Amazon Begins Biggest API Migration in 15 Years

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Amazon’s newest application program interface (API) will now offer more data to benefit both sellers and developers, including inventory management capabilities, better access to advertising data, etc.

You can expect a lot of subtle changes in the coming months, and you might need to re-authorize most of your software in the process.

Here's are the crucial dates you need to know.


Amazon Top Terms

Three keywords related to Mother's Day have gained significant traction in this week's Amazon top 10 terms: #3 is “dog mom mothers day,” #6 is “plants for mothers day,” and #10 is “mothers day gift cards.”

Amazon top terms May 11 to May 18

These keywords have experienced remarkable surges in sales over the past two weeks. The keyword “dog mom Mother's Day” has seen sales rise from 21 units per day to 187 units per day. Similarly, the keyword “plants for Mother's Day” has witnessed a remarkable increase in sales, soaring from 6 units per day to an impressive 482 units per day. 

The significant rise in sales for these three terms highlights the changing dynamics of how people celebrate this seasonal occasion

Amazon Will Upgrade Search Through AI

Artificial intelligence is slowly making its way into modern businesses, and Amazon isn’t far behind. Expect to see major changes from Amazon, incorporating an AI initiative like ChatGPT into their platform starting with their search engine.

The company has already posted job listings all across the web, seeking out software engineers to help them reinvent Amazon Search for a more “interactive conversational experience.”

According to Amazon spokesperson Keri Bertolino, a huge investment in the company is currently going into generative AI as they further look into other ways to improve every customer's experience.

Amazon Cuts Costs by Prioritizing Delivery Speed

Delivery speed is becoming a priority in Amazon's search results.

small rocket delivering Amazon package

After Amazon reconfigured their delivery system and increased their warehouse footprint during the worldwide pandemic, products can now be delivered faster to households by ranking items higher in search results if they are located geographically closer to a user. 

According to Udit Madan, Amazon's Vice President of Transportation, the use of same day delivery climbed to 50% in the first quarter of 2023 compared to last year with about 26 million consumers preferring the quicker option. This initiative is just one piece to the puzzle used by the company to further reduce costs.

Google, Meta, and Amazon’s plan following US layoffs

Google laid off around 12,000 employees earlier this year and are looking to compensate by hiring foreign workers to work for lower wages and work in the US. According to investigative journalist Lee Fang, these newly employed individuals will start working as soon as August 17, 2023.

The US Citizenship and Immigration Services announced in a statement that there’s already been 780,884 H-1B applications, a 61% increase from last year. That being said, due to the rising number of visa applications in the tech industry, authorities are concerned that some may be manipulating the system in order to gain an unfair advantage.


Vesta has you secured. Mastercard partners up with Vesta for payment fraud protection. Businesses won’t have to worry about fraud attacks and can instead focus on their growth.

Account deactivation? The US Inform Act will take effect in June. You’ll need to be more mindful of your inbox until then.

Case dismissed. About $19.3 million was awarded to K2 Distribution Co., a hand sanitizer supplier, after a Walmart breached their contract

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