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Episode 69: Asia Trip Recap

Hey there! It’s Mike and I’m back from Asia. I’m going to take today’s episode as an opportunity to give an honest account of my trip. For full disclosure, I was given a ticket to this event by the event coordinator. Meghala Bhardwaj was a guest on our show awhile back. The conditions she gave were I had to give an honest reaction and review of my experience. I was going to do that anyway, so it was a win-win for me.

I was gone for a month, which is the longest I’ve been in Asia. Unfortunately, I spent this trip incredibly sick. So, I missed the Global Sources meet-up, but that was it. I really pushed myself to get out and network and I had some really great interactions during this trip.

I attended two major trade shows while I was gone:

  • The Global Sources Summit
  • The Canton Fair

I heard some good speakers and got some really useful practical advice.

Here are some of the things from today’s episode:

  • Phases 2 and 3 of The Global Sources Summit. My experience, the speakers, and the networking.
  • Great advice I received about dealing with Chinese manufacturers.
  • Useful information for selling internationally.
  • My biggest takeaway from The Global Sources Summit.
  • How I celebrated my birthday.
  • My trip to Cebu and the office I have over there for my employees.
  • My awesome Filipino workforce.

I will be attending Sellers’ Summit in Fort Lauderdale, FL this month. I will speak on Friday and host a Mastermind on Thursday. If you plan on attending, I will see you there!

Resources Mentioned:

The Global Sources Summit

The Canton Fair

Sellers’ Summit



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