Staff Pick: Our Top 8 Hosting Providers for 2023

Selecting the right hosting providers for e-commerce is crucial for the success of one’s online business. This article aims to provide an overview of popular hosting providers, as well as insights into what to consider when choosing a hosting service. On top of that, we’ll give our top eight picks for the best hosting providers of the year 2023!

What Is a Hosting Provider and Why Do You Need One?

Before anything else, what is a hosting provider?

To put it simply, a hosting provider is like a landlord for your website. Just like you need a physical space to operate your business, your website needs a virtual space to exist and be accessible to visitors worldwide, day in and day out. The hosting provider provides that much-needed space by storing all the necessary files, data, and content that make up your website.

When you create a website, it consists of various files, such as HTML, CSS, images, and videos. These files need to be stored on a server, which is a powerful computer that remains connected to the internet 24/7. Hosting providers own and manage these servers, allowing your website to be available to anyone around the world with an internet connection.

With that being said, here are our staff picks for hosting providers!


Best for new websites, 30-day money-back guarantee

Price Plus Plus Choice Plus Pro
$4.95/month $4.95/mo $4.95/mo $13.95/mo

Bluehost is a reliable and widely recognized hosting provider that offers a range of hosting solutions. It provides shared hosting, which is perfect for small to medium-sized e-commerce businesses. Bluehost offers features such as one-click WordPress installation, 24/7 customer support, and a user-friendly interface. It also provides scalable options for businesses that anticipate growth.


Best for startups, 30-day money-back guarantee

Price From $1 per month (first 12 months)

IONOS provides a variety of web hosting options ranging from shared hosting to dedicated and managed VPS. The speed-optimized network boasts page load times that is allegedly faster than Bluehost. For WordPress fans, there’s managed WordPress hosting with easy 1-click setup. IONOS has a wide variety of hosting options and is a great choice for those that prefer to keep their upgrade options open. The managed WordPress plans are offered on SSD storage and are optimized for performance and speed, while there’s a decent range of VPS and dedicated hosting options too.


Best add-ons, 45-day money-back guarantee

Price Starting at $2.75/month

HostGator is a popular hosting provider that offers a range of hosting solutions suitable for e-commerce businesses of all sizes and scale. It provides shared hosting, VPS hosting, and dedicated servers. HostGator offers features such as unlimited bandwidth, 24/7 customer support, and a user-friendly control panel. It is, at its heart, a cost-effective option for entrepreneurs on a budget, without compromising on reliability and performance.

A2 Hosting

Best in high performance

Price Shared VPS Reseller Dedicated
$2.49/month $39.99/month $18.99/month $141.09/month

A2 Hosting is known for its high-speed performance and reliable hosting services. It offers shared hosting, VPS hosting, and dedicated servers. A2 Hosting provides features like free website migration, SSD storage for faster loading times, and a user-friendly control panel. It is a great choice for e-commerce entrepreneurs who prioritize speed and performance to provide an optimal user experience. Be prepared to pay a bit of a premium, though!


Best in aesthetics, with 14-day money-back guarantee

Price Ranges from $16 per month to $49 per month

Squarespace goes the route of the basic website builder and doubles down on customization, allowing its users to add a variety of custom brand and product sale options replete with beautiful presentation. Squarespace offers SSL, mobile-optimized websites, SEO features, 24/7 support, and the ability to manage contributors. Interestingly enough, it has just added the ability to use third-party extensions, which has previously been the WordPress’s cutting-edge advantage over the competition.


Easiest to use

Price Starts at $2.99 per month

Hostinger is a popular hosting provider known for its affordability and feature-rich hosting plans. It offers shared hosting, cloud hosting, and VPS hosting. Hostinger provides a user-friendly control panel, one-click installation of popular CMS platforms, and excellent performance with its optimized servers.


Best for beginners, with 97-day money back guarantee

Price WordPress Starter WordPress Unlimited Shared starter Shared unlimited
$2.59/month $4.95/mo $2.59/month $4.96/month

DreamHost is a reliable hosting provider that prioritizes performance and security. It offers shared hosting, VPS hosting, and dedicated servers. DreamHost provides unlimited storage and bandwidth, a custom control panel, and free SSL certificates. It also boasts strong security measures, including built-in DDoS protection and automatic backups. DreamHost is also well known for its commitment to open-source software and ethical hosting practices.

WP Engine

Best for WordPress hosting

Price Starts at $20 per month

WP Engine specializes in managed WordPress hosting, making it an excellent choice for e-commerce businesses built on the WordPress platform. It offers optimized hosting for WordPress websites, ensuring fast loading times and excellent performance. WP Engine provides automatic backups, built-in caching, and advanced security features to protect your online store. It also offers expert WordPress support and developer-friendly tools.

How to Choose a Hosting Provider

Here are some considerations to take into account when choosing your hosting provider for your e-commerce business:

Reliability and Uptime: Ensure that the hosting provider has a track record of reliable uptime, as even the smallest amount of downtime can negatively impact your business especially with the plethora of competition in the market.

Performance and Speed: Look for hosting providers that offer fast loading times to provide a seamless user experience and improve search engine rankings.

Scalability: Consider your business's growth potential and choose a hosting provider that can accommodate your future needs and provide scalability options.

Security: Look for hosting providers that offer robust security measures, such as SSL certificates, firewalls, and regular backups, to protect your website and customer data.

Customer Support: Choose a hosting provider with reliable and responsive customer support, as technical issues can arise at any time and you'll want timely assistance.

Selecting the best hosting providers is crucial for the success of your e-commerce business. Each hosting provider mentioned in this article offers its unique features and benefits. Consider factors such as reliability, performance, scalability, security, and customer support when making your decision. Remember that finding the right hosting provider is an investment in the future growth and success of your online business. Take the time to evaluate your needs and choose a hosting provider that aligns with your business goals and requirements.

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