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You Can Buy Amazon Sellers’ Info on Telegram

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Not all Chinese Amazon sellers resort to black hat tactics.

But a good number of them do.

Recently, it was revealed that Amazon employees are taking screenshots of third-party sellers’ information and selling them on Telegram groups. Desperate business owners are only too eager to oblige.

Here's how it works.


Do You Miss Field Trips?

It may be years after you’ve had your last school field trip. We’re not saying that to make you feel old. 

Instead, we’re offering you a chance to experience it again—this time, with fellow entrepreneurs.

This coming October 10 to 17, we’re going to India to discover the country’s potential as product sources for importers. There’s also an optional factory tour from October 17 to 19 if you can prolong your stay.

With many of your competitors sourcing products from China, it’s high time that you explore other (cheaper) sources.

As a thank-you, we’re throwing in $300 off the ticket price plus a full year of EcomCrew Premium access ($1,999 value).

See you in India!


Biden Prepares AI Regulations

If you haven’t noticed yet, Big Tech and every other tech company have been spending a lot of time and resources in developing better AI systems.

Amazon developed an AI system to recognize and remove damaged goods while Google has a tool to help sellers create product listing images without hiring a professional photographer.

AI is the future of e-commerce.

How will it fare with future regulations?


Amazon Top Terms

Time to dive into the past two weeks and see which Amazon's top 10 search terms have gained incredible popularity between July 16 and July 29. We're about to uncover the terms that are making a fortune on Amazon!

In this week's Amazon top 10 terms, the “smart trash can” has become a hot favorite, landing at #2 with a massive increase in sales—from 268 units per day to 402 units per day in the last two weeks.

These trash cans are an eco-friendly solution for those consumers seeking modern solutions for waste management. The surge in sales can be largely attributed to the positive reviews, causing a skyrocketing effect in just a few days.

Speaking of reviews, we know they’re critical to a product's success on Amazon, so here are 14 Ways to Get Amazon Product Reviews in 2023.

Shopify Releases Q2 Revenue Report

For Q2 2023, Shopify reported a $1.7 billion revenue, beating analysts’ $1.62 billion estimate. This number represents a 31% increase YoY.

Shopify's headquarters are located at Ottawa, Canada

Revenue from subscriptions increased by 21% YoY. This is because more business owners signed up to sell on Shopify. On the other hand, revenue from Merchant Solutions increased 35% to $1.3 billion. This is partly because of the success of Shopify Payments.

This marks the third quarter that the platform saw positive cashflow, and Shopify is expecting to see revenue growth in the low-twenties percentage rate YoY for Q3.


Google’s new AI policies. Using a combination of human and automated evaluation, Google is going to be more strict about AI-generated content, especially in reviews. Violation may result in merchant suspension.

Old orders. Starting September, orders that are two years or older will be archived.

Walmart’s in-store ads. While Google, Facebook, and Amazon are fighting for a bigger slice in the digital ad space, Walmart is trying to increase its revenue by providing more ad spaces in its physical stores.

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