Today’s episode is a little different from what we usually publish.

I recently had to undergo a torturous customer service experience with AT&T. Those of you who are or have been AT&T customers and called their customer service hotline at any time know what I’m talking about. I have been an AT&T customer since 2007 when the first iPhone came out–not by choice, but because no other carrier offered the iPhone at the time–and I can definitely say that it has not been a happy ride. But out of all the years I’ve been with them and all the calls I made to them, this is, by far, the worst of it all.

So here’s a little background: I’m in a family program which made me eligible to upgrade to the new iPhone X for free, as long as I return my old iPhone. The new phone got lost in the mail and they had to go looking for it, and when it finally got delivered to me after weeks of waiting, there was no return label in the box. I had to call them 3 times to get them to email me the return label. I finally got the label, sent the phone back and thought that was the end of it. But as per Murphy’s law, I got a text message from AT&T telling me that they have not yet received the phone, but sent me an email informing me that it was actually delivered. So I called again, and they informed me that the text message was erroneous and that I will not get billed the $999. So I relaxed. But… yes, you guessed it, I got billed $999 for a phone I returned.

$999 is a big amount and although so much of my time had already been wasted, I wasn’t willing to just let them take that money. So what do you do when you run a podcast and need to call a company you’re pissed at? Set up the recorder, call them and record everything, then publish the call to your listeners as a podcast episode.

This episode is a condensed version of 2 very long calls I had with AT&T. We edited many parts out to try to keep the episode at around 30 minutes, but if you want to torture yourself and listen to the whole thing, just click here.

I may have lost my temper in some parts of the call and I have nothing against the agents I spoke to, but AT&T’s system is just so frustrating. I know I’m shooting for the moon here, but I hope this gets much attention so that AT&T can finally, finally do something and take better care of their customers.

Resources mentioned:

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Thanks for listening! What’s your worst AT&T experience? Share them in the comments below. Until the next episode, happy selling.