How to Use PickFu to Optimize Amazon Product Listings (App Review and Pricing)

Even if you’re an avid user or know all there is to know about your products, you can’t make business decisions based on gut instinct alone. As the competition to rank on page 1 of an Amazon search result increases, the need for sellers to gain an edge follows suit.

While it can be tempting to make wholesale changes to your listing if it hasn’t performed as expected, the most efficient way to know what works and what won’t is by doing an A/B test on a survey tool like PickFu.

The cloud-based software allows you to complete a survey in an hour to help your business know what works before you do it.

In this article, we’ll take a deep dive and conduct a PickFu review, including its features, the steps you need to perform to successfully run a survey, and a case study to optimize Amazon product listings.

What Is PickFu? | From $0.00/User | Online Survey Tool
PickFu's homepage
PickFu can give you answers to all your pressing questions about your consumers in minutes.

PickFu is a web-based polling and market research platform that allows individuals and businesses to gather insights and opinions from an intended audience.

It allows you to crowdsource hundreds of opinions from people who matter most to your business. Furthermore, PickFu uses proprietary quality controls such as internal rating and spam blockers to ensure the respondents are humans and not bots.

PickFu Features

Poll Creation

PickFu allows users to create customized polls and surveys with different question formats (i.e. multiple choice, split testing, and open-ended questions).

Users have the option to include visuals such as product designs/concepts to aid in the testing process. There are six different types of poll formats to choose from, namely:

Head-to-head polls

This form of survey allows you to test the design (color, packaging, etc.) or make a choice between two or more products with respondents leaving a comment on their preferred choice.

These types of polls can be very useful when fine-tuning the finer details of a design you’re working on to see which is more effective.

Ranked polls

Similar to the Head-to-head survey, a ranked survey allows respondents to rank the set of options in order of their preference and then leave comments to help you narrow down your options between products.

With ranked polls, you’ll be able to get a bird’s eye view of your customer’s preferences toward your products.

ranked poll survey on PIckFu
Asking respondents to choose their preferred design for a Polaroid camera

Open-ended polls

Open-ended polls are great if you want to crowdsource opinions about any topic. Respondents submit their opinions and you can test anything with this type of poll be it a photo, logo, text, video, or infographic.

Click tests

This is a more interactive type of poll that collects around 1-10 clicks for one heatmap that will show the “hot spots” where each respondent has clicked. By capturing each respondent’s clicks on the product image, you can analyze which areas of the product grab the attention of the consumers and in what order.

Star Rating

screenshot of PickFu's guide on how to make a star rating survey
PickFu offers sample templates to help you understand the full capabilities of each survey.

This is commonly used when all you require the respondents to do is leave a rating and explain the rationale behind it. 

Respondents are to rate your question based on a 1-5 point scale. Consider it an online review type of survey. The biggest perk of using this type of poll is that you can attach a screenshot or trailer of your idea to effectively communicate your concept or idea. 

Screen Recording

For this type of poll, respondents are to submit their answers via a voice/video recording. Alongside the recording is a transcription of what was being said by the respondents. This form of survey is used when you require your respondents to submit videos of their responses to gain context and a thorough understanding of their feedback towards your product.

Reporting and Analytics

By using PickFu, users gain valuable insights from the responses collected through their polls. This feature collects and compiles the feedback from respondents and presents the data to the user in a clear format that’s easy to comprehend.

Some key aspects of this feature include:

    • Visual representation – Presents data with the use of charts, graphs, and other visualizations that are easy to interpret.
    • Comparative analysis – This lets the user compare and contrast the feedback from respondents and helps them identify preferences and trends.
    • Exporting of results – This feature allows the user to export the results into different formats (i.e. CSV files) that can help them further analyze and integrate their data with other tools.

Audience Selection

Users can specify what they want their demographics to be as well as the characteristics of their targeted audience. This includes the sample size, age, gender, education level, country of origin, and more.

With PickFu, you can target a certain niche and combine up to 4 different traits from your demographic in one poll.

Split Testing

With split testing (also known as A/B testing), users get to compare several options side by side and assess the relative effectiveness and preferences of different variations which we'll show you how to do as we go deeper in this article. 

