s no cost

The nice thing with Social Media Promo Codes is that they are available for all professional sellers with adequate feedback, not just those enrolled in Brand Registry.

As like other Amazon coupons, there is also no cost involved with using Social Media Promo Codes.

How Do I Use Social Media Promo Codes?

Using Social Media Promo Codes is very straightforward and similar to creating other coupon codes.

Simply navigate to Promotions -> Coupons from within Seller Central. You will now see an option for Social Media Promo Codes if you are eligible.

Amazon social media promo codes

You can access Social Media Promo Codes from within your Seller Central promotions section.

As usual with coupons, you will have to setup a production selection list according to ASINs. These ASINs will be the products that appear on your Social Media Promo Page. You may use parent ASINs or variation ASINs (assuming you have a listing with variations).

Once you complete all of the steps Amazon will automatically assign you a Social Media Promo page link that you can share with your audience. It will take 4 hours for the page to go live so don’t be concerned if your link is not immediately active.


Social Media Promo Codes aren’t going to result in a revolutionary shift in Amazon marketing. However, for sellers who are sending outside traffic to their Amazon listings, it is a nice feature, especially for those who have been paranoid about hurting their organic Amazon rankings. Social Media Promo Codes are also one more exclamation mark on the importance of outside traffic to be successful selling on Amazon in 2018.

Have you had a chance to try Amazon Social Promo Codes? Are you sending outside traffic to your Amazon listings? If so, share your experiences and strategies in the comments below.

Dave Bryant has been importing from China for over 10 years and has started numerous products brands. He sold his multi-million dollar ecommerce business in 2016 and is currently starting another ecommerce company. He’s also a former Amazon warehouse employee of one week.


  • Rob

    Hi Dave,

    I’m curious what your thoughts are about using this new feature vs creating a landing page which collects an email address and distributes the promo code that way? This method reduces the risk of low conversion from cold traffic and gives you a little “ownership” of the customer. Would love to hear your thoughts, whether you’re personally implementing the new social media promo codes, use landing pages, or something else.

    – Rob

    Dave Bryant

    I think the best way is using the landing page, collect their email, and then send them to the amazon promo page. You get the best of both worlds then – you get their email and don’t hurt your conversion rate.

  • Frank

    Hi Guys’

    We justed wanted to get your views to the following :::

    Many Amazon Sellers like to inform their viewers, readers or listeners about how they achieved hundred’s-of-thousands, if not a couple of million dollars sales revenue – within only several months, and/or, perhaps a little-over 12 months duration…..!!

    We don’t actually dispute this possibility – but come to the educated conclusion, that, along with inventory turn-over ratio – theses Amazon Sellers would have had to inject some serious cash, both at the start, and on an ongoing-basis – we think, only achievable, through some-sort-of Bank loan, and/or overdraft !?

    You never really hear about how these Sellers are able to gain such massive revenue, in such a short-space-of-time – without partnering with, either an investment and/or banking company.

    We’d appreciate your thoughts on this.


    Dave Bryant

    Hi Frank,
    Yes, private label businesses are a huge cash flow suck. You need beginning cash and that cash demand never goes away. In an ideal world you can re-invest existing profits to grow but that limits growth speeds. And yes, the other reality is while you grow it’s difficult to take back the cash you have re-invested in inventory. It’s much like the conundrum of being house rich, cash poor.

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