Shein Is Being Sued. Here’s Why It Matters to You

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Shein is facing intellectual property and antitrust issues. Normally, this wouldn’t be important to e-commerce entrepreneurs.

But there’s a reason why Amazon sellers should care.


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Amazon Top Terms

Let's take a closer look at the past two weeks and explore the rise in popularity among Amazon's top 10 search terms from July 9th to 22nd. Delve deeper into the fascinating details behind these terms, which have been driving significant revenue on Amazon!

“NYX Barbie” has made its way into this week's Amazon Top 10 terms! The reason behind its popularity can be attributed to the recent Barbie movie release.

Moreover, social media and influencer marketing might have played a significant role in promoting the “NYX Barbie” products. As influencers share their experiences, it generates curiosity and interest among their followers, leading to increased demand.

Big Tech Reports Revenue Growth

The big names of Big Tech saw a fruitful quarter.

Google’s AI developments seem to be paying off. The company reported an additional $111 billion in market value, with Youtube’s ad revenue growing 4% after declining over the last three quarters. According to one of its executives, this could be a sign that the advertising market is starting to stabilize.

Seattle, USA – Jul 24, 2022: The South Lake Union Google Headquarter entrance at sunset.

Meta also exceeded expectations. The company reported a $32 billion revenue, which is higher than Refinitiv’s $31.12 billion prediction. This is the first since the end of 2021 that Meta reported a double-digit growth. This revenue reflects an increase of 11% YoY.

Things seem to be looking up for Facebook’s parent company. Its newly launched text-based app, Threads, showed an early success, raking in 100 million users in a week.

On the other hand, Microsoft saw an 8% increase in search and news advertising revenue. However, it is planning to spend a significant amount on AI developments.

Amazon Offers to Change Rules to Address Antitrust Concerns in the UK

Amazon still insists it’s not violating antitrust laws in the UK, but it still needs to appease the Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) to be able to continue its operations smoothly. This is why the e-commerce company is offering to change its marketplace rules to be more favorable to its selling partners.

The changes involve data management and seller treatment. In particular, they will ensure that third-party sellers will have a fair shot at the Buy Box and that sellers’ data will not be used by Amazon to further its own product line.

In addition, the company said it is willing to allow third-party sellers to negotiate directly with Prime delivery providers for the possibility of lowering the rates.

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