Steps to Running a Survey on PickFu

When you want to run a survey on PickFu, all it takes are a few simple steps. If you don’t have a specific survey in mind, you can always browse some of PickFu’s templates or gain inspiration from checking their poll ideas.

Guide to finding right poll idea on PickFu.
PickFu has samples and templates to help you understand how each survey works.

Create a poll

If you want to be more unique, you can start from scratch and click on the “New poll” button on the upper right side of the dashboard page.

The first thing you have to do is ask a question. Remember when PickFu asked you during the signup phase what niche your business is in? Now, PickFu will provide you with recommended questions from people in your industry. Of course, you can always ask your own questions as well.

questions to ask on PickFu survey
PickFu has recommended questions before you start your survey that match your niche.

Add your choices

Once you finish asking a question, it’s time for the most important part: the choices. Aside from the typical A, B, and C, choices, PickFu lets you add images, videos, or an audio file on every choice as long as it doesn’t exceed 20 MB. Although, the more customized your survey is, the steeper the price will be.

how you can customize your survey options on PickFu
You can customize the options of your poll to have images, video, or a sound recording.

Select your type of poll

As we mentioned earlier, PickFu allows you to pick from six different poll choices for you to create a survey.

choosing a poll option on PickFu.
The available surveys will vary depending on the choices you had in the options portion.

Select your audience

Moving on to your audience, PickFu can send the survey to as many as 500 people. However, they recommend running a survey of 50 respondents for the best balance between data significance, poll price, and completion speed.

You can choose to have respondents from six different countries, and if you want to be very specific, you can also include specific traits and behaviors. Similar to adding images or videos to choices, the more traits you include, the higher the price of the survey.

choosing an audience on PickFu.
PickFu lets you tap a specific demographic to help you answer questions about your business.


final review of your survey on PickFu.
The total price you have to pay for a survey will depend on how broad or specific your options and audience are.

Before you let PickFu run its magic, the last thing you need to do is review your survey. PickFu’s algorithm reaches out to everyone who falls in your poll immediately to generate responses as fast as possible. Once everything is reviewed, you can proceed to the checkout where you can see a full breakdown of the total cost of your survey.

breakdown of the cost in running a customized survey on PickFu.
Before you run your survey, you can filter out certain segments to cut down the total cost to run the survey.

How to Use PickFu to A/B Test Amazon Product Listings: A Case Study

Every poll has a goal. A business may want to optimize their listing or determine why customers think their competitors are better.

In our case study, we’ll show how we used different polls to determine the best image to add to a listing for anyone shopping for small round ice packs.

Step 1: Determine the question you want answered

Have you ever wondered how customers choose between products? Is it from the price, reviews, or simply by its looks? In this step, you must identify what question you aim to answer that will ultimately improve your listing. 

On PickFu, there is an option where you can unify listings so that products will all have the same price, star rating, and number of reviews. One thing about running a poll on PickFu is that you can only ask one question per poll. So, if you need to ask multiple questions, you’ll need to run subsequent polls and pay for each poll.

Another interesting feature that PickFu has when running polls for Amazon is its mockup generator. Here, all you need to do is paste the ASIN of a product then PickFu will generate the image immediately similar to how you would see the product on Amazon. 

Step 2: Identify your top competitors

Once you determine the question you want answered, the next step is to find your top competitors. In our first test, we asked respondents if they were shopping on Amazon and which product would they click on while only keeping the original prices of each. 

This way, we can determine which image makes shoppers click and how much of a factor the price is when buying small ice packs. 

* In the event that your product is also being listed on Amazon Basics, we’ve made a separate blog that can help you compete with the brand that runs the platform. 

sample poll of running A/B test on Amazon product images
When you’re running a poll on PickFu, you can add up to eight different options.

Step 3: Assess the initial results

Depending on the number of respondents you assign to a poll, PickFu can have the results typically in less than one hour. The results of the first test showed that the Amazon product image we want to optimize (option A) ranks only second to option B. 

results from first survey to narrow down top product images
The results of the first poll show that the biggest threat to our product is option B.

Step 4: Narrow down your poll 

Since the results of the first poll indicate that it’s basically a two-man race, the next poll we need to run is putting the two options head to head. 

