Episode 59: More of Your Questions Answered

Hi this is Mike and I’ll be doing the podcast solo today. Grant is out of town, but he’ll be back. I’m going to finish our latest listeners’ questions today. Then we will change the topic in the next episode. Again you guys have sent lots of great questions and I’ll try to answer them to my best ability.

Here are some of the topics I discussed today for you guys:

  • How to choose a 3pl.
  • Why we don’t turn off PPC on Amazon.
  • How to plan purchasing for your current season.
  • My opinion on Groupon.
  • How to improve your conversation rate.
  • The benefits of retargeting ads.
  • What kind of discounts we offer new customers.
  • Why we disabled pop-ups on Google.
  • The benefits of AdEspresso.
  • What has worked for us in Klaviyo.
  • Are exact domains worth it?
  • The things we do in-house.
  • My plans in the Philippines.

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