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Episode 60: Growing Your Ecommerce Business

Hey it’s Mike and Grant! Today we are going to talk about how you can grow your business when you have a “rocket ship” year. We are still making plans for 2017, but there are some plans already in the works.

We discuss those plans as well as suggestions you can do when you are in our current situation.

Here is what we cover in today’s discussion:

  • Grant’s trip to Asia.
  • Our growth in 2016.
  • What to consider when you need to approach a bank.
  • How the banks will work with you.
  • The online lending option.
  • Why shipping rates are important.
  • How focusing on top sellers is a way to save money.
  • Why operational efficiencies are important.
  • Mike’s plans for a workspace in the Philippines.

There is a lot of territory to cover on this subject. We will be doing a part 2 on this topic and the next couple of episodes will be pre-recorded because we won’t be available for the live show. Speaking of the live show, if you go to our Facebook page at you can watch our podcast live when you like our page.

Resources Mentioned Today:

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  1. Hi Mike,

    Do you use time tracking software ( eg Hubspot) with your Phillipines based employees or do you just trust them to be professional and act in good faith when it comes to honouring the hours set out in the work agreement?



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