Episode 68: Jeff Cohen of Seller Labs on Amazon and Tools

Today I welcome Jeff Cohen from Seller Labs to discuss a couple products. Seller Labs develops products that help optimize your Amazon seller experience. Jeff and his team developed Ignite and Feedback Genius. Jeff will explain what both of these products can and will do for new and established Amazon sellers, especially after the changes Amazon has made to their terms of services.

Today is the first pre-recorded episode we have done in quite some time. I should be in China during these pre-recorded episodes. The live Facebook episodes should come back after the trip.

Here is what we covered today:

  • My China plans
  • Sellers’ Summit
  • The importance of networking.
  • Amazon’s most recent changes.
  • Why the changes are good.
  • How Feedback Genius can help with those changes.
  • What are “Sponsored Product Ads?”
  • How Ignite helps sellers optimize their campaigns.
  • Jeff’s recommendation for the average cost of sale.
  • The difference between Amazon’s sponsored product ads and Google’s ad words.

Jeff has designed a landing page for our listeners, just in case you got lost during our conversation. The address for that resource is sellerlabs.com/ecomcrew. For general information about Jeff and Seller Labs visit sellerlabs.com.

Resources Mentioned Today:

Ecom Crew Facebook Page

Seller Labs



Feedback Genius

Sellers’ Summit

Ecom Crew Special Seller Labs Page

If you have any questions or anything you’d like us to discuss on the podcast please go to ecomcrew.com and fill out the contact form. Also we would really appreciate if you would leave us a review on iTunes. Thanks for listening!

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