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Shipping a Container from China Infographic (including dimensions, prices, transit times, etc.)

Container Overview Infographic
An infographic showing critical dimensions, costs, transit times, and lifecycles in the process of shipping a container from China.

Above is an infographic showing the critical aspects of shipping a container from China. It's a good reference point for experienced importers and a good overview and starting point for new importers (shipping a container from China to your home country is easy!).

The infographic includes approximations for price and transit times. I'm always hesitant to include such approximations because someone is bound to take them as a hard rule. They're not. However, it gives importers, especially new importers, a general idea that shipping a 20′ Container to New York costs about $1300 and takes about a month.

Dave Bryant

Dave Bryant has been importing from China for over 10 years and has started numerous product brands. He sold his multi-million dollar ecommerce business in 2016 and create another 7-figure business within 18 months. He's also a former Amazon warehouse employee of one week.


  1. It tends to take around 30 days for me too here in the United Kingdom. Dave, do you ship FCL’s from China? Of all one product or of multiple products from different suppliers? I think you should do a post on how you find/found your best products. Seems to be the info that most people are looking for, it could help you get some more readers.

    1. Hi Liam,

      Thanks for the kind words again. We do a mix of FCL and LCL. A lot of our products are of a smaller variety and my company’s name would have to be Walmart to warrant a full container. The full container loads are generally for the bulkier products and are normally the same ‘parent’ product with slight variations,i.e. color. I go into finding the right products in a bit more detail in my ebook on Amazon but I’ll try and find time to dedicate a post to it some time in the near future (there’s one simple key…).

    1. Roughly the same. Rates haven’t changed that much since the post was written.

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