Here’s why Prime Day 2.0 will be different in 2023

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Although Amazon’s second Prime Day in 2022 proved to be a bit disappointing, the company is giving it another go this year. It may be more hopeful this time since the latest Prime Day set a new sales record as the most successful yet.

Second time's the charm?


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Amazon Top Terms

Let's jump into the last two weeks and explore the Amazon top 10 search terms that gained traction from July 23 to August 5. We're about to unveil some fantastic insights into the terms that are generating significant revenue on Amazon!

In this week's Amazon top 10 terms, we're looking at two hot trends: “composition notebook college rule” at #3 and “hello kitty patches iron on” at #10. With back-to-school time around the corner, the classic composition notebook and the iron-on patches are making a comeback as students gear up for classes. 

Both keywords and shopper trends are related to the back-to-school season, with sales rising from 271 units per day for the former and 742 units per day for the latter in the past two weeks.

Delayed Seller Payments

When it comes to small e-commerce businesses, cash is king

This is why Amazon sellers in Europe are understandably frustrated over the recent rule change on the platform that extended the 7-day payment delay policy to Amazon vendors who registered before 2016.

Amazon adopted the policy to ensure that sellers have enough funds to cover returns or claims. This is clearly a customer-centric policy, which arguably has a sound reason behind it. However, small businesses who need cash to pay their employees, couriers, and suppliers struggle as a result. Some of them even fear the possibility of bankruptcy.

TikTok Strengthens E-commerce Arm by Hiring from Amazon and Meta

TikTok’s US e-commerce general manager is reportedly leaving. In her place, the social media app hired retail veterans from Meta and Amazon to take care of its e-commerce expansion.

The newly hired execs are Nicolas Le Bourgeois, who used to be Amazon’s US marketplace director; and Marni Levine, who was Meta’s vice president of global support operations.

TikTok is known for its short-form video content, but it’s clear that it’s adamant on going beyond viral trends and dances.

Last June, it was reported that the platform wants to quadruple its e-commerce operations, with a $20 billion target.


Will it be this month? The FTC has been planning a huge antitrust lawsuit against Amazon for a long time. There’s a good chance it’s finally happening in August.

Still no takeoff. Amazon lost two drone delivery operations leaders as the e-commerce giant continues to struggle with Prime Air.

Time to party. Our favorite billionaire hosted a superyacht engagement party to celebrate his second shot at love.

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