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What Is PickFu?

PickFu is a web-based polling and market research platform that allows individuals and businesses to gather insights and opinions from an intended audience.

It allows you to crowdsource hundreds of opinions from people who matter most to your business. Furthermore, PickFu uses proprietary quality controls such as internal rating and spam blockers to ensure the respondents are humans and not bots.

How to Claim your PickFu Discount

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Why is PickFu the Best Market Research Platform?

Even if you’re an avid user or know all there is to know about your products, you can’t make business decisions based on gut instinct alone. This is where PickFu enters the picture.

The cloud-based software allows you to complete a survey in minutes to help your business know what works before you do it.

What Features Does PickFu Have?

Poll Creation

PickFu allows users to create customized polls and surveys with different question formats (i.e. multiple choice, split testing, and open-ended questions).

Users have the option to include visuals such as product designs/concepts to aid in the testing process. There are six different types of poll formats to choose from, namely:

Head-to-head polls

This form of survey allows you to test the design (color, packaging, etc.) or make a choice between two or more products with respondents leaving a comment on their preferred choice.

These types of polls can be very useful when fine-tuning the finer details of a design you’re working on to see which is more effective.

Ranked polls

Similar to the Head-to-head survey, a ranked survey allows respondents to rank the set of options in order of their preference and then leave comments to help you narrow down your options between products.

With ranked polls, you’ll be able to get a bird’s eye view of your customer’s preferences toward your products.

ranked poll survey on PIckFu
Asking respondents to choose their preferred design for a Polaroid camera

Open-ended polls

Open-ended polls are great if you want to crowdsource opinions about any topic. Respondents submit their opinions and you can test anything with this type of poll be it a photo, logo, text, video, or infographic.

Click tests

This is a more interactive type of poll that collects around 1-10 clicks for one heatmap that will show the “hot spots” where each respondent has clicked. By capturing each respondent’s clicks on the product image, you can analyze which areas of the product grab the attention of the consumers and in what order.

Star Rating

screenshot of PickFu's guide on how to make a star rating survey
PickFu offers sample templates to help you understand the full capabilities of each survey.

This is commonly used when all you require the respondents to do is leave a rating and explain the rationale behind it. 

Respondents are to rate your question based on a 1-5 point scale. Consider it an online review type of survey. The biggest perk of using this type of poll is that you can attach a screenshot or trailer of your idea to effectively communicate your concept or idea. 

Screen Recording

For this type of poll, respondents are to submit their answers via a voice/video recording. Alongside the recording is a transcription of what was being said by the respondents. This form of survey is used when you require your respondents to submit videos of their responses to gain context and a thorough understanding of their feedback towards your product.

Reporting and Analytics

By using PickFu, users gain valuable insights from the responses collected through their polls. This feature collects and compiles the feedback from respondents and presents the data to the user in a clear format that’s easy to comprehend.

Some key aspects of this feature include:

    • Visual representation – Presents data with the use of charts, graphs, and other visualizations that are easy to interpret.
    • Comparative analysis – This lets the user compare and contrast the feedback from respondents and helps them identify preferences and trends.
    • Exporting of results – This feature allows the user to export the results into different formats (i.e. CSV files) that can help them further analyze and integrate their data with other tools.

Audience Selection

Users can specify what they want their demographics to be as well as the characteristics of their targeted audience. This includes the sample size, age, gender, education level, country of origin, and more.

With PickFu, you can target a certain niche and combine up to 4 different traits from your demographic in one poll.

Split Testing

With split testing (also known as A/B testing), users get to compare several options side by side and assess the relative effectiveness and preferences of different variations.

Which PickFu Plan Should You Get?

If you plan on running several polls over the upcoming months, you may want to consider subscribing to their Professional plan. Being a member could help you save money significantly while enjoying discounted prices per response. If you use our discount link below you're getting the first poll 50% off.
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