To get the results purely based on the images, in the second poll (head-to-head) both options were unified and the number of respondents was decreased to 50 since there are only two options to choose from. 

As you can see below, with all things equal, customers would much rather prefer option A than option B. By now, this should tell you that product A is the more visually appealing product on the market, but some customers would prefer option B since in the first poll it was cheaper by $4.  

top two icepacks surveyed with price and reviews normalized.
Run multiple tests to determine the aspects that your competitor’s product has the upper hand on.

But the job isn’t finished yet. The easy fix here would obviously be to cut the price of the product since 60% of customers will choose it over option B, but assuming you want your price to stay the same, here’s what you need to do.

The next poll run was to determine whether price or reviews would matter most to customers when looking at the top two products. In this poll, we’ve shown the actual price and reviews of both products, and option A just managed to get the upper hand over option B.

With different pricing and reviews, option A barely has the edge over option B
Option A only had a 4% edge once price, ratings, and reviews were no longer unified.

Seeing that customers are willing to pay a little extra for a product that is trusted by customers, the next poll we did to really give option A an edge was by creating a new image and comparing it with what is currently up on our listing on Amazon. 

This is where you can really see the magic of PickFu. By simply changing the placement of the product and making it look brighter, the new image was preferred by 90% of respondents compared to the original image. 

testing out new Amazon product images for A/B testing
By knowing which photos customers prefer, it can lead to an overall increase in clickthrough rates.

The last step we did before implementing the final changes on our listing was to test the new image with our main competitor. While the new image didn’t win by a landslide, a 12% increase in clicks is a significant improvement that would’ve never been discovered without running multiple tests on PickFu. 

Final poll to optimize Amazon product listing
By updating the image, there was a 12% increase in clicks when compared to our top competitor.

Step 6: Implement changes to your Amazon listing

Once you’re satisfied with the optimization of your product using PickFu, you’re all set. Now you can confidently head over to Amazon and implement the necessary improvements to your listing without worrying about its performance. By simply optimizing our image, we experienced an overall improvement in conversion rates by 7% in less than a month.

This full case study is also available on EcomCrew Premium and includes extra tips from Mike that will help you save on costs when running a poll, improve conversion rates, and how to use PickFu to its full potential. 

Pros and Cons of Using Pickfu to A/B Test Amazon Product Images


  • Results in about an hour
  • Interface is easy to use
  • In-depth insights.


  • Segments that can be normalized are limited.
  • Need to conduct multiple tests to find the answer to a problem.

PickFu Pricing

PickFu review: subscription plans
The plan you choose on PickFu ultimately depends on the size of your business and how frequent you’ll run surveys.

Free Forever ($0/month)

PickFu offers a limited free plan that allows users to create and run polls with a base price of $1/response. This plan however has some restrictions such as the number of responses per poll and a limit to the number of target traits of the intended audience.

Professional ($79/month or $790/year)

If you plan on running several polls over the upcoming months, you may want to consider subscribing to this plan. Being a member could actually help you save money significantly while you enjoy discounted prices per response. Users can save up to $0.05 per response for every poll they run with the Professional membership plan.

This plan offers everything in the Free Forever plan as well as additional seats, tags, and labels to organize your polls. It also includes loyalty coupons that help you save on 1 poll each month.

Team ($299/month or $2990/year)

With this plan, you and your colleagues can collaborate on projects with a unified dashboard and billing. The team plan offers everything you get with the Professional plan along with unlimited seats, a dedicated account manager, and more sessions for strategy calls with the PickFu success team.

Like most software, PickFu also offers Enterprise plans where you can customize your package based on your business needs. This is ideal for larger teams and businesses that require higher response volumes, multiple users, and other enterprise-level features.

