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E156: Diversifying Ecommerce Businesses Beyond Amazon US

“…I think under a million dollars, personally. I don’t think that you should be trying to ‘squeeze that lemon’ much harder until you’ve re ally optimized Amazon. I think once you get beyond a million dollars, give or take, in sales that’s when you really need to start looking at other sales channels, whether its outside of and other marketplaces within Amazon or other sales channels totally outside of Amazon.”- Dave Bryant on evaluating when an ecommerce business should diversify and get sales off of Amazon US


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E155: Where to Start with Building a Product Brand – Under the Hood with Richard Phillips

Building a product brand is no easy task. When you don’t have any experience selling physical products, where do you start?

Richard Phillips is facing that dilemma. Richard has been in the affiliate marketing business and his shift into actually selling a physical product to make money has proven to be very challenging.

Richard and I have a lot in common, one of which is the fact that we both got burned when Google dropped the hammer on affiliate marketing years ago.

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E154: How to Hire Quality Filipino Virtual Assistants with John Jonas of is a database of Filipino workers with a wide variety of skill sets. It has proven to be an invaluable resource for our company as many of the talented people now working for our company were found using the site.

Our guest for today’s episode is John Jonas, the founder of He and I talk about how he turned a significant business need into something that’s helping hundreds of ecommerce entrepreneurs and freelance workers alike.

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E153: How to Get Amazon Product Reviews in 2018

In October 2016 Amazon laid down a rule that’s a double edged sword–incentivized reviews are no longer allowed. On the one hand, it gives sellers with higher quality products a more level playing field, but on the other hand, it makes getting genuine reviews increasingly hard.

In this episode Dave and I talk about what you can do to generate reviews after Amazon banned incentivized reviews. We talk about all the possible ways to get reviews,

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E152: Amazon News, Inventory Performance Index, Boost, and More

Amazon is the 800-pound gorilla in ecommerce and when they announce something new, it’s bound to make the waves. But just in case Amazon news missed your inbox, Dave and I are here to recap them for you.

This will be a recurring episode in the podcast with Dave and I regularly updating you with big and exciting announcements from Amazon. This series is going to be chock-full of value even if you’re not selling on Amazon,

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E151: SEO Tactics for eCommerce with Katrina McKinnon

Getting into ecommerce is tough–it’s a low margin business and it’s saturated with competition from big and small names alike. In order to break into the game you need to have a lot of resources, with cash being one of the most important.

But when Katrina McKinnon started her ecommerce business 10 years ago, she didn’t have a lot of money. There were already big names operating in her niche and not having money for paid traffic is a huge disadvantage.

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E150: Rebuilding a Million Dollar Company – 12 Month Update

Last year Dave set out on a goal to rebuild another million dollar company in a span of one year. It has been a little more than 12 months since he set out with that goal, and today we have him on the podcast to talk about his results. Did he make it to that $1 million mark? Let’s find out!

But first, here’s a bit of a backstory. In October 2016 Dave sold his first ecommerce company,

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E149: Traction Part 4 – One Year Plan and Quarterly Rocks

This is the fourth and final episode of the series I’m doing on the book Traction. In Episode 1 we discussed setting the company’s core values and communicating them to the entire team. We followed that with Episode 2, where we talked about defining the company’s core focus and setting the company’s 10-year goal. Since the 10-year goal is ideally a BHAG (Big, Hairy, Audacious Goal), we’d need to break it down into a more achievable 3-year goal,

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E148: How Digital Products Can Bolster Your Ecommerce Business

Many of us starting on the ecommerce entrepreneur route debate between selling two types of products: physical or digital.

It’s relatively easy to demonstrate the value of a physical product, and it tends to evoke the feeling that you’re running a real business. Physical products however require higher overhead, as you need ample amounts of inventory and money on shipping operations to keep the business running. On the other hand, digital products require almost no overhead and creating them doesn’t tie up any money.

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E147: Amazon PPC Strategy – Step by Step Guide on Saving Thousands of Dollars

While Amazon PPC is one of the most important tools for any Amazon seller, it’s also one that’s very expensive. It can potentially drain your profits if left unchecked.

Case in point: In January we spent roughly $33,000 on Amazon PPC, generated sales amounting to around $104,000, with ACOS at 30%. Deducting Cost of Goods and other Amazon fees, we incurred a net loss of $537.

You might ask what’s the point of running ads if it’s a loss anyway,

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