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E546: The Most Common Lawsuit Claims in Ecommerce and How to Avoid Them

John Di Giacomo joins us on the podcast today to talk about the most common lawsuit claims that he's personally seen in the past few years in the ecommerce industry, and how you can avoid them. 

John Di Giacomo is the founding partner of Revision Legal, a law firm with expertise in Internet law, copyright & trademark law, and related areas. 

Today, he's on the podcast to talk about the most common cases that have been on the rise recently. Specifically, we'll be talking about ADA Cases and CIPA claims, and how ecommerce sellers can protect themselves from these claims. 

The big takeaway here is to make sure that you're protected from these false claims

Because it's not a matter of if it happens, but a matter of when it happens. The best way to protect yourselves is to take preventive action before these claims ultimately kill your business, because it can definitely happen. 

John, thanks for coming on the podcast! It was nice having you back on after several years since your last episode and I hope to hear good news from you in the future. 

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