Features Free Forever Professional Team
Poll’s starting price $1 per response $0.95 per response $0.90 per response
No. of seats included 3 5 unlimited
Weekday support resolution Within 24 hours Within 6 hours Within 6 hours
Strategy calls with the PickFu success team One 30-minute session 1 session per month 4 sessions per month
PCI compliance and SSL encryption Yes Yes Yes
Up to 8 options Yes Yes Yes
50 or 100-person polls Yes Yes Yes
200 or 500-person polls Price varies. Yes Yes
1 audience target trait Yes Yes Yes
CSV export of results Yes Yes Yes
Tags and labels to organize your polls No Yes Yes
Loyalty coupons to save on 1 poll each month No Yes Yes
Dedicated account manager No No Yes
Additional seats No No Yes

Prepaid Credit

Prepaid Credit is money to be added to your PickFu account that can be applied to the price of your poll to serve as payment for follow-up responses. This can be purchased or even earned via refunds or referrals and cannot be applied to the cost of your membership plan.

Purchased prepaid credit does not expire but membership credit earned through one of the Legacy monthly/annual plans will expire one year from the date of purchase.

Credit can also be earned through sharing a referral link with people you know.

Know What Your Customers Want
Stop guessing what your customers prefer. Pickfu connects you to your potential customers so you can ask them directly what they like and dislike about your brand.
Start your survey

Pros and Cons of Using PickFu

Utilizing PickFu for poll creation and market research comes with its own set of advantages and disadvantages.

Remember that it is essential to weigh the different pros and cons based on your research needs and what resources you have available. PickFu can serve as a valuable tool for gathering feedback and insights quickly, especially for small projects with strict deadlines. That said, here are some of the pros and cons of using PickFu:


  • The interface is very intuitive and easy to use
  • Quick turnaround to receive results and feedback after launching a poll
  • Customize each survey to your preference from question type, images, and audience type.
  • Target a more specific audience based on demographics and traits.


  • Creating multiple polls or involving a larger number of respondents or images can lead to a higher cost.
  • Polls are limited to only one question so users can’t ask follow-up questions based on the respondent’s choices.

Frequently Asked Questions

What other tests are usually done on PickFu?

One of the best features of PickFu is that you have multiple poll types to use at your disposal. Outside of determining the perfect image to include in your Amazon listing, PickFu has multiple pre-made polls which can be found on the Templates page. This is where you can split-test anything from a logo, ad creative, or even the name of your business.

premade poll templates on PickFu
PickFu offers different templates to help you understand what each survey can do.

What makes it easier to navigate is that PickFu even allows you to filter your search depending on your industry, media, and use. Of course, you’re always free to create a unique poll and PickFu will adjust their price depending on how specific your survey will be.

How does Pickfu find people to answer my polls?

Considering how fast PickFu generates responses to your pressing questions, it’s no surprise that some think the responses come from bots.

Aside from using quality control measures such as internal rating and spam blockers to ensure the respondents are humans (from the US only) and answer the questions honestly, PickFu pays each of their respondents when they answer a poll.

If you’re still on the fence about the audience PickFu created, you can also choose to create a poll with My Own Audience. This way, the poll’s respondents will only be people who clicked on your ad via social media or email.

How do you get paid to answer polls on Pickfu?

Aside from getting paid to answer the survey alone, PickFu gives a bonus whenever a respondent's answers are helpful to the question. On the other hand, if the respondent’s answers are not helpful, they will be blocked from answering another survey.

PickFu has never disclosed how much they pay their respondents to answer a survey and requires them to agree to a nondisclosure agreement (NDA) before answering any polls.

As of now, PickFu is NOT accepting respondents to answer their polls, but there is a waitlist that only asks for your name, location, and email address.

Final Thoughts

With its wide range of poll types, users can benefit from PickFu’s multiple applications, ranging from product testing to design feedback and more. The platform also serves as a cheaper alternative to conducting market research through a traditional firm or agency that may take a longer period to complete.

However, users should also take into consideration the costs of conducting multiple polls and the limited sample size per poll when using PickFu, which might affect the accuracy of the results as well as the equivalent cost effects on the user.

All in all, PickFu is a valuable tool to help you gather insights and make informed decisions for various projects and research needs.

To use PickFu efficiently to optimize Amazon product images, the most important thing you need to do is determine what the poll will be for and identify your main competitors. From there, you can make data-driven decisions about your business that can give you an edge over your competitors when selling on Amazon. 

Have you tried using PickFu to answer questions for your business? Let us know by leaving a comment below.

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